Majority of Republicans want to impeach Obama because they hate America

Republicans hate America.  More specifically, Republicans hate American democracy.  It’s the simplest, and most consistent, explanation as to why, in story after story, we see Republicans in open revolt against the democratic rule of law in this country.

They don’t believe in an independent judiciary, and have been undermining, and outright threatening, judges for years.  They don’t believe in elections, and thus either gerrymander them when possible (like they’ve now successfully done with the House), or outright attempt to steal them, like they did in the 2000 presidential, and like they tried against Al Franken and others.

Look at the Clinton impeachment. I always say that the Republicans launched a witch hunt and they eventually caught a witch.  My point being, they were out to destroy Clinton from day one, with zero evidence to justify their jihad against the man.  They didn’t like the way the election went, so they tried to reverse by nearly all means necessary.

Democratic electoral victories, progressive court victories, are not legitimate in GOP eyes.  And if Republicans find themselves losing the game, fair and square, they simply change the rules.

Of course, it’s more than simply hating America and the way our democracy is wired.  Republicans hate facts, and they loathe reality.  Reality, you see, has a liberal bias.  If we let judges rule, citizens vote, journalists report, students study, and scientists research – all independently – for some strange reason they keep coming up with conclusions that, more often than not, go against the GOP.

Upside down US flag, via Shutterstock.

US flag, via Shutterstock.

So, Republicans try to intimidate the judges, steal the vote, create their own faux news network, and then brither, truther, and climate-changer any and every scientific result possible.  That’s why a GOP state official in Missouri is trying to redefine, by legislative fiat, the word “scientific theory” to include “faith-based philosophy.”  This way, priests can call themselves “scientists,” and creationism immediately becomes “science.”

Hell, GOP president wannabe Marco Rubio couldn’t even admit that the earth was 4.5 billion years old a few months back, lest he inflame the flat-earth base of his own party.

Look at the GOP position on education.  For some reason, when people go and get an education, they start to disagree with a lot of Republican positions (this is related to the GOP’s judge, journalist and scientist problem).  So, rather than conclude that maybe people with educations don’t like Republicans because, you know, they’re now better informed about the world – Republicans have concluded that college “brainwashes” kids to become liberals, and thus education is bad.  As a result, you have people like GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum criticizing the notion as “elitist” that an American parent might want their kid to go to college.

The Republicans must destroy any institution that guarantees, any result that comes from, an objective assessment of the facts.

And that’s why more than half of the Republicans polled, in various recent polls, want to see President Obama impeached and removed from office.   HuffPost concluded, “More than anything, surveys finding support for impeachment show just how divided Americans are today along party lines and how strongly rank-and-file members of each party dislike presidents from the opposing party.”

But it’s far worse than that.  America isn’t divided.  Republicans are seceding.  There’s a difference.  It’s a bit like me walking down the street minding my own business, you decide to mug me out of nowhere, and an observer says “the boys are divided.” The boys aren’t divided.  One boy was walking quite peaceably minding his own business, while the other boy attacked him. Such is the state of our democracy.

The GOP is in 24-hour attack mode, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.  And their victim isn’t just Democrats, it’s democracy itself.

CyberDisobedience on Substack | @aravosis | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn. John Aravosis is the Executive Editor of AMERICAblog, which he founded in 2004. He has a joint law degree (JD) and masters in Foreign Service from Georgetown; and has worked in the US Senate, World Bank, Children's Defense Fund, the United Nations Development Programme, and as a stringer for the Economist. He is a frequent TV pundit, having appeared on the O'Reilly Factor, Hardball, World News Tonight, Nightline, AM Joy & Reliable Sources, among others. John lives in Washington, DC. .

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228 Responses to “Majority of Republicans want to impeach Obama because they hate America”

  1. dumb and dummer says:

    I have read a lot of comments and so far because I am dumb I still don’t know why most or all the republicans can’t stand President Obama. I thought because I am dumb it is only due to his bi-racial parents. Lets go back to the simple something of truths (?) to figure out why so many American adults display childish and spoiled attitudes with bad language. Is it just the sign of the times? or is this the beginning of the end of the two dominant parties in our country?

  2. Aaron says:

    Oh just like your baby Bush and Reagan who both ran the national debt up to the highest in history and who both lied to cover up major scandals like weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, the false War in Iraq, and the Iran Contra scandal.

    Funny you should mention that because whenever a Republican is in office they run the national debt up and spend like drunken sailors on the military, start false Wars America can’t afford, and then destroy the economy before they leave office, and then Republicans blame it all on a Democrat when he comes into office to fix all of their damage and all the debt they created.

    Republicans Dick Cheney and Reagan are quoted as saying their is no such thing as debt, only when a Democrat takes office then they bitch, moan and complain about the budget.

    Time to wake up and smell the real asshole’s here.

  3. Aaron says:

    Apparently you really need to wake up to reality CSAW, at least I don’t subscribe to knifing by neighbor in the back or harming his family just so I can make an extra buck !!! You subscribe to the mentality of having a so called more profitable deregulated company that throws caution and sanity to the wind to make that extra penny and then carelessly sidesteps every law know to sane humanity and blows up the neighborhood. That is why I will never ever live in a Republican Red state or have asshole friends like you, who needs enemies when we have the Republican selfish greedy pricks like you destroying people lives. What future is there if no one is alive to appreciate it after you commercially rape and pillage and deregulate every law just to make that extra buck at everyone’s expense.

  4. Forpetesake says:

    That’s because Aron works for the Obama administration. These are the kind of people they hire for misinformation.

  5. Forpetesake says:

    Obama allowed four americans to be killed at Benghazi. His leaks to Al-Queda cost the Seals their death. He is a dangerous man. But you can go on believing in him. I guess it will come as a shock to you when we have him impeached. Obama will be impeached.
    Do you work for the whitehouse?

  6. csav says:

    Apparently Aron you need to do some more research unless you would rather stay uneducated regarding politics. I see your hypersensitivity to deregulation, however perhaps you do not realize that Obama has passed more regulations than any president in our history, which is suffocating business. Obama is not business friendly and that is because he has never had one. In fact darling, Aron I bet you too work for the government and maintain some useless lazy ass position. That is why you lack any sense or sensitivity. I can tell by your blog there is not an entrepreneurial bone in that body.

