Did Obama deliberately lie in 2008 about his Social Security plans?

Bottom line first — Barack Obama has talked about Social Security and the other social programs many times, almost continuously in fact since 2006. A number of those quotes are shown below. All are remarkably similar to each other (“balanced approach” — “shared sacrifice” — “outdated policies and ideologies”), with one exception. That exception is the set of pronouncements made during the 2008 campaign against John McCain.

Only in that campaign did Obama talk about preserving Social Security by raising the salary cap and not cutting benefits. As a reminder, here is how close that campaign was:


For most of the race, Obama was never up by more than five points, and for some of it, he was losing or in a statistical dead heat. In fact, the race was upside-down as late as September 7, shortly after the Republican convention.

This campaign was Obama’s (and Robert Rubin’s) one shot at the crown. If he wins now, he likely wins in 2012 and neoliberals run the place for the next eight years. If Obama loses now, he’s back to being an Illinois politician with more past than future and Rubin has to wait at least four years for his next shot.

Does this whet your appetite, at least for some pertinent and tasty quotes? If so, read on.

Did Obama knowingly lie in 2008 about his Social Security plans?

I’m asking in all seriousness, in the literal meaning of lie. I’m not using “lie” as code for “he kinda sorta meant it at the time.” I’m using lie in the sense that a person has a plan, then presents the opposite plan in a job interview, then executes the original plan after getting the job.

Did Obama knowingly fake his position, say the opposite of his intentions, in order to win the presidency? I asked that question speculatively at the end of this post (look for the phrase “World Class L-word”). But after I did some digging, we can now look at the evidence with more assurance of getting an actual answer. (Huge thanks to Daily Kos diarist david mizner for all of the post-2008 quotes below.)

As you read, note the following: First, as I said above, quotes from all periods but one are of a piece; they have the same Rubinite “globalization means too-bad-for-you, austerity, tough-love” message. Only the 2008 campaign quotes differ.

Also, please note that a shortened form of each of quote appears in the section below this one, suitable for easy scanning. To jump to just the short-form material, click here.

Barack Obama on Social Security, 2006–2012, long-form quotes

Senator Barack Obama, 2006, at the Hamilton Project think tank opening (my emphasis):

I want to thank Bob [Robert Rubin] and Roger [Altman] and Peter [Orszag] for inviting me to be here today. … [W]hen Roger originally called to invite me, not only to this forum but to invite me to engage in this project, I couldn’t help but think that this was the sort of breath of fresh air that I think this town needs.

We have all known for some time that the forces of globalization have changed the rules of the game—how we work, how we prosper, how we compete with the rest of the world. We all know that the coming baby boomers’ retirement will only add to the challenges that we face in this new era. Unfortunately, while the world has changed around us, Washington has been remarkably slow to adapt twenty-first century solutions for a twenty-first century economy. As so many of us have seen, both sides of the political spectrum have tended to cling to outdated policies and tired ideologies instead of coalescing around what actually works.

For those on the left, and I include myself in that category, too many of us have been interested in defending programs the way they were written in 1938, believing that if we admit the need to modernize these programs to fit changing times, then the other side will use those acknowledgements to destroy them altogether.

Watch the whole speech here. This is April 5, 2006. Barack Obama was the new junior senator from Illinois and had already given his “national introduction” speech to the 2004 Democratic Convention, introduced by Robert Rubin–disciple Bill Clinton.  His presidential campaign began the following year.

Is this “Grand Bargain” Obama, reassuring free-trader “Bob” Rubin that he wants what they want? Sure looks like it to me, on both counts.

Candidate Obama, 2008, Meet the Press (his emphasis):

… and when you look at how we should approach Social Security, I believe … that cutting retire-, uh, cutting benefits is not the right answer. I meet too many seniors all across the country who are *struggling* … with the limited Social Security benefits that they have. That raising the retirement age is not the the best option …

Candidate Obama, 2008, AARP 50th Convention:

But John McCain’s campaign has gone even further, suggesting that the best answer for the growing pressures on Social Security might be cost-of-living adjustments or raise the retirement age.

Let me be clear. I will not do either.

Candidate Obama, 2008, campaign website:

I think that’s why the best way forward is to first look to adjust the tax on the payroll cap. 97% of Americans will see absolutely no change in their taxes under my proposal. 97%.

What it [my proposal] does allow us to do is to extend the life of Social Security without cutting benefits or raising the retirement age.

