Syria sent a message to Boston, and Boston sent a message back

The Syrian town of Kafr Anbel sent a message to Boston, in the immediate aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing. Boston has now sent a message back.

The Syrian message was actually part of a larger demonstration against Assad, and one group had a sign for Boston, it read:

Boston bombings represent a sorrowful scene of what happens everyday in Syria. Do accept our Condolences – The Syrian Revolution, April 19, 2013

As background to the Syrian message, Syria is in the midst of a terrible civil war in which the United Nations concluded government troops are torturing and raping children.

Here’s a video of the anti-Assad protest with the sign for Boston:

In the past, the same demonstrations usually carry anti-Assad messages, in English – thus the message in English this time, but with a twist. Here’s a typic anti-Assad sign in English from an earlier protest in Kafr Anbel:


And here’s what the Bostonians wrote in response:

Friends in Syria – we too hope for the safety of your families and for peace. Love, Boston April 20, 2013

Here’s a picture of the two signs:

Here’s a better view of the sign the Bostonians wrote in reesponse:

Sign from Boston to Syria

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20 Responses to “Syria sent a message to Boston, and Boston sent a message back”

  1. Jacqueline Kennedy says:

    Robert Kennedy speaks the truth

  2. cole3244 says:

    and we know what you are, no need to say it.

  3. dsmith5757 says:

    Your an idiot.

  4. cole3244 says:

    conservative bigots all have the same excuse and reason for their hatred and you are no different, thanks for coming out of that racist closet it must be crowed in there.

  5. dsmith5757 says:

    The only people that are caught up with him being black have no other way of defending him other than calling anybody who disagrees with him a racist, that makes all of you racists. You can color him with any crayon in the box and that doesn’t change any part of his socialist agenda or my conservative capitalist position.

  6. AwesomeFace says:

    My faith in humanity is somewhat restored. Seriously, this just touched my heart. :)

  7. melbach007 says:

    “We need to track down the terrorist that crafted the Arabic text on the Boston sign” will be Sen Graham’s next speech.

  8. samizdat says:

    Good god, you are naive.

  9. cole3244 says:

    actually i voted for carter also and he was a better man than the liar that beat him, who made deals with terrorists to further his agenda and power, we were and are the tyrant of the world as all powerful nations become and we caused the hostage situation in iran by putting in our puppet in iran in 1947 and overthrowing their chosen leader.
    as i said you have your head in the sand and its even more obvious now, but that’s alright if you can breath down there you will be able to believe your inflated view of america because of the propaganda you have swallowed lock stock and barrel.
    as bad as obama is the only reason he has divided america is that he is black and that is unacceptable to the worst among us here at home, sounds to me like you meet that criteria to a tee.

  10. dsmith5757 says:

    My head is not in the sand, however it’s not up in the fog where yours is either. I don’t need to review the history of the Iranian hostage crisis, I was not a spring chicken when it took place. You could be right though. I am sad to say that I voted for Carter the first time and he showed weakness to the tyrants of the world and they thought that they could terrorize and hostage take to bring us to our knees. They didn’t respect America’s resolve and tenacity against such regimes. If you remember your history they released those hostages immediately when Reagan took over. In your final three lines, you summed Obama up to a tee. There has never been anything to divide rich from poor, black from white, as you say “To pit the citizens against one another with their social and economic prejudices and that allows the real enemy to continue their agenda without interference from the majority”.

  11. keptone says:

    So cool. This is the way things should be between People of the world. Let’s keep making efforts to the example.

  12. cole3244 says:

    you must think that the iranians took hostages because they just hate america, study the history of any powerful nation and we are no exception. those with power use it on their own citizens but even more viciously on those in other countries that aren’t of the same religion, ethnic make up etc, we exacerbate problems in other countries with our covert policies (chile). the argument should be the people against their govts and the multi natl corps but the power brokers make sure to pit the citizens against one another with their social and economic prejudices and that allows the real enemy to continue their agenda without interference from the majority.
    get your head out of the sand the air isn’t that bad in the world of reality even though you obviously can’t deal with the truth or are afraid to.

  13. Blogvader says:

    You have a much more positive view of the American people than I do, Becca.

    From where I’m sitting, there are maybe two instances where we as a people act with basic goodness en masse: Christmastime, and the few days following a national tragedy. But, every year, we watch folks forget about good will toward men a week or two after Christmas, and these national tragedies inspire genuine goodness in us for maybe a week or two before our goldfish-like memories file them away and we wait for the next mass shooting that will also not inspire us to change anything.

    Americans have the potential to change the world in so many wonderful ways, but seeing as how we’re racing to the bottom in our own country, I don’t see us fulfilling that potential anytime soon.

  14. Blogvader says:

    It’s all so [email protected]#$ing sad.

  15. dsmith5757 says:

    The Boston reaction is a great show of acceptance. Americans all over the country feel the same sentiment. Not all Americans feel that way, however, not all Syrians feel the way of those pictured either. Governments have nothing to do with that. Many people of all cultures and religions sdon’t want people of any culture, color or religion to deal with such acts of terror on a daily basis. Thanks to our government we do not live under such threat, nor do I have any desire to do so.These acts of terror are not a result of United States policies no matter how you try to paint them. The people of these countries have been at war over land and religion for hundreds, no, thousands of years, before there was a United States. I guess I missed where you were trying to go with the one percenters. I suppose you just had to throw that in there for good measure.

  16. samizdat says:

    Yup. And just a little addition of my own: “…hope for peace because most govt’s and supranational corporations could care less about their own people…”

  17. hefetone says:

    There will always be more of us than there are of them

  18. BeccaM says:

    Not everybody is good and decent, but there are way more of us than there are of the evil ones. We need to take our world — all countries and all economies — back from them.

  19. Carl Gorney says:


    That is all!

  20. cole3244 says:

    i’m glad the boston group reacted the way they did, its time we realize that some of our govt’s policies have resulted in terror all around the world on a daily basis similar to the marathon tragedy, we should react to terror as a tragedy whether it happens here or outside our borders as those in syria did to ours.

    citizens of the world are the only hope for peace because most govt’s could care less about their own people or how they suffer in times of conflict, the 1% rule everywhere no matter the society.

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