Pro wrestlers call out Glenn Beck for calling WWE “stupid” (video)

Tea Party cheerleader, and professional lachrymist, Glenn Beck recently called the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) “stupid wrestling people,” and claimed that professional wrestling must have been bought out by George Soros, Republicans’ favorite rich Jewish conspiracy leader.

It seems that two WWE wrestlers perform as Tea Party crazies who repeat the phrase “We the People” as they attack WWE hero, Alberto del Rio.  And this has made Glenn Beck vewy vewy sad.

Anyone who has ever watched “professional” wrestling, knows that there are always “heroes” and “bad guys.” In today’s WWE, the Tea Party duo of Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger are the bad guys, and Alberto del Rio is the good guy. Obviously that’s just too much for Beck, who has to come up with a new conspiracy since he hasn’t been in the news nearly as much ever since he left Fox.

zeb-colter-and-jack-swagger WWE Wrestling wrestlers glenn beck

WWE’s Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger.

Beck claims to love the free market.  But even his commune (or whatever the Teabaggers call what he’s planning to build in people’s Republic of Texas) limits the free market, and his assault on the WWE is no different.

Even though the WWE is a publicly-traded company run by Republicans, the real problem here may be that a Latino is the good guy, while the Tea Party crazies are the “bad” guy.  This must mean that the WWE is now a liberal haven, in Beck’s mind.  (Of course, the Latino wrestler’s name, “Alberto del Rio,” means, “Alberto who comes from the river.” This strikes me as a (not so subtle) reference to a derogatory word for Latinos.  So it’s not like the WWE is taking a jab at all sides here.)

Whatever you think of “professional” wrestling, this video is worth watching. It’s not what I expected at all.  It’s surprisingly good on the substance.

I may not be watching WWE any time soon, but I appreciate what they’re doing by pushing back on Beck.  And this video presents a new side of professional wrestling that I think many of us had never considered.  It’s worth it just for that.

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