You can watch clips of all three quotes here. This is Obama making campaign promises. He is very specific — No to Chained CPI, No to raising the retirement age, and significantly, Yes to raising the salary cap. Gone is the talk of adapting to the harsh realities of a globalized (by “free trade agreements”) world.

President-Elect Obama, 2009 (ABC news report):

I asked the president-elect, “At the end of the day, are you really talking about over the course of your presidency some kind of grand bargain? That you have tax reform, healthcare reform, entitlement reform including Social Security and Medicare, where everybody in the country is going to have to sacrifice something, accept change for the greater good?”

Yes,” Obama said. …

“And eventually sacrifice from everyone?” I asked.

“Everybody’s going to have to give. Everybody’s going to have to have some skin in the game,” Obama said.

He’s not even sworn into office.

President Obama, July 2011, press conference:

“Essentially, what we had offered Speaker Boehner was over a trillion dollars in cuts to discretionary spending, both domestic and defense. We then offered an additional $650 billion in cuts to entitlement programs — Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security.”

President Obama, October 2012 (off-the-record interview with the Des Moines Register) :

“It won’t be pleasant. But I am absolutely confident that we can get what is the equivalent of the grand bargain that essentially I’ve been offering to the Republicans for a very long time, which is $2.50 worth of cuts for every dollar in spending, and work to reduce the costs of our health care programs.”

President Obama, April 2013 on his latest budget (per Washington Post):

President Obama will release a budget next week that proposes significant cuts to Medicare and Social Security and fewer tax hikes than in the past[.]

The short-form of this is below.

Summary: Barack Obama on Social Security, 2006–2012

This is the quick-scan version of the quotes above.

Senator Barack Obama, 2006

[T]he forces of globalization have changed the rules of the game … the coming baby boomers’ retirement will only add to the challenges that we face in this new era. Unfortunatelly … too many of us have been interested in defending programs the way they were written in 1938[.]

Candidate Obama, 2008:

… cutting [Social Security] benefits is not the right answer [and] raising the retirement age is not the the best option …

But John McCain’s campaign [suggests] the best answer for the growing pressures on Social Security might be cost-of-living adjustments or raise the retirement age. Let me be clear. I will not do either.

[T]he best way forward is to first look to adjust the tax on the payroll cap. … [My proposal allows] us to … to extend the life of Social Security without cutting benefits or raising the retirement age.

President-Elect Obama, 2009

“Everybody’s going to have to give [on entitlement reform]. Everybody’s going to have to have some skin in the game.”

President Obama, 2009–2013

2011: “Essentially, what we had offered Speaker Boehner was over a trillion dollars in cuts to discretionary spending, both domestic and defense. We then offered an additional $650 billion in cuts to entitlement programs — Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security.”

2012: “It won’t be pleasant. But I am absolutely confident that we can get what is the equivalent of the grand bargain …”

2013: [Obama’s budget]  proposes significant cuts to Medicare and Social Security and fewer tax hikes than in the past[.]

The only differences are with Candidate Obama. The minute he’s elected, he reverts to “shared sacrifice” mode.

Which of those statements is not like the others?

I respectfully suggest that President Obama agrees completely with his pre-campaign (and Robert Rubinite) self, then-Senator Obama. Also that 2008 candidate-Obama completely disagrees with both his earlier and later selves. The return-to-Rubin happens, in fact, in January 2009, less than two months after winning election.

I therefore strongly suspect that Obama knowingly and deliberately lied during his 2008 presidential campaign. (And if the 2008 NAFTA “political maneuvering” quotes are correct, this was not the only instance.)


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Gaius Publius is a professional writer living on the West Coast of the United States.

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48 Responses to “Did Obama deliberately lie in 2008 about his Social Security plans?”

  1. GaiusPublius says:

    Excellent job, Kim, and huge thanks for reporting back.


  2. Kim_Kaufman says:

    Cat Food Commission News:

    I went to hear Henry Waxman talk today at the National Council of Jewish Women. He does not do live questions, one has to write them on a card first and then hope it gets picked. Surprisingly, my question was picked: “Will you sign onto the Grayson-Takano letter saying you will not vote for anything that makes cuts to SS or Medicare?” (My question on the Post Office did NOT get picked.)

    First he weasel-worded about signing onto the Jan Schakowsky letter (“we don’t like chained cpi,” “we strongly resist those changes”) and then “…but I would not sign onto any letter that says under no circumstances would I vote for a bill that had that in it. It’s like the Republicans pledge they’ll never vote for tax increases. I don’t want to sign onto a pledge that under no circumstances will I ever do something. [Inexplicable applause from the old folks here.] I’ll express my feelings not to do certain
    things but I don’t want to make that kind of a pledge. I can see possibilities that some things that
    we don’t like may be in a final budget and that will get us a lot of things we do want. So I’m not going to sign an unequivocal pledge — for a bill maybe, but not against it.”

