Weekend thoughts on Working Class Heroes (with music)

I’ve been thinking about working class heroes lately. People who fight for the impoverished and downtrodden, and also for those slightly better off — the bricks in the wall, the cogs in the machine, the cubicle-dwellers and customer-greeters.

Both exist in great numbers in a society like ours. Both suffer greatly.

The downtrodden are the castaways, the constantly hungry, who fill our streets and yearn for release and relief:


The cogs are used for their work …


… eaten by their masters …


… then cast off themselves when age makes them useless:



A Working Class Hero stands for all these — the cogs, the cast-off, the castaway old. A One-Percent Hero stands for the boots on their neck.

■ This is a Working Class Hero (careful, contains the F-word):

■ And this is a One-Percent Hero. A man who says this in 2008 (careful, contains the P-word) …

… and does this a few years later …

President Obama will release a budget next week that proposes significant cuts to Medicare and Social Security and fewer tax hikes than in the past

is a Working Class Traitor. And if you look back at what he said a few years earlier than that, you might find yourself calling him a World-Class L-word as well.

Music for a benefit-cutting Sunday.


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3 Responses to “Weekend thoughts on Working Class Heroes (with music)”

  1. condew says:

    I still believe he meant what he said during the campaign, though there were a lot of weasel-words intended to make him sound more progressive than he really was. This video shows he was not being weaselly about the promise to protect Social Security.

    But somewhere between election day and inauguration day he sold out, and by the end of his second year in office it was clear he was no longer on our side. He seems to be working a scam now to see if he can arm-twist Democrats into supporting cuts to Social Security. Clearly Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer needed no convincing. Is he trying to sucker in Democrats so more of his Republican buddies get elected in 2014, or is he suckering in Republicans so more Democrats can wipe out the Tea Party? The first criteria for any politician is “Is he on my side?”; and with Obama there is mounting evidence that the answer is “No.”

  2. condew says:

    I’m really glad someone pulled out the video. Calling a man on his betrayal is so much more effective when you have the creep making the promise he broke in his own words.

  3. ronbo says:

    He is clearly a Trojan Horse Republican running wild in the Democratic party.

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