Female US sailor beats the cr*p out of Dubai bus driver who tries to rape her

A 28 year old female US sailor beat the bejeesus out of a bus driver in Dubai after he pulled a knife on her and announced he was going to rape her.

I’m not entirely comfortable giving a “you go girl!” to a rape story, but damn – it’s nice to see one of these guys finally get their comeuppance. I’m surprised she didn’t kill him.

Basically, she got on the bus after shopping, he drove to a bus terminal, pulled a knife on her, and told her he was going to rape her.

What the bus driver sadly didn’t realize is that the female sailor has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.

She beat the cr*p out of him.

WWII "We can do it!" poster via Wikipedia.

WWII “We can do it!” poster via Wikipedia.

The driver is from Pakistan, presumably a guest worker (there are lots in Dubai).  Which got me thinking of all the recent rape stories from India, which is right next door to Pakistan.  Especially horrific is the recent story of the rape of a 5 year old girl.

Indian authorities are notoriously lax on prosecuting rapes against women, and typically belittle the women rather than go after the rapists.  But with an international uproar of condemnation following some recent high profile rapes, that were blown off by the cops – and included some incredibly dismissive comments from top Indian officials – on the case of the 5 year old, at least, there’s been progress in arresting suspects.

The other truly horrific recent rape was of a woman, again on a bus, with a male friend, who was attacked by six men who brutally attacked her and raped her for over an hour. She subsequently died.

The woman and a male friend, who have not been identified, were traveling in a public bus in the Indian capital, New Delhi, after watching a film on the evening of Dec. 16 when they were attacked by six men who raped her. They also beat the couple and inserted an iron rod into her body resulting in severe organ damage. Both of them were then stripped and thrown off the bus, according to police.

Indian police have arrested six people in connection with the attack, which left the victim with severe internal injuries, a lung infection and brain damage. She also suffered from a heart attack while in hospital in India.

There were mass protests following the brutal attack. In response, Indian Prime Minister Singh made some vague comments, but refused to publicly address the actual rape itself.  India’s Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde equated the protesters with Maoist rebels.  And the President’s son, Abhijit Mukherjee criticized the women protesting as well.

Maybe we can send the sailor over to India to deal with the men running that country next.

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65 Responses to “Female US sailor beats the cr*p out of Dubai bus driver who tries to rape her”

  1. Dubai and Saudi are two entirely different countries, genius. He should pray that they deport him to Pakistan, because what will ensue in a jail cell there when you are the man who got a beat down trying to rape a woman will def. make Oz look slightly less frightening…

  2. Martin says:

    Gay bashers spend hours finding a vulnerable target, they are not only demented, but cowards as well.

  3. karmanot says:

    D’ right!

  4. karmanot says:

    True, add an ‘o’ and you have a US Senator.

  5. karmanot says:

    An example: Many years ago Latino punks would come into the Castro and randomly attack who they thought to be most vulnerable, rob and beat them. One evening they picked on an old man, knocking the grocery bags out of arms and kicking him down. A bunch of us who watched from the store ran out an tackled the ones we could catch . I vividly remember putting my boot on one guys neck and told him I would crush his windpipe. I realized then and there that I was capable of that kind of violence. We had to take care of ourselves because the SF police could have cared less and still don’t I wager. The old man was taken to a hospital.

  6. karmanot says:


  7. karmanot says:

    The GLTBQ has been doing that for decades. It works. If you wear one on a string and hold it between two fingers in a cinched fist you can at least take out an eye before you are downed.

  8. sam says:

    Yes!!! You go Girl!!!!

  9. Powers says:

    Only once.

    But I don’t see what that has to do with anything. The point remains that this level of expertise is not something that can or should be expected of all women in similar situations … not even all female servicemembers. Many of them do get raped under threat of violence, and it’s not their fault for not fighting back hard enough.

  10. On2it says:

    There is a difference between violent retribution and defending your life. Let me guess, you voted for Obama.

