Sequester, guns & the filibuster: Gaius & Cliff Schecter on Virtually Speaking tonight

Programming note: I’ll be on Virtually Speaking Sundays this week, and regularly on a roughly monthly basis — they’ve been kind enough to add me to their rotating Media Panel, where I join a great many greater luminaries.

This week I’ll be on with Cliff Schecter, nationally syndicated columnist and commenter, and also co-founder and part owner of Washington DC’s independent progressive radio station, We Act Radio, 1480AM.

Virtually Speaking

Tonight at 9pm ET we’ll be discussing the week’s events, including:

▪ The sequester and benefit cuts: where we stand
▪ Gun legislation and recent action in the Senate
▪ Harry Reid, filibuster reform and progressive senators (the collegiality problem and how to solve it)

Plus media satire from Culture of Truth, author of the Bobblespeak Translations. Jay Ackroyd moderates. Please tune in if you can.

The show is live via BlogTalkRadio (again, 9pm ET) and available via archive at the Virtually Speaking site (show link here).

You can also subscribe on iTunes, something I’ve done for a number of years now. Virtually Speaking is often one of the best listens on the web. The Thursday Science shows are especially engaging.



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