    So, at the end of the day, Henry Waxman will throw seniors, disabled, etc., under the bus — to get something he really wants. Wonder how wonderful that something might be. And this was after speaking at length in the beginning about understanding how hard it is to live on the present Social Security rates.

  3. ronbo says:

    I’ll grow up when you grow smart. OK? In the meantime, I believe we should be able to trust what is promised. I don’t know about Oldcarnutjag, but a man’s word is important.

  4. Bill_Perdue says:

    Thanks Sweetie. Very good link.

  5. Sweetie says:

    Here’s an excellent article by Greenwald: The Democrats’ Scam Becomes More Transparent:


  6. ezpz says:

    Not only did it give “…Maliki the cover and support he needed to demand prosecution of US soldiers and mercenaries guilty of war crimes…”, but it gave him and the world EVIDENCE of such crimes.

    Yes, Wikileaks provided actual, indisputable video footage, replete with audible cheering and laughing by the killers.

    Thank you Bradley Manning.

  7. Bill_Perdue says:

    I notice you didn’t reply
    to the political questions I raided but instead resorted to more lies. Obama doesn’t lie because he’s African American, he lies, like you, because he’s a Democrat.

    Obama is a paid political prostitute for the rich and that’s why working people and the left are turning against him.

    Opposition to racists like Obama, who deny health care to imported workers and conduct racist wars against Arab/muslims is not racism.

    Will Bunch of the Philadelphia Inquirer says “Obama sure was slow — I think fish developed legs and walked on land in a shorter period of time. That’s just the Obama we all know and . . . feel lukewarm about. Just once I’d love to see him out front on a social-justice issue instead of adopting a decent stance after everyone else has spoken out. You could say that Obama is once again leading from behind.” http://www.philly.com/philly/blogs/attytood/You-say-you-want-an-evolution-well-you-know-wed-all-love-to-see-the-plan.html

    Black Agenda Managing Editor Bruce A. Dixon is not a racist for his criticisms of Obama “The last refuge of Obamaphiles is that no matter how many times the First Black President double-crosses us by cutting Medicare and Medicaid, no matter how
    completely be betrays his voters us by ignoring black unemployment, by deporting one million Latinos, by protecting the banksters responsible for the foreclosure crisis and by invading, bombing, occupying and subverting even more countries than the Cheney-Bush regime, his white supremacist tea party opponents are far worse. But what if Democrat Barack and the Republican tea partyers are just playing different positions on the same team?” http://www.blackagendareport.com/content/barack-obama-vs-those-craaaazy-republicans-he-lesser-evil-or-more-effective-evil

    Opposition to Obama’s scabbing and union busting is not racism.

    Opposition to Obama’s benign neglect of the communities of people of color is becoming a common thread.

    “I think [Obama] plays the game that he plays because he sees no threat from evidencing concerns for the poor… (or) a deeper concern for the needs of black people…” Harry Belafonte http://www.democracynow.org/2011/1/26/harry_belafonte_on_obama_he_plays

    James Kane of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says “More blacks are wondering publicly just what Obama is doing to help alleviate problems in the black community, which is a dramatic change from just a few years ago when the first African-American president seemingly could do no wrong.”

    Cornel West, University Professor of African American Studies and Religion at Princeton says “I thought Barack Obama could have provided some way out. But he lacks backbone.” http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article28104.htm

    In practice, Obama is a racist, a union buster and a bigot to the extent that he continues to promote the rightwing idea that marriage equality is a state’s rights issue.

  8. oldcarnutjag says:

    Grow up

    Only fight battles you can win and then fight on the ground of your choosing.

    No president has been elected and then found out the job was easier then expected.
    Nobody is prepared for that job.

    Bush would have been a great president, if nothing had happened.

    If you are looking for a Messiah, go to church, and have him bring back Eisenhower.

  9. Screw you, you racist a-hole! leave to the racists and bigots here to claim that the President is a worse liar because the President is an African-American. A significant percentage of the American electorate still can’t get over the fact that a minority candidate got elected, then re-elected to the Presidency without the intervention of the Secretary of State of Florida, the Supreme Court or the suppression of voting by the Election Commissioner in Ohio.

  10. Bill_Perdue says:

    Brad Manning ended the war in Iraq.

