Pro wrestlers call out Glenn Beck for calling WWE “stupid” (video)

Tea Party cheerleader, and professional lachrymist, Glenn Beck recently called the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) “stupid wrestling people,” and claimed that professional wrestling must have been bought out by George Soros, Republicans’ favorite rich Jewish conspiracy leader.

It seems that two WWE wrestlers perform as Tea Party crazies who repeat the phrase “We the People” as they attack WWE hero, Alberto del Rio.  And this has made Glenn Beck vewy vewy sad.

Anyone who has ever watched “professional” wrestling, knows that there are always “heroes” and “bad guys.” In today’s WWE, the Tea Party duo of Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger are the bad guys, and Alberto del Rio is the good guy. Obviously that’s just too much for Beck, who has to come up with a new conspiracy since he hasn’t been in the news nearly as much ever since he left Fox.

zeb-colter-and-jack-swagger WWE Wrestling wrestlers glenn beck

WWE’s Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger.

Beck claims to love the free market.  But even his commune (or whatever the Teabaggers call what he’s planning to build in people’s Republic of Texas) limits the free market, and his assault on the WWE is no different.

Even though the WWE is a publicly-traded company run by Republicans, the real problem here may be that a Latino is the good guy, while the Tea Party crazies are the “bad” guy.  This must mean that the WWE is now a liberal haven, in Beck’s mind.  (Of course, the Latino wrestler’s name, “Alberto del Rio,” means, “Alberto who comes from the river.” This strikes me as a (not so subtle) reference to a derogatory word for Latinos.  So it’s not like the WWE is taking a jab at all sides here.)

Whatever you think of “professional” wrestling, this video is worth watching. It’s not what I expected at all.  It’s surprisingly good on the substance.

I may not be watching WWE any time soon, but I appreciate what they’re doing by pushing back on Beck.  And this video presents a new side of professional wrestling that I think many of us had never considered.  It’s worth it just for that.

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13 Responses to “Pro wrestlers call out Glenn Beck for calling WWE “stupid” (video)”

  1. patferr says:

    @jay Norris Dude, you apparently have no idea what you are talking about, a typical “low information” type that just doesn’t “get it”, why? My guess he is too stupid, but maybe as Rush said today as he defined what HE meant by low-information voter, which doesn’t mean they are stupid, it just means they lack having all the facts in front of them so they can make an unbiased opinion (or even if it is biased, the person has access to all the information it needs to make an informed decision. The left doesn’t like this kind of thing, since too much information is a huge detriment to their agenda and cause. Look at “”, created by leftists who knew Bill Clinton was in a pickle, because even though he may not have used or done some of the things he was accused of,there was one where he perjured himself, and he continued to do it, even after the blue dress with his DNA on it (which he wasn’t told whether it was a match or not to him, they wanted him under oath to say whether he had sex with Ms. Lewinsky, and he said he didn’t, but he Semen/Jizz DNA which was all over that dress simply proved he DID have sex with her, so here comes saying “He lied about sex, everybody does that, no big deal, move on already (unless it comes to a Republican in the exact same situation).

    It used to be that Americans in the Wrestling community, those that claimed to represent America, like Hacksaw Jim Duggan who used to battle the Russian guy (can’t remember his name) and the Iron Sheik (an Arab character), and as he whipped them, he would pull out his 2×4 and his American Flag and wave it around triumphantly for all to cheer, but not today…hell no, we have to demonize America, just like our own President and our media do on a daily basis, making this country seem to be inferior to other countries because they are more progressive than we are, so we can’t be like Cypress, who just LIED to their entire group of citizens claiming that they weren’t going to be taking any money out of people’s accounts, but sure as hell, here it came over the weekend, no wonder the banks stayed closed, even after the Government seemed to back away from the idea of stealing everybody’s money in the place, but in the end, that’s basically what they did. They determined that everyone with an account over $150 Euro’s were “the RICH”, so they confiscated 40% of those people’s accounts, as the deal with the European Union to bail the banks out called for, so they did it to their own people, and THIS is what this country should be very concerned about because many other countries are looking to do the same to their “citizens” as their leaders live the “high life”, like Biden did in France last week, spending over $500,000 (a half million dollars of taxpayer money in one night) during a time when sequestration is putting people out of work, and Obamacare is finally showing it’s OBVIOUSLY PREDICTABLE consequences that, when pointed out by anyone opposed to Obamacare, they were only against it because it was RACIST, and a black man had come up with it, but it is turning into a nightmare that if it ever gets fully implemented, could totally bankrupt this country, but we are on a march towards communism, and the first thing dictators do when they take over (as Ferdinand Marcos did in the Philippines when he became dictator, he told the country they had 2 weeks to turn in all their guns, and if anybody was caught with a gun after that that wasn’t supposed to have one, immediate death sentence, and why would the first thing a dictator did was to round up all the guns in the country and threaten them with immediate death penalty if caught with one? (thanks Jesse Ventura for reminding us of that). The next thing they smash is religion. Religion gives groups of people “backbone” thinking they have a higher authority than him/her (that dictator), so they might get brave and stand up to him, even without guns, so all their HOPE has to be smashed, and last but not least, you confiscate money from the “rich” to supposedly re-distribute to the poor, but as we saw with Hugo Chavez, he was a MULTI BILLIONAIRE when he died and barely had a pot to piss in when he took office, more like the people of Venez. The pay they gave him certainly couldn’t account for him becoming that rich, so what did he do? He took all the money that was sent to Venezuela to help the poor. He took lessons from Castro to teach him how to make the poor seem that he was actually helping them out when instead, he was making them even poorer, and enriching himself, but Left wing socialist “greed” is ok with liberals, it’s those EVIL Corporations that are GREEDY and those CEO’s that make billions, unlike those dictators that actually really CARE, and do so much that they can to help their people when they can, such benevolence right? You dumbasses