  11. On2it says:

    I guess she hasn’t heard the latest Democrat recommendations to carry a whistle and blow it if someone attempts to rape you. This sailor is just not politically correct.

  12. kml says:

    Dubai? I don’t believe this…she would not have gotten away with attacking a male…for whatever reason.

  13. Mike Meyer says:

    Perp had a KNIFE=attempted murder

  14. BeccaM says:

    I rather liked how, according to the story, this sailor’s takedown of this lecherous beast was done almost exactly the same as Catwoman does it in Batman: Arkham City. Suffocated him with a strangle-lock between her thighs.

  15. karmanot says:

    Got that right

  16. karmanot says:

    First thing….gouge out the eyes.

  17. karmanot says:

    Oh, go away.

  18. Powers says:

    Seems like just another way to blame the victim. “You got raped because you didn’t fight back hard enough.”

  19. Mocas Dad says:

    Not for nothing, there’s a huge r and rape culturevproblem in this country.

  20. cole3244 says:

    i don’t know about you but i certainly will.

  21. George Melby says:

    Geezzz, this happens to us all, lolol. I’ll bet you a 1.5 liter of Coca-Cola we’ll mess up again. ;-)

  22. George Melby says:

    That’s probably why he tried to rape her in the first place. He was never able to get laid by… anyone!

  23. splashy79 says:

    Since they are DEFENDING themselves, I would think yes. After all, their LIVES are on the line.

  24. cole3244 says:

    my bad absolutely, but i feel better now, and believe me that won’t happen again, embarrassing to say the least.

  25. George Melby says:

    Don’t feed the monkeys, Powers! Just excuse them and ignore them. They’re not able to control themselves around intelligent people.

  26. splashy79 says:

    Actually, it may inspire more women to fight back as well as they can. Who knows, it could create a whole way of thinking that changes.

  27. George Melby says:

    Don’t fret, cole. Normal, intelligent people knew who you meant! Thank you!

  28. cole3244 says:

    you say tomato i’ll say tomato, but you did spell my name correctly and thank you for that.
    ps – did it take you three hours to look up the spelling or realize it was misspelled?

  29. George Melby says:

    I sincerely hope she castrated the bastard… sans anesthetic!!! You go, Girl!

  30. Rixar13 says:

    “She beat the cr*p out of him.”

    You go girl… :-)

  31. olandp says:

    Are they actually obscenity filters or are they thought control?

    Really, what is the difference?

  32. Pro Forma says:

    And yet, you can’t be bothered to spell his name correctly. That’s “Gandhi,” you chowderhead.

  33. Mike Meyer says:

    Yes. Survival, evasion, escape.

  34. Naja pallida says:

    Aye. I prefer not to censor myself, but if it’s taking money out of John’s pocket, I’m sure I can break out my thesaurus. :)

  35. BeccaM says:

    I think it can work both ways and doesn’t have to be either/or. Good that this sailor was able to beat the crap out of her attacker. And it’s always worthwhile to note that not every woman has the option or the training to pull it off.

    Honestly, someone like the old sage J.J. Bittenbinder would’ve said not to fight a guy with a knife, and instead advised that she should’ve just run away. But I’m glad she did what she did.

  36. BeccaM says:

    If it ever becomes clear one way or the other, John, let us regulars know, at least. I know I use the f-word upon occasion in the comments here, but if it causes you revenue problems, I can manage to abstain or use substitutions like ‘frickin’ or ‘fracked’ or the usual symbol substitutions.

  37. Basically, advertising is a complicated business, but it can get your blacklisted by some ad providers.

  38. I don’t think anyone is thinking that this reflects somehow poorly on other rape victims. Honestly, all anyone’s thinking is “glad the f’er got what was coming to him.” Your concern is understandable, but I think it’s seriously unwarranted here.

  39. JudHanson says:

    Kudos to this sailor. Maybe this is actually what Aiken meant, LOL.

  40. monopole says:

    Summary emasculation would be the best outcome.

  41. Powers says:

    So, is violent retribution the default expectation for any potential victim of rape, now?