  7. Forpetesake says:

    Aron just like most liberals I find you highly irrational and unable to discuss facts. I also find that most liberals cannot count that is why the debt is so out of control. Just remember it is your ( thrill up your leg) President that blew up the debt and is causing this economic collapse. YOur incredible hatred of Republicans shows you are childish and not worthy of a rational discussion.

  8. Forpetesake says:

    Maybe you don’t read the news about your darling president who has committed the greatest fraud on the American people by completely blowing the budget and asking for more. Are you a real journalist? If you were you would ask why the president extended the Patriot Act to include not only prolonged detention but also assassinating without due process American Citizens he deems a terrorist. I guess that would be me and millions of other Americans he calls terrorists because we belong to the Freedom Party or the Tea Party. YOu have blinders on. In all seriousness for each and every constitutional amendment he has blown why are you not in favor of arresting him and all his CZARS.

    What kind of journalist are you? A fan club who never does research.

  9. jason says:

    Again Aaron you are too biased and cannot think for yourself. It is both parties and obama should be impeached but so should have bush.

  10. jason says:

    You are drinking the koolaid. Obama is the president that made propaganda legal in tjis country. He signed the extension of the ndaa made it much worse, outlawed protest recently but it’s all the republicans? You can’t even look at thungs unbiased and with a brain. It’s both parties!

  11. Aaron says:


  12. Aaron says:

    Who is doing more to destroy this country over 40 years now, the GOP clearly. If you can’t see that through real World library research then sadly you are just rewriting History and skewing the facts, just like the GOP try to do everyday.

    Obama is evil ? No he is just ignorant that he could try to make a little positive changes here and there and go along to get along without hitting a brick wall of the GOP who do not want change to happen and will not allow it to happen period, at any cost to the country and or American jobs.

    Is Obama perfect, no, but he is allot better than the Republican predecessors assholes that came before him that have destroyed most of our economy and jobs already before he even took office.

  13. Aaron says:

    I love the smell of apathy in the morning……..your right both parties sold out, but one party especially continues to Fuck you and everyone over…..cough’ the GOP.

  14. Aaron says:

    Yes according to you the Patriot Act was both parties responsibility and yes the evil Government, they are spying on you so be scared. Why are you so afraid that you want to become a true terrorist , pick up arms against the evil American Government and pull another Waco texas David Koresh disaster. Go for it if you scared rednecks think Obama is going to take away all your freedoms and all your BB guns away that we will need to shoot back at the evil Obama Government. Oooooh No I am so scared, let us bury our heads in the sand and hope the Commie Obama President does not come for me in the middle of the night with six black helicopter drones and takes my redneck family away to Cuba. Heaven forbid we are all terrorist now and we all have everything to worry about…….oh no they are listening to my redneck phone conversations now.

    get real.

  15. Aaron says:

    So what are doing about all this ? Are you making the World a better place to live for everyone not just yourself, and can you even make a dent in the World’s problems, and or solve any issues all by your lonesome self ? I would like to see you try this. The only rights i see taken away are Republican rights to sodomize the World economy, criminally deregulate everything and cause utter chaos to ensue. No Police, No Nannies to tell the Republican party to stop their total destruction of the planet Earth. .Is this the lost of Republicanism freedom you are talking about ?

  16. Aaron says:

    Cause not cuz, you must be ignorant black Republican ? Or a white guy who wants to talk like a Wigger.

  17. Aaron says:

    I got a newsflash for you, you are already living a ignorant slave’s life by your beloved Republican party that sold you out long ago, let me ask you, is your life any better now after the destruction of the World’s Economy by your beloved slave owner Baby Bush and his criminal Bankers, Corporations and republican buddies that stole Trillions of investors money and taxpayers everywhere had to pay for it all, and they got away with it . Are you better off now you slave to the Republican party ?

  18. Aaron says:

    Are you really that dumb ? Really you think that you are educated ? Really ?

    Let me explain it to you simply so you can understand it maybe. Number one people can not afford to get re-educated because there is guess what, there is no money to re-educate people because aduh Republicans took away the tax revenue in this country by huge tax cuts for the rich only for decades, and then spent the rest on false wars like Iraq and gave trillions of taxpayers subsidies to Banks and Corporations and the filthy Rich.
    Number two there are no living wage jobs available anymore because Republican assholes outsourced all of our jobs overseas, did you get that memo ?

    Third, then the Republicans allowed the Furlow’s to take place and guess what further jobs are being lost now, workers hours are being cut down by asshole Republican bosses everywhere as an excuse, and so forth and so on the destruction of America is coming to a conclusion. Republicanism, a self fulfilling prophecy of destruction and utter chaos.

    So now people cannot make a living without help from the government all because you self absorbed wicked self centered prick Republicans hate all people and especially the Government unless the Government gives them all the money. The chaos that has ensued over the many decades is so much so that Republicans have almost successfully destroyed all government revenue and most American jobs. Way to go Republican assholes everywhere, are you proud now ?

    And you do not know why Obama is having so many problems and issues to deal with ??? Aduh the answer is plain to see the GOP has been destroying America for over 50 years now. If you were educated you would know these facts already, that is why Democrats have higher IQ’s, are more educated, and care more about people like their neighbors, mothers, fathers, the country, etc..

  19. Aaron says:

    Yes and it is all Republican propaganda bullshit, no thank you.

  20. Aaron says:

    You are a full of bullshit and lies, Republicans always rewrite History or make a living Hell on Earth for everyone, then blame it on the Democrats. Go jump off a cliff and do all of Us a favor please.

  21. Aaron says:

    That is clear Bullshit and you know it, explain how the current Economic numbers are contrived ??? Oh you can’t. So what you mean is your very own Republican lawmakers real statistical economic data coming from their Republican spoke holes and offices are bullshit and contrived ???
    Get a brain…….do you think you live in a bubble or something and reality does not exist for you and or your Republican buddies and you can keep spouting out more propaganda and false facts ???

