Dog shoots its owner

Another responsible gun owner.  This one got shot by his own dog.

Surely the dog was a jack-pawed thug trying to make gun owners look bad in order to justify a federal crackdown on guns.  After all, the only thing that stops a bad dog with a gun is a good dog with a gun.

Thankfully though, the dog was not arrested after the shooting incident, though I’m sure the NRA would probably like to sign him up to boost their membership roles.

You see, the responsible gun owner had a loaded shotgun, with the safety off, sitting on the floor of his truck.  His dog allegedly kicked the gun and set it off, shooting the man in the leg.only

The responsible gun owner didn’t think that the gun sitting around in his truck might be loaded? This responsible gun owner sounds a lot like the guy who lost his loaded and unlocked gun at a movie theater late last year, where kids found it. Earlier this month there was the other responsible gun owner who dropped her gun in a McDonald’s and accidentally shot her husband.

Heckuva a lot of responsible gun owners lately.

Dog with gun via Shutterstock

Dog with gun via Shutterstock

As we know, the NRA party-line about responsible gun owners is a bit of a myth. When it comes to permitting guns in their own backyard, suddenly Republican gun nuts go all NIMBY on us.  Whether it’s Texas Congressman Stockman, who held a rally opposing gun-free zones in a gun-free zone created for his own protection.  Or it’s the Idaho legislature, that is oh so very pro-gun, until a guy actually brings a gun into the legislature, then they all freak out.

Then again, you can hardly blame Republican gun nuts from wanting protection against their own “responsible” constituents, like the gun nut who thought he was making a constitutional point when he brought an assault rifle and glock to a shopping mall in Utah.

Or the responsible gun owner in Tennessee who threatened to “start killing people” if the President signed any executive orders on gun control following the Sandy Hook massacre.

Let’s face it, even the Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza’s gun-nut mother couldn’t use her own arsenal to protect herself against her gun-nut son.

There are simply too many guns in the US, and way too many guns in the hands of nuts. Perhaps this is why there’s such huge support for gun control, particularly the assault weapons ban and background checks.

It’s time to quit hiding behind the “responsible gun owner,” line and recognize that there are too many irresponsible gun owners in America, and it’s time to start reining them in.

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7 Responses to “Dog shoots its owner”

  1. mwdavis says:

    Bet it was a BLACK dog.

  2. 123db says:

    What does the US have against education? All these accidents are ultimately caused by stupidity. And you wonder why the term ‘stupid Americans’ is known globally?

  3. edsel D says:

    All dogs should be armed, but where could they conceal the weapon?

  4. Rob_in_Hawaii says:

    Give the pooch a break! Can’t a dog stand his ground anymore?

  5. nicho says:

    And in other news….

    A woman with a long history of mental illness and bipolar disorder — and a gun — was allowed by her grandkids parents to pick up the kids at daycare. She shot them to death and then killed herself.

  6. nicho says:

    If guns are outlawed, only outlaw dogs will have guns.

  7. SkippyFlipjack says:

    Out of respect to the victim the NRA will not comment publicly on this matter until a later date. The Democrats, though, are sure to use the incident to try to ram through legislation restricting the rights of dogs to own guns.

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