  42. pcfarm10 says:

    Jesus Powers, what a load of crap. Here’s hoping that she took the knife away and shoved it up the guys arse…where it belongs…

  43. cole3244 says:

    its obvious ghandi had little influence on todays india, ghandi is one of the few men i would say i would have wanted to meet and talk with since i respected his way of life so much, i can’t think of another man i would say that about although there must be some, i hope there are anyway.

  44. Badgerite says:

    Like the John Lennon song say, “Woman is the n-gger of the world”! For reference, see “The Other Half of the Sky” by Nicholas Kristoff on PBS.

  45. Powers says:

    I’m glad she was unharmed, but I fear by publicizing this incident, we may be unfairly denigrating the many, many service members who /have/ been victimized and were unable to fight back in this fashion (for whatever reason). We must be careful that by lauding this sailor, we do not give the impression that we are saying “See, anyone can resist rape; if a member of the military gets ‘raped’, he or she must have secretly wanted it, or he/she would have fought the attacker off.”

  46. Anonymous says:

    What the fk is wrong with people. Unbelievable.

  47. Sweetie says:

    Are they actually obscenity filters or are they thought control?

    Most of the filtering companies, from what I’ve seen, have been caught with all sorts of ideological (obvious, partisan) agendas in their filtering profiles.

  48. Blogvader says:

    I hope she repeatedly kicked him in the groin region and his penis no longer functions.

    I also hope he has permanent scarring in his face and never, ever gets laid again.

  49. I was thinking of the other guy , but I need to check the filter – we can check to see how we’re doing.

  50. I abhor violence, but day-um…this made my day. As I’ve been saying for years in regards to gay-bashings, if gay bashers got the living crap beaten out of THEM by their targets on a regular basis I’m sure the number of incidents would drop dramatically.

  51. benb says:

    Oh here it comes. The men in Saudi Arabia think she was asking for it ’cause she was by herself and the authorities don’t want trouble so they get the bus driver to admit he was drunk and manage to come up with some unrelated bureaucratic reason to deport the guy back to Pakistan.

  52. nicho says:

    But there were some websites that were banned by filters because they used the work “breast.” “Obscenity filters” are very often crude and ham handed.

  53. Naja pallida says:

    Do the comments count against your ad buys too, or just the articles?

  54. pappyvet says:

    When I think of all the Anthony Weiner jokes,I cant help but laugh at the Senator from Delaware

  55. pappyvet says:

    You’re doing fine John, it’s a terrible tightrope to walk but remember that ANY response to what some of these people put out as fact and truth would garner a “rend their garment with indignation ” attitude.

  56. Whitewitch says:

    Maybe you could call him Capt’ Rah-coon!

  57. karmanot says:

    OMG! I was playing with Senator Mike Crapo’s name, but you are right about the Senator from Delaware.

  58. I honestly don’t know. I’ve wondered about that. I know that what we write definitely causes problems – I had to start using the phrase “ticked off” instead of the other phrase which I prefer, because that word too is banned. It’s really weird.

  59. In all seriousness, Mr. Aravosis, would you prefer us to avoid undue vulgarity in comments? Or is it just the content of top-level posts you’re worried about?

  60. No – look at the Senators from Delaware, and think “racist term for black person.” I’m not kidding. They flagged out site last year because of it.

  61. pappyvet says:

    Bravo to a mighty sailing lady. Wish I could have been there. Beating the …castings out of the guy was just the sort of cultural education that was required

  62. karmanot says:

    You don’t mean Senator, Capon?

  63. aw sh*t we’re sorry

  64. It is for advertisers ;-) I use to write the f-word, so trust me I have no problem with that particular c-word :) But nowadays we live or die by advertising, and it’s been more on the “die” side the last few years for all of us, so I now pay attention. I can’t even reference the Senator from Delaware – google his name – he got us blacklisted on some filters as well, believe it or not, it’s ridiculous.

  65. DF says:

    guys, crap is not a swear word. you can say it. “crap”. it’s not a big deal.

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