  22. Aaron says:

    The bottom line is this, it is all about Big Profits and Big Money and criminal Business as usual. Republicans care about one thing and one thing only, Greed and even more Money !!! They do not care about their mother, father, aunt, cousin or their neighbors and certainly not about another country, unless of course they can make a buck off them. There is no cure for Cancer because it is way more profitable to keep people sick forever until they eventually die a slow and painful death. Republicans do not want solutions, living wages, cheaper health care, etc because it does not make a higher profit for them, the select privileged ruling Rich class, the 1% to 10 % percent in this country. The rest of you ignorant slaves do not get that huge important fact, they do not care about you and would gladly kill you in a nano second if it meant higher profits for them, only. So keep voting Republican and you will die even more broke and be a badly battered stupid ignorant slave who should of known better but are just too dumb to realize it. The writing has been on the wall in bright Neon letters for the past 60 years of Republicanism Capitalistic immoral greed, which this country is all about. Make the poor poorer and make them feel even more guilty than they do, after all no one but the Rich deserve any entitlements. Republicans get fatter and richer off of bleeding the taxpayers every year by more Trillion dollar subsidies entitlements for the Banks, Super Rich and Corporations that cause recessions. Only the Rich deserve entitlements like CEO’s making more money than God in this bad economy while the workers, middle class and the poor get dirt poor by them cutting more wages, hours and benefits. According to the GOP why should the middle class and poor have entitlements like: living wages, affordable health care, have a retirement, or own their own home, and have a secure future and job. According the Gop only the lucky rich deserve this and more and everyone else will go to hell on Earth, or the Republicans will damn make sure that their is a real Hell on Earth for the rest of you suckers who buy into their greedy wicked Genocide Agenda.The criminal Bankers, Corporations and greedy investors got away with your money and got rewarded with free Bail Out money instituted and caused the recession by your beloved Baby Bush, the downfall of America and its decline going back to Nixon and Reagan. Time to wake up people.

  23. Peter W says:

    Aaron, in my opinion, any person who responds to dissent with the admonition “leave this country” is a true-yellow (the color of cowardice) fascist. In addition, Obama has stood by, and even promoted, many of those corporate (and not insignificantly, military) welfare subsidies you blame on Republicans. The greed and crime is bipartisan — Democrats and Republicans are all traitors who truly deserve impeachment, convictions, and lives in prison.

    Also, this is not a democracy. But you are certainly a misinformed hypocrite.

  24. Peter W says:

    Pigeon-holing, overgeneralizing, bias … name-calling by other names. Just cuz you sez don’t make it so. How’s the 4th grade treating you?

  25. Peter W says:

    Duh, you racist reactionary. Have you ever considered that liberal trade treaties and corporate off-shoring policies might have a lot to do with the influx of migrants into the U.S.? Do you know that Republicans and Democrats alike, from Reagan through the Bushes through Clinton and Obama have all fallen into lock-step to push these treaties through Congress? As we speak, both “parties” (parties of greedy, totalitarian fascists) are working to approve yet another devastating treaty that will further destroy the environment upon which life depends, further curtail our liberties and civil rights, and further erode our society just so a few thousand ultra-wealthy can maintain their stranglehold on the rest of us.

  26. Peter W says:

    The democrats are no more socialist than I am a penguin. Try to learn more about socialism (not state-socialism, but democratic socialism) before you condemn potential solutions to the present state of fascist-neoliberal economic and social totalitarianism. Republicans, as much as Democrats, are responsible for destroying the economic and social fabric of America, as well as lame-brained consumptive capitalists who don’t understand that “it’s the ECOLOGY, stupid!” Look in the mirror long and hard, SFB!

  27. Peter W says:

    You be living proof of the dumbing down, cuz you at the bottom of the pile.

  28. Peter W says:

    Trying reading, oh notjuststupidbutstupiderthandirt! The internet has plenty of sites with real information about Obama’s treachery (e.g., Counterpunch, This Can’t Be Happening,, ZNet, Freedom Rider, OpEd News, Information Clearing House, Dissident Voice).

  29. Peter W says:

    Yet Obama is in the middle of an “economic tour,” during which he’ll cover up the facts and lie to Americans about putting the economy “back on track,” just like Clinton did, while he manipulates the economic indicators to falsify the real data and mislead all the sheep into thinking that he’s working for “us.” Ain’t no bigger heads shoved further up dark asses than those who still think Obama provides any hope whatsoever, other than for his corporate cronies and gestapo thugs.

  30. Peter W says:

    No, the dumbest people ever known are those who are still convinced that Obama is any less destructive of American and human values and rights than was Bush & Cheney, Inc. “…Giving the rest of our money to the filthy rich…” Just what in hell do you think Obama and the liberal Democrats have been doing? The past 5 presidents have all had a hand in facilitating the wholesale robbery of jobs, wages, pensions, savings, health care, human welfare, education, and housing from the citizens of this country, while bludgeoning the rest of the world to enrich the banksters and corporate mobsters and Israel, the military and security state thugs. Democrats are every bit as evil, as treasonous, and as worthy of the death penalty as are Republicans, and dumb-ass facilitators like you should join them at the guillotine.

  31. Peter W says:

    You are indeed very stupid if you haven’t been paying attention to Obama-promoted legislation that has passed Congress, including the revised Patriot Act and the NDAA. Go back to sleep, utter moron, or get the fuck out of the United States, where most of us still cherish our right to dissent, to organize and protest the illegal and unjust policies of the fascist government, now under Obama’s stewardship. Do you really believe that the prosecution of Manning, the relentless encroachment of national security on the rights to assemble (e.g., Occupy protesters facing felony charges), the international bullying to extradite Assange and Snowden, etc., etc., have nothing to do with our rights being eroded? You are indeed more than stupid — I’d say you, too, are treasonous, just like Obama and his minions in Congress and Corporate-Fascist Amerika!