  2. Patrick says:

    LOL…those that don’t ever even listen to Glenn Beck pretend like he is like this “Jack Swagger” character, when he is nothing even close. What they are doing is pretty poor and a sad display over things, and this playing politics stuff is not “fun and games” to many people. Oh yeah, attack Glenn because he is against the good guy, Alberto del Rio, which is also a slur meaning he is from the river..Ohhh, OUCH, I would hate to have that as my name. What if this were like the OLD days, when Hulk Hogan, the REAL American was the good guy, and the Russian, or the Iranian (Iron Sheik) was the bad guy? Oh, it was ok then, but now the good guy is the Russian, and the bad guy is Hacksaw JIm Duggan. Yeah, things sure have changed in the WWE, and I admit I got into the wrestling “soap opera” that it is, but this storyline is meant as nothing more than a slam on the tea party, (as you can easily tell your bias as you call them tea baggers) but whatever. You that are defending WWE like this, would be like you supporting the NAZI character over the evil American Corporate Real American. Yes, the Nazi is a good guy, whoo hoooo….and that Corporate evil greedy capitalist PIG needs to be boo’d out of here. We need more that support Lenin and Stalin, those guys were great men. So what if they break our laws here in the U.S., that’s what laws are for aint it? The whole storyline is stupid and Glenn is 100% correct, and sorry you can’t handle the truth.

  3. karmanot says:

    Calm down dude, pretty soon there will be a cartoon version and you can catch up.

  4. Jay Norris says:

    I might would suggest that Mr. Beck is feeling slightly guilty if he is offended by this storyline. These two characters could just as easily come off simply as two racist rednecks and nothing more. Perhaps there characters do indeed have teabagger characteristics. But not once in any of the segments involving these characters has the tea party even been mentioned.

  5. mark_in_toronto says:

    Beck and WWE . . . what a perfect match. Both entertainment . . . both benign . . . both completely devoid of any substance . . . both with a huge following . . . and both calling each other stupid.
    Pay attention, follow along, pick a side and you’ll be doing exactly what they want – to be distracted and unaware. Perfect.

  6. Jason Fink says:

    Glenn Beck, you really have to stoop to trashing the WWE!? What’s next General Hospital? You need to focus on real issues.You talked about “Ivy League” people don’t watch WWE. Sorry Glenn 90% of Americans aren’t “Ivy League” people. If you have nothing better for your show you can take your comments, turn them sideways and shove them up your candy ass!

  7. Jake says:

    I can’t believe I would waste my time replying to your “nonsense”. But I’ll do it anyway. You don’t like it? Good, I don’t like you. You probably got such a hard on putting it down. (You should have yourself put down, make the world a better place.) It’s entertaining, maybe not to you, but it is. You don’t think so? It’s not for you. I don’t care what you enjoy in your free time, besides yourself, because nobody probably likes you. But it’s probably nonsense itself.

  8. awesome! I hope Beck takes up the challenge. Keep us posted.

  9. nicho says:

    I’m still not sure what the difference is between Glenn Beck (and his ilk) and the WWE. What I saw in this video is just more WWE-style trash talk. Beck is pretty much trash talk disguised as political commentary. To me it’s all just a showbiz (I won’t dignify it by calling it “entertainment.”) I can’t believe people would waste their time watching this nonsense. Although I used to have a friend whose wife would throw a fit if you even dared to suggest that wrestling was phony.

  10. ComradeRutherford says:

    This is Vince McMahon’s revenge against the TeaBaggers for Linda’s having lost her election!

  11. myklspaderr says:

    It is funny hearing Beck’s attack considering he is guilty of the exact same sentiments that the WWE is parodying, it was just in a different wrapper.

  12. Naja pallida says:

    Sounds to me like the WWE has touched on some truth that Glenn Beck is too scared to admit to himself, because if he did, then maybe the gullible idiots who keep sending him money might stop.

    You know what though? WWE doesn’t care what he thinks, and the more he moans and whines, the more publicity they get, the better it is for them. People practically shit themselves back in the early 1990s when Sergeant Slaughter was carrying an Iraqi flag and had a whole gimmick where he turned on the US. Characters like the Million Dollar Man and Irwin R. Schyster were universally despised. That is the whole point. To create characters that people really, really want to hate, and often that means looking at current events and finding something that really gets on people’s nerves and playing off of it. As much as Beck wants to deny what they are doing, his reaction is proof that it works…and if it sells one more event ticket, or one more t-shirt, that is the only real goal the WWE has. Trying to twist it into some kind of political statement is ridiculous.

  13. Edsel D. says:

    It also escaped Beck that the WWE is owned by Vince McMahon and the COO is his wife, Linda McMahon, who had to temporarily leave the company to become the Republican Senatorial candidate in Connecticut — where she lost (twice). Yeah, they’re liberals, all right…

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