Sequester & HR 900, the bill that cancels it: Gaius with Maya Rockeymoore

Programming note: I’ll be discussing the Sequester and HR 900, the one-sentence House bill that cancels it, on Pivot Point with Maya Rockeymoore, a public affairs radio show dedicated to aging issues and their intersection with politics and policy.

The show airs live this Sunday, 3pm–4pm EDT on We Act Radio — 1480 AM in Washington, DC — on, and on YouTube Live.

For more information, see here. To listen via Internet, click here.

I’ve covered the Sequester almost exclusively in the past few weeks, most notably here:

■ The Democratic turncoats behind the “Fix the Debt” attack on Medicare & Social Security

■ ACTION ALERT: Which Democrats to call to head off a bad sequester deal

■ The sequester will go into extra innings on Friday — here’s why

Obama economic adviser: Using the sequester to cut benefits was “part of the DNA from the start”

For information on HR 900 and the strategy behind it, see these pieces:

■ BREAKING: Rep. Conyers introduces bill to repeal the sequester

■ ACTION: Call these Republicans to support Cancel the Sequester (HR 900)

■ The Cancel the Sequester bill now has twelve new co-sponsors

Please do listen in if you can. Thanks!


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2 Responses to “Sequester & HR 900, the bill that cancels it: Gaius with Maya Rockeymoore”

  1. dmhlt_66 says:

    My recommendation as a physician:

    [1] Start taking your meds
    [2] If you are taking your meds, see about increasing the dose
    [3] If you’ve already increased the dose, see about switching meds

    Good luck – you clearly need it.

  2. victoriousreality says:

    The sequester will cut back discretionary spending including DoD anywhere from 7-10%. What’s wrong with that? The Federal gov’t can afford to cut back. I simply don’t believe its operating at maximum efficiency. Additionally, Federal workers get guaranteed jobs, great salaries, great benefits, and lifetime pensions and healthcare. They can handle a 10% reduction in any of that. I operate a small business and when times are tough, I take a reduced paycheck (i.e half-pay), and use my savings to back fill. And my retirement is based entirely on what I save in my 401k.

    I’ve seen Federal workers sleeping on the job, leaving work early, shopping online while at work, etc. etc.

    We can also stop providing subsidy to the arts. All that does is prop up artists that can’t make it on their own (i.e. no one wants their art).

    My recommendation is to shut down the Federal govt and then start back up portions as it becomes necessary.

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