  32. Peter W says:

    So much partisan bullshit in this article. Republicans are indeed criminals. But they’re not worse fascist war criminals and corporate profiteers than the Democrats, who hold the additional responsibility for abdicating their constitutional responsibilities to hold Bush and Obama accountable under the law. Democrats who continue to paint Republicans as the “bad” guys are hypocrites. All politicians from state level above are criminally responsible for financial, social, and war crimes against the citizens of the US and the world. Democrats, as much as Republicans, deserve to hang for their treasonous actions.

  33. notstupid says:

    Can substantiate any of these claims? Instead of supplying questions, why not give us an answer.

  34. notstupid says:

    When did he give jets to the brotherhood? And would you mind linking to those facebook posts? Because that’s a crime and they need to be punished.

  35. notstupid says:

    So what basic rights are we handing over? Seriously? what rights are being taken away?

  36. Guy says:

    And all you Liberals speaking as if the Republicans are the only reason for our problems (though they have contributed their fair share) are in serious denial of your own party’s crimes. Time to realize your President Overlord isn’t concerned with your interests, unless you’re interested in sucking his dick (which you all seem willing and happy enough to do) and handing over your basic rights.

  37. Guy says:

    Mr. Aravosis,

    Please see to it that you never write anything again in your life. This is the most insanely fucking stupid scribble I’ve ever had the misfortune of falling across. I despise Republicans and Democrats alike, they are all shitheads. However people are finally waking up to the smell of bullshit in their nostrils (be it there’s been a pile of it stacking up on their chests for years) and it would be nice if you would discontinue adding yours to the pile so that, hopefully, if anyone is brain dead enough to believe this, they will see how one sided it really is. Thanks for pulling Obama’s, and the government’s, large member out of your mouth and wising up.

  38. Cliff says:

    Obama is dumber than this man

  39. The OLe Dog says:

    Tiis is the most one sided Liberial Sheep Corral I’ve ever came across, Wake up and smell the coffee and step out of your cultish ways, even the Democrates are seeing the truth about Nobama and want him impeached.

  40. migdalia Leonie says:

    since you support this dictator, then please feel free to leave this Country and go to another country where it is rule by communist. This bogus president stole the election and his intentions is to bring down the Country by his reckless spending and giving billions to the muslim brotherhood, whom hates us. Man you are one stupid dude!! Wake up moron, obama does not give a crap about you and he will have your ass thrown in the FEMA Camps. Get the facts on FEMA and get your head out of your ass and wake up dude!!!

  41. migdalia Leonie says:

    obama lies every day since 2008, do remember the first lie? Hope and Change, and what about being the most transparent president? what about paying millions to hide his records? what about all the job he promise the American people with Hope and Change? What about forcing a healthcare that has the death panels for the elderly, and what about all those 11 million illegals? whose going to pay for their healthcare? the taxpayers thats who.
    You must be death dumb and blind not to see obama for what he is. I admit gorge bush was a bad president, but obama make bush look good compare to him and that is scary. These are the 2 worst presidents this country ever had worst then Jimmy Carter.

  42. What? AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA…You have to be kidding me you impotent turd. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…

  43. juandos says:

    For some reason, when people go and get an education, they start to disagree with a lot of Republican positions

    Bullshit! Its when they go for an indoctrination paid for by extorted tax dollars then they start to disagree with Republicans…

    Its sort of like these victims get half their brains sucked of their heads and the other half that is left is shorted out…

    The Republicans must destroy any institution that guarantees, any result that comes from, an objective assessment of the facts“…


    Then again as a parasite who hasn’t held a real job Aravosis how could you be expected to do anything but spew insipid drivel, the sort that is expected from libtard Democrats?

  44. Guest says:

    You know Aaron, I’m not even going to bother with your pathetic rant and debate. And just so you understand, not all Republicans think alike ie illegal aliens and amnesty. Sorry, but I’m totally against giving away jobs and welfare to immigrants. I’ve done my part by continually contacting my local, state, and federal reps and voicing my opinion. After all, they work for us.. Other than rant, what have you done? Just remember, it takes the vote of both parties, Democrat and Republican, to get the ball rolling.

    All your rant about Republican this and Republicans that…. One thing however, is certain. With a Republican you are fairly certain of what’s to come and what you’re getting yourself into. They are fairly predictable. Why? Because historically, nothing has changed in regards to the Republican party. Now take a look at Obama policies. Can you with certainty state he runs his administration as a Democrat? If you stated yes, you’re lying to yourself. He has not benefited this country as a whole. He is most definitely not an acting Democratic leader. Politicians are politicians. A Republic lies with dignity and goes by his merry way. A Democrat lies and then spends most of his time and energy hiding the facts. Obama’s lies are blantant and you have no problem believing them. In his previous SOTU Address, he stated just how great our economy and deficit is and how unemployment is on the decline. Really? What country or planet was he referring too? — and now four years without a budget plan and still asking to print more money by raising the debt ceiling. In other word, spending more money that we don’t have. At the cost of sounding racist, I guess that goes with the territory. When was the last time you were allowed to spend what you didn’t have and not worry about paying it back? There’s a term for that. It’s called bankruptcy. I guess as a Democrat, this is something you’re proud of. Hold your head up high while the middle class falls apart…. the class that literally keeps this country afloat… LITERALLY. Still wondering why this country is falling apart. He lied by stating he’s all about protecting the middle class. I’m still trying to figure out what middle he’s talking about!

    Bill Clinton was a Democrat, and I supported his policies…. even as a Republican, my thoughts of Clinton have never changed. But unlike Obama, Clinton didn’t give away the farm. All Obama has done is allowed certain (let’s just say) under priveledged folks to rely on government handouts instead of educating them to do for themselves. Clinton made sure that those same “under priviledged” individuals still worked for their handouts. He didn’t just give it all away. Many were educated under his programs and policies. I respect Clinton whole-heartedly. The rest of you’re rant including SS and medicare is all bias. You act as though elected Democrats have always taken an active interest to those subjects. That is quite entertaining Mr. Smith. I’m not about to give you a history lesson. Just research before you embarrass yourself. .