  11. Bill_Perdue says:

    Obama lied about everything.

    Strikers, union rightshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WiIMJWRpX1A

    The public optionhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7J5v45VDcUM

    The warshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p12cAclNCRU

    Accountability and open governmenthttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UErR7i2onW0

    <i<Offshore drilling http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mA7RAfHN-wo

  12. “Bean counter” is right. It’s one quality of Obama’s that I haven’t seen much commented on, really: he has this sort of bloodless, technocrat’s contentment with small upticks in number and figures. He doesn’t seem much to care about the economic realities of continuing high unemployment and massive wage inequality because, look, there were slightly fewer unemployment claims on the books this quarter!

  13. Hah! If you’re gonna use the chess analogy, at least take it to its logical conclusion. If Obama’s a chess master, he’s the sort who offers a draw after fifteen moves of routine opening play. (Ulf Andersson maybe? But that’s horribly unfair to Andersson, who could defend tenaciously when he wanted to.)

  14. Michael in Cambridge says:

    Those of us who didn’t like the Clintons disliked like their commitment to eviscerating social welfare programs and enriching Wall Street. In case you were asleep for 8 years. Oh, and then there was Hillary’s desire to have a war with Iran as soon as possible. I feel stupid for believing Obama’s lies. But I was on to the Clintons WAAAAAY back.

  15. nicho says:

    I suppose one answer is that it’ll all theater

    Well, you saw him sitting with Barbara Bush the other day, giggling like school girls. He’s part of the club. And you’re right. it’s just theater at this point.

  16. Sweetie says:

    “We should look at this fro the opposite perspective: what did Obama NOT lie about?”

    Also known as the principle of parsimony.

  17. ezpz says:

    To elaborate a bit more on his ‘we ended the war in Iraq’ lie, the main reason he couldn’t keep as many troops there as he wanted was because he asked for immunity from prosecution for our military, as well as our soldiers of fortune, and Maliki refused.

  18. ezpz says:

    Oy givalt!

  19. ComradeRutherford says:

    We should look at this fro the opposite perspective: what did Obama NOT lie about?

    Obama always has been a Moderate Republican, just like Bill Clinton was. No one should ever have expected Obama to take up any political issue to the left of Richard Nixon.

  20. lynchie says:

    Well said.

  21. lynchie says:

    And it will be taken to the front burner if she is made President in 2016.

  22. lynchie says:

    From the start it was always about placating his wall street/banker friends. When he won the Noble Peace Prize after having done nothing about the two wars, Gitmo or our agressive presence around the world I knew that was a big thank you from his buds the 1%. He has been a good little dude for the rich, not so much for the rest of us.

  23. HolyMoly says:

    I stand corrected. Your (correct) version of events still proves the point: That he is a serial liar; that he goes one way and takes credit when things end up going the other way (just like the Iraq withdrawal). Either (1) he took credit for DADT repeal or (2) the bots twisted reality to fit their preconceived notions of his supposed greatness, and Barry’s in no hurry to set the record straight.

  24. karmanot says:

    Now, now, now—–I doubt anyone here wears a maroon velvet dinner jacket and cute little Pinky ring like you, so that’s not likely. And, besides when John and staff do attend such affairs for information gathering they wear AB ninja suits.

  25. karmanot says:

    Obama’s a clerkish bean counter. I doubt he is capable of oneity dimensional chess.

  26. karmanot says:

    Aside from the mythic hagiography based on his half black first President propaganda, Obama will go down as a fascist Manchurian Candidate, but not before he destroys the social and health safety nets exposing tens of millions to suffering and decline; turns the country into a militaristic police state, and successfully converts the country into a corporate familiar, Obama is doing his utmost to weaken healthy democracy and will go down in history as the crucible in which American democracy died by a thousand lying paper cuts.

  27. Meh. It’s a bit hard to care these days about Obama’s latest betrayal. I used to wonder, “Why is he trying to compromise with Republicans? They’ll always hate him.” I suppose one answer is that it’ll all theater and that Obama and his mortal enemies all share laughs over port and cigars while we rubes aren’t looking. I think it’s more likely that Obama’s enemies aren’t pretending to hate him; they really do hate him but it’s not Obama’s concern if they do. I contend that he went into his presidency determined to be the Very Serious Democrat, the fellow who unlike all his other partisan compatriots was willing to make the tough decision to weaken the social institutions that foolish and doctrinaire liberals want to preserve. If all you care about is the image of being the Great Compromiser it hardly matters if in reality there’s nothing to be gained from compromise. The more enemies you make, the better! Shows how pure and above the fray you are.

