TSA orders wheel-chair bound double-amputee Marine to “walk”

Even by TSA standards, this one is pretty bad.  The TSA in Phoenix reportedly forced a wheel-chair bound double-amputee Marine vet, who lost both his legs in Afghanistan, to take off his prosthetic legs for screening.

Oh but it gets worse.

TSA then ordered the Marine vet to put the prosthetics back on and “walk” through a full body scanner, when he can’t even stand.  The 22 year old is still trying to learn to walk in his new prosthetic legs.

Mission Accomplished. The same geniuses who brought us the never-ending War on Terror now have us running in fear even from those sacrificing their lives and limbs in the War on Terror.  The Bush culture of fear has permeated far too deep, and far too long, in America.

While the TSA is short on showing actual results of their excessive techniques, they have done a brilliant job of terrorizing Americans and humiliating every possible group.  A few examples of people and things to be afraid of include:

Before the TSA privatization freaks like Rep. Mica jump in, no, privatizing the TSA won’t solve any problems other than Rep. Mica’s campaign finance coffers.  If anything, it will make them even less accountable.

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