Vigilante Walmart shopper shoots at shoplifter, hits 3 cars, almost hits innocent

I see the future. A future in which the NRA and the Republican party, along with Democrats like John Dingell, get their way, and America is armed to the teeth. Then we all get shot shopping at Walmart.

The Boy Scouts should have a merit badge for shopping at Walmart and surviving, considering the number of gun incidents in or near Walmart stores, or the murderers who do their gun & ammo shopping at Walmart, in the past few years.

This latest incident is classic.  And it proves why arming the world does not the road to safety make.

A responsible gun owner was in the parking lot of a Walmart when he says a shoplifter tried to “run him over,” putting him and other shoppers in danger.

So, responsible gun owner opened fire on the guy.

The Batman managed to hit the alleged shoplifter’s car, but also managed to fire bullets into two other cars.  Fortunately no small children were shot in the head.

The cops do say that one innocent bystander was “basically in front of the muzzle of the gun as Mr. Martinez was shooting.”

And what do you know, once the police reviewed the store camera footage, they said the responsible gun owner’s story doesn’t add up.  The video does, however, show the perp shoving a woman into the side of a door, she then falls to the ground motionless.  We’re clearly not dealing with a nice guy.

And isn’t that the problem with arming people to the teeth.  Not only are they more likely to intervene, when sometimes perhaps they shouldn’t, but they more likely to do it in a much more violent manner, which risks hurting innocent bystanders (assuming the target is guilty, which also isn’t always clear).

I know that right after I was violently mugged a little over ten years ago – the two kids tried to strangle me, and did a pretty good job of it – I got a call from someone at the Gun Owners of America, a group to the right of the NRA.  They were writing a story, and wanted to include my mugging, and the guy asked me “don’t you wish you had a gun?”  And I told him, yes, because I would have gladly shot the kids who tried to kill me, but then I’d probably have been so upset by the attack that I’d have missed the shot and instead hit the young couple standing right behind the kids as they were trying to get away.

And that’s the problem with the “we arm the world” crowd.  Even if you’re sympathetic to the basic argument that when someone tries to kill you, you’d really like a weapon to defend yourself, a lot of times things aren’t that clear cut.  A lot of times you’re in public, and by playing all Rambo you risk killing innocent people all because some guy stole a t-shirt (or whatever) from the local Walmart.

Here’s a pretty good news report on the story, with the surveillance video and the cop talking about where the innocent guy was standing in relation to the shooter.

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35 Responses to “Vigilante Walmart shopper shoots at shoplifter, hits 3 cars, almost hits innocent”

  1. vonlmo says:

    First it was the 400lb transvestites in hot pants w poop stains shopping there . Now it’s stand-your-grounders. That’s My WalMart !!

  2. Steve says:

    Also, the right to bear arms for personal self defense is covered in the supreme court case “District of Coumbia v. Heller”.

    The core holding in D.C. v. Heller is that the Second Amendment is an individual right intimately tied to the natural right of self-defense.

  3. Steve says:

    You feel that by drafting legislation, you can take “away most of the guns from the bad guys”? I seriously doubt the rationality of that claim… and furthermore doubt that restricting firearms will reduce violent crime.

    Restricting firearms does not translate to making people safe… a quick glance at the violent crime rates in cities like Chicago, and countries like Britain vividly illustrate that point.

    Also, the gunfight at the OK Corral commenced when Earp ordered the cowboys the surrender their firearms. A bit ironic that violence created by forced disarmament is being used to justify disarming citizens. Keep in mind that although some cities in the wild west had significant restrictions, that does not serve as justification, nor speak for their constitutionality.

    Mimicking the laws of the most dangerous places would be a fool’s endeavor.

  4. Steve says:

    Calling this idiot a “responsible gun owner” is absurd.

    The existence of hot heads does not support the ideal of disarming truly responsible gun owners.

  5. timjoebillybob says:

    White guy? Last I heard Hispanic isn’t considered white.

  6. mucholderguy says:

    Guns don’t kill people — gun enthusiasts kill people.

  7. Smarter says:

    Wow this blog is catering to only supportive comments. Dictators. Your arguments lose regularly , creat a blog and delete comments so you can live In a fantasy.

  8. American says:

    The world is ruined. There is no right or wrong answer anymore. No one will ever win either argument. Just try and survive and do what’s best for your family.

  9. Walmart averaged more than one shooting a week in 2012. There have been 11 shootings in the first two months of 2013, not counting non-shots fired gun incidents like armed robberies or guns stolen from Walmart. Here’s a running list:

  10. melbach007 says:

    There’s probably a reason the police can’t shoot someone for robbery. Please give us a follow up where the vigilante is charged.

  11. fentwin says:

    We’re seeing a new emerging market here folks, bullet proof vests for the family. You can by them individually or in money saving package deals. Imagine the whole family, even Grandma, donning their new personally fitted flak vests before an outing to the local shopping district.