  45. Aaron Smith says:

    Because of fools like you destroying this Country for the pass 40 years of your Republicanism ways… so it is pass the time to fix all the damage done from Republican ass holes like you and Bush. It may be too late because Republicans fear Obama and any change, you want to keep things as they are shitty, but change is good for you and you are just too stupid and ignorant of change to see it..

  46. Aaron Smith says:

    What is so Democratic about Republicans forcing Taxpayers to pay for Welfare Subsidies for the Rich and Corporations when they are already flushed with plenty of cash, and still not being forced to hire anyone ??? And at the same time Republicans want to cut Social Security and Medicare benefits which has nothing to do with the American Debt at all !!! Who is really dumber than stupid here ?

    And is it Democratic to allow Sequesters to happen ? Now more jobs are being lost forever, and public safety is at risk, all because you Republicans can’t get yet another Tax cut for your Rich buddies passed through Congress so you throw a temper tantrum, you get your way all or nothing, then you allow Sequesters to take place, all at the expense of America’s future and everyone’s’ well being. Good Job Republican Idiots, I see your version of Democracy is really called Idiocracy. i got a newsflash for you, it is Not Working at all, and so please get a brain soon.

    America’s future is flushed forever thanks to Republicans…….and now it is too late already for you guys to change your ways. A true Idiocracy and your proud of it, amazingly sad…….

  47. Aaron Smith says:

    Keep smoking whatever your smoking dude, it must be good stuff your smokin’ to be that far from reality. Wow…….

  48. Aaron Smith says:

    No Bush did that with the “Patriot Act” before Obama was ever in office the same with the use of radio controlled military drones. if you want to be smacked down and un-brainwashed with real Historical facts then please go read a newspaper someday and listen to the BBC World News instead of you listening and watching Fox Fear Mongering Obama is gun’na’ take all our redneck guns’ away from us’ Republican’s, and stop believing its completely wrong false facts and propaganda..

    And also stop listening please to the Koch brothers Right Wing Fascist Radio stations, and then maybe you will hear the actual real facts and know the real News that is going on in the real World.

  49. Aaron Smith says:

    Another Republican Propagandist, and you my friend are fully brainwashed by your own stupid and ignorant Republican party and also by your own best buddy Rupert Murdoch of Fox Fantasy News:

    ” Oh no the fear, the horror, Obama is going to take all our guns away from us stupid rednecks, and the sky is falling down on all of Us because now we are going to have affordable Health care for all people. And now the NRA loving people leeching Gun Shops is going to charge all of us now $20 a bullet and create a false guns and ammo shortage, so that they and their crony fat bastard Republican Treasonous hypocrites can make a killing off really stupid white Republican males like you that can’t see past all this manufactured Fear tactics and mongering oh no’ Obama is a terrorist !!! You know the really dumb and ignorant propaganda types like you and the Right Wing Fascist try to spill out everyday, they are cramming more and more filth and stupidity down your throat every day now and you believe it, every word of it “.

    So sad……….the dumbing down of America has already taken a foot hold.

  50. Aaron Smith says:

    Is it Constitutional to lie every second of the day like Mitt Romney does ? And all republicans’ tell people that trickle down theory works, it hasn’t worked period even though Bush gave the biggest Tax cuts to the filthy rich ever in History ! And where did that lead us ? A million American Jobs being lost every month before Bush ever left office !!! You became a Republican after being a Democrat ? Really ? Why ?

    And You like how Republicans all they care about is giving our Tax money to the Rich and screw everyone else, private sector Jobs, and government jobs by allowing the Sequester ? And republicans take away our rights like social services which do not mount to even half the amount spent on Welfare for the Rich, our tax money Subsidies given away each year to Big Oil and Corporations that are now flushed with cash and Do Not Need Our Tax money. And it’s our Tax money they are giving away to the Rich without ever paying it back. What does Social Security have to do with the Debt ? Nothing, it is a separate entity altogether paid in by Tax payers aduh !!!

    And You like how Republicans call your grandmother who is on Social Security and Medicare ” Entitlement Leeches”, really ? you think that Our Own Paid In Taxes for these social services are “Entitlement” programs ?? You and all Republicans are all treasonous and flat out wrong !!! It is Our Right and Our Money that is Paid in by Us the Taxpayers for these “Necessary” social services and benefits that We all paid in for. And i will be damned if you try to now take this away and feed it to your crony Capitalist Fascist party. While people die around you with no hope of a future and starve to death ?

    I can go on and on about how the Republican party filibusters every Job Stimulation Law that Obama tries to pass in Congress to get the economy going again and to get more Tax revenue flowing again. Fact Taxes is what pays down the Debt period. And spending money on the right things stimulates the economy. History has taught Us this lesson. But now only to have yet another Republican standing in the way of progress and ruining everyones’ future and job growth by filibustering everything except only supporting more Tax cuts for the Rich.

    So really you like Mitt Romney’s viewpoint of Fascist Republicanism ? If a CEO can make an extra buck then by all means necessary fire a million Americans and move their jobs overseas. This is your version of so called good Republican Politics ? Wow You are disillusioned…….

    And the Texas Waco explosion disaster, a Republican owned state of deregulating government safety laws so you can have yet another disastrous explosion ? Experts now know if they had followed the “Nanny” government guideline laws on where to locate chemical fertilizer plants in Texas then we would not be having this conversation.

    Democrats are by no means perfect but atleast they are trying, Republicans just the opposite,
    So exactly what are you doing to benefit American lives and yourself by turning into a Republican ? I would really like to know the answer to that one ?

  51. Aaron Smith says:

    Look at Waco Texas fertilizer explosion that just happened recently. Texas is known for the infamous Republican deregulation of safe and sane public safety laws and environmental laws.

    And so hence the Federal Law was side stepped as business as usual in Texas on where chemical fertilizer plants are located at in relationship to citizens(people.) Another words it was way too close to residential and commercial properties(and town folk) for the amount of explosive potential that it had.

    Experts are looking into more and more ways Texas and other Republican owned states run their criminal business practices and do not follow the Federal laws and guidelines on safety measures. The same goes for the environmental laws that are crucial for everyone’s future. That is why the government puts these laws into place,(Aduh’) there for everyone’s benefit.