  28. karmanot says:

    “Obama is a progressive” Bwaaaaaahhhaaa spits coffee on key board

  29. nicho says:

    Yes, she’s a Clinton, and it was Hill&Bill Inc that planned to gut Social Security in the ’90s and were interrupted only by a certain Ms. Lewinsky. When Bill realized he needed as much support as possible, the SS devastation plan went onto the back burner.

  30. karmanot says:

    Every time he opens his mouth he lies.

  31. nicho says:

    Try to hold on — the WAAAAAHMBULANCE is on it’s way.

  32. BeccaM says:

    Of course Obama lied. I was surprised to see people still believed the lies going into the 2012 campaign, given the track record. He lied about not proposing SS pension benefit cuts through raising the retirement age and adopting chained-CPI — he keeps doing so, first through the Catfood Commission and now right out there in his budget proposals sent to Congress. He lied as well about raising the payroll income tax cap, having never included in any of his budget proposals or even mentioning it post-election in any of his speeches. Moreover, he made the SS/Medicare trust fund less solvent by instituting the temporary slow-bleed cut in payroll tax rates which was a pittance as far as being noticeable for the average poor to middle class taxpayer.

    He lied about being a ‘fierce advocate’ for LGBT civil rights, bailing completely on ENDA. Taking credit for a hate crimes law that has almost never been used to prosecute an anti-gay bias crime, and for which he did no lobbying of Congress. Slow-walking DADT repeal, and giving every indication through the timing of the unnecessary Pentagon survey and inaction after the 2010 mid-terms of wanting the whole issue to simply go away. It took him three-plus years to have his DOJ stop equating homosexuality with incest and pedophilia in court briefs defending DOMA. And while the current Administration position is better on this, Obama nevertheless isn’t doing anything to try to find ways around the current law. And of course the executive order banning LGBT discrimination by federal contractors, the one he promised to sign on day one back in 2008 remains unsigned.

    He lied about ending both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars immediately and bringing our troops home. Lied about ensuring our wounded veterans received the health care to which they were entitled.

    Lied about the public insurance option in health insurance reform, and about the mandate, and apparently found it acceptable to keep tens of millions of Americans waiting for nearly half a decade before insurance companies are barred from coverage denial due to pre-existing conditions. Lied about drug importation, having traded both it and all these other things away to BigMed secretly.

    Lied about protecting whistleblowers, instead of vindictively prosecuting them. Lied about transparency and accountability in his administration. Lied about going after the war criminals from the previous administration. Lied about standing for the rule-of-law, instituting utterly lawless drone assassination programs which are accountable to no one but himself. Lied about shutting down America’s premier gulag at Gitmo.

    I could go on and on, but the plain fact is Obama has himself a Progressive Populist Suit, which he puts on whenever it’s time to run for election. The minute the ballots are counted, it comes off and is stored in mothballs once again.

  33. Luigi DaMan says:

    Of course he lied. But let’s remember that many of his “leftist rhetoric” on subjects like Social Security were torn from the Hillary playbook. He went through a bruising primary battle with her (in which many of our left leaning “boy” bloggers went against her early on, because, you know, she’s a Clinton) and began to adopt many of her plans as a way to even the field between them and neutralize her attraction to workers and retirees.When, upon taking office, he worked hard to save “the banks” and not homeowners homes, the writing was on the wall of his true intentions. The man adores Ronnie Reagan. What more proof do you need?

  34. Naja pallida says:

    The eleventy dimensional chess game excuse hasn’t panned out in any way, shape, or form thus far. Five years, you’d think we’d have something to show for it. What you call pragmatic, I see as indecisive and weak willed. I can’t see how anyone could call themselves a progressive, and continue to cling to a fantasy that Obama is really FDR in disguise, just waiting for the right opportunity to pounce and put Republicans in their place. I have trouble believing that history will be kind, looking back on this era of American politics, and the complete and utter lack of any real leadership from the President.

  35. Butch1 says:

    Obama is a pathological liar. He also said he was going to protect Social Security. He said he was for Universal Coverage when he was in a back room gutting it. You cannot trust a word that this man says.

  36. jomicur says:

    And don’t forget “I will not sign any health care law that doesn’t include a public option.”