  12. Blogvader says:

    My point is simple, I wish we made all gun purchases take a safety course, because it has made hunting the safest sport in my state. Were we to require a safety course for all gun purchasers, I think it’d help to weed out people who do not have the competence to use a weapon responsibly.

  13. Buford says:

    The truly idiotic logic here is that these paranoid gun nuts need guns to feel safe, but they only need to feel safe against threats from other gun owners. If we took away most of the guns from the bad guys, these NRA gun nuts wouldn’t need theirs to feel safe… right?

    Besides, the 2nd Amendment didn’t say anything about a right to bear arms for self-defense against criminals.

  14. Buford says:

    Interesting that you are not showing any stats on violent gun crimes committed by people who have also completed this hunter safety course… because ’10-15 injuries’ while deer hunting hardly gives the whole picture here. Surely you’re not suggesting that gun violence is only perpetrated by those who have NOT taken that safety course?

  15. Buford says:

    He had a backpack, didn’t he?

  16. Buford says:

    So you’re OK with people shooting into cars… without knowing who else might be in the car… simply because the driver of the car committed a non-violent crime?

  17. SoLeftImRight says:

    How has “freedumb” escaped my notice to date? Brilliant! (I’m using that elsewhere.)

  18. Beau Siegelaub says:

    Martinez eerily resembles George Zimmermann.

  19. Beau Siegelaub says:

    Why did the shoplifter leave the merchandise in the cart? Isn’t the purpose of shoplifting to take the stuff with you??

  20. Zorba says:

    Unfortunately I’m afraid that you’re right. {{Sigh}}

  21. Funny, because here in Jacksonville the police shoot unarmed people dead for using their car as a weapon when trying to evade arrest. They claim that a car is a deadly weapon and I agree. However, why would a legally armed citizen fall under any different defense. I hope the SA office drops the charges because we need more tax payers defending society from the tax collectors.

  22. Naja pallida says:

    They don’t care. Innocents being injured or killed is just collateral damage for their freedumb.

  23. Drew2u says:

    So can the owners of the two other cars sue the shooter for damage to their vehicles?

    What type of car insurance covers bullet holes?

  24. Zorba says:

    And then of course, we have the Texas school employee who was being trained during his school district’s gun training class, because, you know, that Texas district thought that it was such a good idea to train and arm school personnel. And the employee wound up shot, due to a “weapons malfunction” while being trained. By someone who was supposed to know what the hell he was doing.
    The more guns there are, the more shit is going to happen. Jeezus P. Frog. What is it going to take to wake the gun worshipers the hell up? Apparently, they’re not going to wake up any time soon. :-(

  25. Naja pallida says:

    The shoplifter was trying to get away, this guy put himself in the way of the car, and then chose to use deadly force with reckless abandon. There was no imminent threat, except the one he himself created. I hope they make an example of him. Not that I believe it will deter the next vigilante-wannabe who thinks that simply because he’s packing heat he should should have the right to open fire in a public place with dozens of innocent bystanders.

  26. Ain’t you guys in the Show Me state?

    BTW, were those injuries to the hunters or the deer?

  27. Thank god some fine, fine white guy was around to do what was necessary to prevent a blackie from absconding with what… a can of SpaghettiOs?

    And only five shots were let loose? Had this guy not heard of 30-round clips?

    Jesus Christ in an exhausted banana clip, Batman, who can we now rely on to stop the next colored rushing out to his car in order to make it home before he goes pee-pee in his pants?

  28. Blogvader says:

    Well, we average around 230-250k deer tagged a year with (maybe) 10-15 injuries.

    So, I think most of us who hunt and own weapons are actually pretty sane and intelligent about it, at least in Missouri.

  29. UncleBucky says:

    The Libertarian Paradise of Walmarsch! Someone doesn’t do the right thing, and vigilantes — just itching to be a part of “law enforcement” — go into action. What if there were a half dozen of these guys all firing at once? I don’t think that they would realize each others’ presence. Surely a child OR TWO would get shot in the head.

  30. nicho says:

    Just passing the course doesn’t mean you’re sane.

  31. mike31c says:

    Obvious NRA solution: More guns!

  32. Blogvader says:

    It’s because of Rambo types like this that MIssouri requires that every hunter pass a mandatory safety course before they can obtain a license. Now, why we don’t require it for gun purchases is beyond me.

  33. nicho says:

    Oh, the gun nut vigilantes will branch out. Count on it. Why try to stop a shoplifter? It’s only stuff — and it’s not even your stuff. Why risk anyone’s life to stop someone from taking it? This lunacy is due to the Rambo delusions planted in the heads of mouthbreathes by the NRA.

  34. Zorba says:

    Sounds like some kind of Gunfight at the OK Corral.
    And, interestingly enough, back in the days of “the Wild West,” which so many gun owners seem to idolize, many of those Old West towns had restrictions on carrying guns in the towns. When you came into the town, you had to turn your guns over to the Sheriff, and get them when you left town. But we never hear about this from the NRA types.

  35. NCMan says:

    Thank dog I refuse to go to WalMart.

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