    Republicans’ would sell their own grandmother into slavery(Republicans will try to make slavery legal again.) if they knew they could make an extra buck.

    Republicans say they don’t need another “Nanny” (the government) to keep looking after them, well I say they are Dead Wrong !!! The Waco Texas explosion disaster is all the proof I need of that.

    And who says that We the People do not need law enforcement to look after Us ??? What a stupid thing to say and do on behalf of all Texas Citizens. That is why I would never live in a Republican owned red state. Who cares if Businesses can flourish more in deregulated states, at the expense of public safety and the environment ? No thank you…….

  52. Aaron Smith says:

    Obama is the most hated president ever according to Republicans, and most people believe that dumb propaganda by the Republicans, which proves humans are getting dumber & dumber by the minute. If people used their brain, they would notice that the Republican Party hates all Americans the same and wish all people would get out of their way yesterday so by then they can give the rest of our money to the filthy Rich Corporations. They are not finished ruining our economy just yet. But they soon will after the dumb and dumber keep voting them in and supporting the Republican Fascist Gestapo Capitalist Party that ruins people’s lives forever and the World’s economy through more de-regulating of the laws. And then they put all the stupid people, which will be most of the population, into concentration camps. And then they tell you to walk on into the “Happy Land Gas Chamber.” Like complete fools most believe it’s just Disney Land where people check in, but then they notice they don’t come out ? But by the time they figure that one out it’s just too late. So History keeps repeating itself, and the dumb and ignorant are doomed to repeat their mistakes.

  53. politics says:

    Looking at the pot calling the kettle black. If anyone is out to destroy America it is Obama. Man you people are delusional. He is letting illegal immigrants out of prison these are bad men. Cancels white house tours while giving jets to the Muslim brotherhood. Obama is making what Clinton did seem like child’s play! He got back into office because of election fraud. Several people on facebook admitted to voting up to six times for the guy in states that don’t require a voter id!! Please wake up!

  54. Wake up says:

    I really think this is all a little ass backwards!

  55. Me says:

    And bush won Florida how again?

  56. You guys really need to put down the pipe.

  57. Left, right, black, white, Christian or Muslim, rich or poor, American born or alien; Obama has set about manipulating and dividing ALL OF US! Stop listening to & watching all the propaganda ( including this so called article) and do your homework. You will find that what the majority of the conservatives are telling you is true and can be easily verified (for now at least)!

  58. George Mercado says:

    America is not a democracy it is a republic for which it stands one nation under god, liberty and justice.

  59. filter777 says:

    You are seriously going to compare the Clinton impeachment with the charges they seek to bring forth against Obama. Wow! This man has complete and utter disregard for our Constitution and you uphold his actions? At this point, it’s not a Democrat/Republican issue. It’s an issue of whether you’re an American and even believe in your Constitution and Constitutional rights. I was a registered Democrat til very recent and now list myself as a Republican. Can I really state that I am, at heart, 100% Republican? NO! However, even I can see that this country is on a downward spiral with no possibility of ever turning back. The economy has gone to hell. In his last SOTU, all I heard were proposals and how great and strong our economy is. Sure, he can’t be impeached just for lying to the American public (unless he’s umder oath). If that were the case, Congress would consist of nothing but empty seats. Are you serious? Have you been swallowing all the fiction they’re feeding you? Do you not think he should face charges for his actions and those under his wing? Why don’t you report facts instead of trying to congregate a party war. It’s time for you to grow some testicles and become a real American instead of hiding behind a computer.

  60. Paul Roy says:

    Before you go off thinking I hate democrats, stop. Sure. I usually vote against them, but my comment was a reaction to the hyperbole of the original article. One of my closest friends calls himself a liberal and a democrat. I found the article way over the top, even hate-mongering, and if you found my reaction to it to be offensive, you know how it feels. There are probably some elements of truth each way, but most of it is propaganda. Anyone who completely agrees with the article, or my comment, needs to come back down to earth. We need to find compromise, or we are all in for a rough ride.

  61. Paul Roy says:

    If the US were to fall to ruin it would be from ignorance, of which this article and its supporters are a fine example. Anyone with good sense should have an exit strategy because it seems that a majority of voters have placed the nation on an unsustainable path of debt, ruin and chaos, from which the far left has already positioned itself to create a single party state, de facto if not de jure. Their gun control advocacy, hostility to freedom of conscience and dissent, hate-mongering class warfare, culture of euthanasia and legalized discrimination are plain enough for all to see. The only people who ever talk about confiscating your money if you emigrate have been the democrats, the only party to have put an entire ethnic group in detention camps (Japanese-Americans) were the democrats, the only party that arrested people for speaking unflatteringly about the administration in the privacy of your home were the democrats (under Wilson), and the only people who actively seek to silence dissenting voices in media are the democrats. This article is a prime example of “big lie” theory. Their adopted monikers of “democrats” and “liberals” are as purely Orwellian doublespeak as the names “People’s Democratic Republic of Korea” and the former “German Democratic Republic”. Their concept of democracy is essentially mob-ster rule which is fundamentally totalitarian.

    If it comes to pass that the majority abandon liberty for collectivist envy, it is not really America anymore in any case, so don’t feel guilty for leaving. America is an idea about a government that endeavors to secure liberty, not a particular place or group of people. Everyone who reveres individual liberty is a true American, the collectivists you would leave behind are communists or fascists in everything but name.

  62. EX Democrat says:

    The Democrat party has become the socialist party and is destroying this country. A propaganda machine just like Hitler’s.

  63. devin says:

    The writer of this article has an extreme bias and probably kisses Obamas boot. I don’tow why all the idiots who love him do.. he’s stripping away our rights and overstepping his authority. You know why people like Obama? Because he gives useless non working waste of life fucking welfare addicted junkies money that’s why!

  64. jimbob says:

    You are all fucking retarded. Both political parties are extremely corrupt. The gov’t needs to be overhauled, congress needs to be fired, and we need to start over. But since none of that is going to happen, we will continue down this path until we collapse. Can’t wait!