  37. Mark says:

    Did Obama lie? Duh. What you omitted are comments made during the 2012 campaign, things like Biden stating explicitly that there would be no cuts to SS. Obama played us in 2008, and again in 2012. Obama’s wet dream of greatness has always included cutting entitlements. He doesn’t care about the harm to individuals and society. It is his Iraq: he came into office with this at the top of his to-do list, he was just too much of a coward to be open and honest about it when he needed votes. Like so many other liars in Washington Obama believes it is okay when he does it because he knows what is best.

    My advise to all democrats who want to get elected: run against Obama now, and protect Social Security from cuts that are only being pursued o protect the obscenely rich from ever having to surrender decades of rigging the system to their benefit.

  38. dula says:

    I remember when the Public Option was his big bargaining chip that was never touched…oh wait

  39. lynchie says:

    I didn’t believe there was any doubt that he lied and on multiple occasions. His unrelenting support of the 1% at the expense of the 99% is proof positive. He jumped the shark by promising in 2 elections that he would do this and that and delivered nothing except a few of little consequence. Barry is a liar, a well oiled one but a liar still.

  40. nicho says:

    He throws us progressives a few bones here and there on social issues, like DADT,

    He threw us nothing on DADT. He dragged his feet on it forever. He only moved because it looked like the courts were going to rule and the military didn’t want a court ruling that would foreclose future restrictions. So while DADT has been repealed, the way is still open for bigoted laws in the future. He did what the military wanted, not what his base wanted.

  41. Papa Bear says:


  42. cole3244 says:

    like most of those right of center dems 44 has and will continue to lie to the left.

  43. HolyMoly says:

    The time Obama vowed to filibuster retroactive telecom immunity for their complicity in the illegal, warrantless eavesdropping scheme under Bush REALLY should have shown us all his true colors. He made this vow when he was still trying to secure the nomination. Once he’d done that, then all bets were off. Not only did he NOT filibuster telecom immunity, he voted IN FAVOR of it. I guess that was the 4th dimension of his chess game.

    Or the time Obama vowed to close Guantanamo. The thing is, regardless of whether Congress would authorize it or not, he never intended to close it. He was simply going to MOVE it, injustices and all, to another location (Illinois). This we’ll call his 5th dimension.

    Or, very recently, when he touted during his reelection campaign that he got us out of Iraq, when all along, behind the scenes, he was trying very hard to get Maliki to allow us to STAY there past the agreed-upon exit date that Bush had set. Maliki said, basically, “we have a democracy here (do you know what that is, Barry?), and I can’t unilaterally make decisions like that. Go to parliament (which of course would NEVER authorize an extension).” Welcome to the 6th dimension, where he was able to sell a failure of his intended policy as a stunning success.

    He throws us progressives a few bones here and there on social issues, like DADT, to lull us into a sense of complacency. 7th dimension. Though these issues are important to most of us, they are inconsequential with regard to maintaining the existing corporate/elite power structure, of which Barry is a part. The social issues have become the “opiate of the masses,” whereby he can numb us and distract us with his left-wing hand, leaving him free to do whatever he pleases to do with his right-wing hand.

    Extension of tax cuts for the wealthy, assassination (murder) of U.S. citizens without due process, indefinite detention, suspension of habeas corpus, Social Security & Medicare (I’m sure I left more than a few things out). We haven’t even gotten to the 11th dimension yet, but when we get there, we’ll all be living in cardboard boxes under a bridge somewhere. And yet the bots will STILL claim it’s some sort of grand game he’s playing, and things will work out in the end.

    He’s playing somebody alright, but it’s not the Republicans. I can assure you of that. One word sums up Obama-bots quite succinctly: Denial.

    Go, Team, Go!!!!! Win! Win! Win!

  44. jomicur says:

    You really believe Obama is a progressive?! Then I take it you must think he was lying when he described himself as a “Reagan Republican,” eh? He was lying about that, but not lying at all when he presented himself as a progressive. Is that it? Okay, got it.

  45. nicho says:

    If Barry’s lips are moving, he’s lying.

  46. nicho says:

    Oh right. The eleventy dimensional chess game. I completely forgot about that. Pffft.

  47. SS is Obama’s big bargaining chip, that is all. It’s a chess game. He always puts himself in a position apparently willing to compromise, while the GOP consistently appear uncompromising. Note how SS hasn’t been touched so far. Obama is a progressive, but he’s extremely pragmatic with the political gamesmanship. Too many of my fellow progressives can’t seem to grasp this.

  48. AristarchusSeleucus says:

    Now, NOW !

    . . . one invitation to AMERICABLOG staff to attend a fancy Dem Party event . . . and articles like THIS one will stop being posted.

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