TSA agent accidentally pepper-sprays colleagues, 6 hospitalized

A TSA agent just goofing around with a “laser pointer” he found on the ground at a security checkpoint, pointed it at five of his fellow TSA agents, pushed the button, and pepper-sprayed all of them – sending all six of them to the hospital.

Personally, I’m comforted to know that a bit of old-fashioned horse play still exists at the TSA. The entire security theater thing was getting old and worn out, so it was about time they brought fun and games to the useless agency that tramples on our rights and does little to actually protect us.

Spraying colleagues and having them rushed to the hospital must have been hilarious for air passengers that are regularly sprayed with fear.

pepper-spray-featuredWho needs professionalism anyway? Maybe the TSA can hire the infamous Pepper Spray cop from UC Davis for even more laughs!

Let’s face it, forcing a double-amputee war vet to walk through a porno-scanner or taking away dangerous stuffed animals named “Lamby” from three year old girls in wheelchairs (I’m sensing a theme) is only funny so many times before you finally have to branch out to attempted blindness.

Before you go, have a laugh at a few other TSA knee-slappers:

Though to be fair, giving a pat-down to Henry Kissinger did sound more than reasonable.  (Where’s the pepper spray when you actually need it?)

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12 Responses to “TSA agent accidentally pepper-sprays colleagues, 6 hospitalized”

  1. 1jetpackangel says:

    They’ve already made a documentary about the future. It’s called “Idiocracy.”

  2. ronbo says:

    The TSA seems to be anything but “Safe”. Time to come back to our senses regarding the brittish, no…the communists, no…the TERRORISTS. Our government is the terrorist, more often than not.

  3. freddadderf says:

    Here’s a proposal:
    Issue each TSA a couple of canisters of pepper spray, lock them in a room, then let them shoot it out. Make sure the room is glass-walled so the passengers that are waiting for their flights have some entertainment. Eventually all the TSAs will end up in the hospital and all of us will be free to go to our airplanes without being groped, scanned, raped, humiliated and violated. A great step to return to liberty.
    Oh for extra fun, let them play “pepper spray tag” with Big Sis.

  4. Lisa Johnson says:

    Who or what? TSA or pepper spray. I think TSA would be more frightening. They pass for “intelligent” life as someone/they define it.

  5. BeccaM says:

    No, which is probably why they had the pen-sprayer in the first place, most likely confiscated from some passenger.

    On the other hand, imagine how easy it must be to sneak such a thing past security most of the time…

  6. ComradeRutherford says:

    And they are allowed on airplanes?

  7. ComradeRutherford says:

    One thing you fail to understand is that ALL wheelchairs are stuffed full of explosives from AlQaida.

  8. emjayay says:

    TSA puts job applicants through exhaustive testing and background check proceedures. Apparently it doesn’t work. Maybe they should just require a college degree and forget about the rest.

  9. Indigo says:

    Fascinating, isn’t it? The level of incompetence keeps climbing at a growing rate. Is it possible we’re getting previews of Future America? Maybe by the 2050s the whole world will be at this level and incidents like this will be brushed aside . . . Too ordinary.

  10. unclemike says:

    “I’m glad to see the Ministry’s continuing its tradition of recruiting the brightest and best, sir.” –Brazil, directed by Terry Gilliam

  11. nicho says:

    If we did that, we would be in jail and on a no-fly list. This douche won’t be fired, but the TSA press release will say that they’re using it as a “learning experience.”

  12. BeccaM says:

    Y’know, one might look at this scenario — a tiny, pen-sized pepper spray device containing enough caustic chemicals to cause six people to be hospitalized — and ask, “Maybe these devices aren’t half as safe and non-toxic as the manufacturers would like us all to believe?”

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