  65. spy says:

    another libtard.. he should be impeached, then executed for hi treason

  66. Daniel says:

    what a foolish conclusion, you have a self-reflected view which ignores reality

  67. lee says:

    come on even the gop have admitted that there is no evidence for that. try something else. and by the way, i’m british so i have nothing to gain either way!

  68. caphillprof says:

    it isn’t about you, it’s about everybody else

    Subject: [americablog] Re: Majority of Republicans want to impeach Obama because they hate America

  69. John says:

    What kind of crackhead wrote this garbage? Republican’s hate America and freedom??? What planet are you on. Obama has violates our rights on a daily basis and the Democrats can’t wait to throw the constitution out the window all together. Drone strikes are okay on Americans and a daily destruction of the separation of powers is anti American and embraced by the cool-aide drinking Dumbocrats who have stood in the way of freedom for over a century. TRUTH??? No McCarthyism.

  70. John says:

    I’m sorry to tell you all this. Republicans have sucked at their job and most needs to be replaced. I voted for Obama because he promised change. He has done nothing but lie and be more secretive than Bush. It such bullshit that rolls off his mouth. We have lost our freedoms, and he continues to piss on the Constitution. The people need to be in control. Felony charges for protesting? Still at war, and going to war with the US citizens? Failure to do any real interviews? Failure to hear the voice of his voters. You can blame the GOP, they are to blame for a lot of the mistakes. Our government is as fascist as they come. Until we, the people, take back our government there is no democracy. When Americans wake up, it will be too late.

  71. Gene Sanders says:

    I have never been a Freudian as a Psychologist but occasionally some of his ideas, like Transference for example, get lots of use by people, especially democrats, that have to compulsively blame, republicans say, for their maleficence, their own lack of honesty, their own high-handed quasi-demigod “we’re better than everybody else so we’ll tell you what to think” attitude.

    The above litany is an excellent example, i.e., ignoring facts? (strange that democrats can ignore obamas continuous illegal activity, or if the crime is so vile, take your pick, that it cannot be denied the try to shift blame… “no it’s Bushes fault,” or “we’re doing our best (read at the destruction of the republic) but those mean and stupid (they always revert to name calling when they can’t think of anything else) republicans. And when real facts turn up, a dem party official sues obama because as an illegal alien he shouldn’t be in office, they simply ignore it (them) as if it (they) never happened.

    Must be a pretty crappy life when you have to blame everything you do on someone else.

  72. justme says:

    “Not God bless America, God DAMN America!” Wasn’t that said by Obama’s pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright? Not that listening to that kind of rhetoric for twenty years had ANY influence on Obama, mind you. It seems, though, that a LOT of people Obama hangs with don’t care for this country. Again, I’m sure they’ve had no influence on Obama whatsoever. I mean, going overseas and telling other countries that we’re not an exceptional nation and all that other stuff, you can tell he REALLY loves and is proud of this country…uh, no.

  73. justme says:

    Don’t you shove your beliefs down our throats!! (sarcasm fully intended.)

  74. justme says:

    No, we don’t think that. Who told you we do, as if I didn’t know?? Never mind the history course, you really need to get out and talk to people more often.

  75. justme says:

    Where the heck have you been for the past four years?? Don’t you read or watch the news or ANYTHING? Talk about deaf, dumb and blind!

  76. justme says:

    Well, YOUR Savior is still President, isn’t he? Too bad you couldn’t keep your god out of our government for another four years.

  77. justme says:

    Knickers? Isn’t that British slang for “underwear”? So you assume we don’t wear undergarments. Brilliant.

  78. justme says:

    You would know…

  79. justme says:

    Hey, at least we have money to put in the bank.

  80. justme says:

    Yes, we all talk in code so you libs won’t know what we’re up to. Give me a break.

  81. justme says:

    Well, I’ve got an American job and my community is in pretty good shape. What are you talking about?

  82. justme says:

    Probably better than that Kool-aid you’re drinking.

  83. justme says:

    Yes, how DARE anyone else express their opinions?? What NERVE! Freedom of speech, who needs it??

  84. justme says:

    I don’t know what you’ve been smoking, but YOU are wrong.

  85. justme says:

    NEWSFLASH!! Bush is no longer President, and hasn’t been for over four years!

  86. justme says:

    That’s enough out of you. For a member of a party that looks upon Obama as “the Second Coming” and “the Savior”, you sure do talk a lot of crap. You, sir, are a HYPOCRITE.

  87. justme says:

    Then you must hate it every time Obama opens his mouth…

  88. justme says:

    It took me five minutes to fill out my ballot and mail it in, and I live in a middle class neighborhood. What is your point?

  89. justme says:

    Explain how Obama got more votes than there were registered voters in some districts, even getting 100% of the vote (a mathematical impossibility). People being bussed in from other states, people voting more than once (oh yes, there’s an investigation going on about that, too) Can you say “voter fraud”? If anybody is truly clueless, it’s you.

  90. justme says:

    PROVE IT!! Even PRAVDA is comparing Obama to the old Soviet leadership. At least Mr. Hudson knows his history, which is more than I can say for YOU. Google is wonderful invention, dragon7380…learn to USE it and educate yourself!!

  91. hollywoodstein says:

    By the way bob, do you know how stupid it is to believe in invisible things for which there is no proof?

  92. hollywoodstein says:

    And America is Gods country? Really, so atheists should leave? How American is that.

  93. hollywoodstein says:

    You sir, are an idiot. Do you even know the history of, In God We Trust and why it was added. There is this new tool, the Google. Check it out.

  94. bob says:

    In God we trust.. this country was founded by believers. Maybe you should leave Gods country

  95. bob says:

    Obama is a dictator. Democrats & republicans are crooked. Clean out the whitehouse, congress, senate& any of the rest of them & get real Americans in there

  96. caphillprof says:

    No they don’t; they destroy American jobs and American communities

    Subject: [americablog] Re: Majority of Republicans want to impeach Obama because they hate America

  97. Priscilla Ramirez says:

    White House Petition has began to impeach Obama. Needs 100,000 signatures by 03/29/2013…

  98. Anonymous says:

    Your a fucking idiot

  99. hollywoodstein says:

    BTW, there is no god. But as long as you believe in invisible things for which there is no proof despite believers trying for centuries, please keep your god out of our government.

  100. hollywoodstein says:

    Why didn’t you hate Bush when he lied you into a 4 trillion dollar war.

  101. hollywoodstein says:

    The bible is a shitty book. Should we still stone non virgins on their wedding night?

  102. hollywoodstein says:

    Are you trolling or just troll curious.

  103. hollywoodstein says:

    I am struck by the cogency of your arguments.
    My dear child, how old are you? Twelve? My family has been invested in Republican politics. At a certain level they discuss how to suppress the vote, because a majority of people are against them. Since you do not have the money to be exposed to that there have been other Republicans in the press, who have said they do not want everyone to vote, because if everyone voted Republicans would lose.
    Why do you think it takes 10 minutes to vote in a rich, white district and you have to wait for hours in poor black districts?

  104. Matt says:

    Simple minded people always fall back on “hot topics”. Obama is proof of that.

  105. Matt says:

    The “white republicans” create MILLIONS of jobs. Obama destroys them. Nuff said.

  106. Matt says:

    Bull and..bull.

  107. Matt says:

    You fool, the bible would be a massive improvement in our legal outline but lets move to the next points. Suppressing gays… Like Obama does? It was Obama after all who PROMISED to support gay marriage and then shot it down when it reached his office in 2010. He also openly admitted in an interview that he “will not support gay marriage. Marriage is a holy device between a man and a woman”. Obama lies to get votes. THAT is why we hate him. Just like he lied and stated that he would never outlaw firearms because they are a right of American citizens. He is a fraud.

  108. freedom lover says:

    Obama is the america hater not the Republicans. the dems are the freedom haters who want to control every aspect of your life. They (the Democrats) walk hand in hand with the Nazis there are to many points to list and obama is Hitler.

  109. sane37 says:

    PRC = Taiwan not ROC

  110. Terry In Iowa says:

    There were only FOUR states with photo ID required. Obama lost in states that did not require photo ID, so there must have been dogs, cats, and dead people voting for McCain in those states, using your logic.

  111. RWG says:

    Exactly how many American citizens, not living abroad in some inaccessible hellhole like Sudan or Waziristan or Yemen, not involved with worldwide Jihad against the US and its allies, have been killed in drone attacks launched by the Obama administration? How many? Any in New York or Dallas or LA or Chicago? Arizona Alabama, Alaska? Because, if you think most Americans, check that, more than a pitiful handful of Americans, are going to get worked up about drone-blasting some guy who decided to denounce his US citizenship and spend all his time and effort trying to kill as many of us as possible by allying himself with known terrorists who have declared war on us, then you’re barking up the wrong tree fella. You lie down with dogs, you get fleas. That’s just the way it is.

  112. dragon7380 says:

    If you go along to get along than you are also to blame for what the leaders do. The GOP DOES have the USA. They are Unamerican and Communist Sympathizers. They fight to keep the Tax Breaks in place for companies that move jobs to China. That hurts the US Worker and the US Economy and aids the Chinese Worker and the Chinese Economy, that makes the GOP Unamerican and a Communist Sympathizer….where is Joe McCarthy when we REALLY need him?

  113. dragon7380 says:


  114. dragon7380 says:

    I hope they all get back aches from taking a big bag of nickels to the bank.

  115. dragon7380 says:

    The fact is 90% of all people on our “Entitlement” programs are Seniors, the Disabled and the Working Poor. Helping THEM helps the rest of us. THAT is what America is, helping PEOPLE, not helping CORPORATIONS. I got an E Mail from the Progress report that showed that so much of the programs that directly help people like WIC and Food Stamps and MANY MORE are equal to the Corporate Jet Tax Breaks….so if we eliminate the special Tax Breaks for Corporate Jets we can keep all the programs that help Sick Children and Seniors and the Disabled.

  116. dragon7380 says:

    Why did Obama win in areas that the GOP tried to suppress the vote so much? You are truly clueless.

  117. dragon7380 says:

    Not repeating that lie that has been PROVEN to be a lie. I am so tired of you people and your repeated lies.

  118. dragon7380 says:

    and that very same 102 year old woman got verbally attacked and insulted on Fox.

  119. dragon7380 says:

    I agree with you, so lets look at our last example of Communism, the Soviet Union. The S.U. gave special treatment to the Politicians, the large Business owners and those politically connected and allowed the WORKERS to fend for themselves. While the Politicians and their friends got all the goodies, the workers had to stand in long lines to get daily items such as Toilet paper and Bread. Sound familiar? It should because it is exactly what the GOP is doing to the United States. Allowing Tax Breaks for the companies that move jobs overseas and for the Wealthy at the expense of the WORKERS. The fact is the GOP are Unamerican and Communist Sympathizers. They allow Tax Breaks for companies to move jobs to China that hurt the American Worker and the American Economy and help the Chinese Worker and the Chinese Economy……that is Unamerican and a Sympathizer to the Communist Country

  120. dragon7380 says:

    your post is an out and out lie and YOU know it.

  121. William Hudson says:

    Nice try, but extremely disingenuous. I have heard many interviews of people who fled Communist controlled countries, and all of them stated that they were seeing in Obama the very things from which they fled. I can believe your friends think America will collapse and break, because they are also seeing the destruction that Obama is imposing upon our nation. There was actually very little difference between the German Nazi Party and the Soviet Communist party. They were both competing fascist governments. While Hitler was murdering his 11 million, Stalin was murdering his 20 to 40 million. The central theme of both was total control of everyone’s lives and the total suppression of personal freedom by a small elitist group. The once great Democratic Party has descended to the same mindset. The liberal wing Republican Party is not helping itself by wanting to compromise with that kind of evil.

  122. caphillprof says:

    It happens because we have one racial party, the Republicans.

    Subject: [americablog] Re: Majority of Republicans want to impeach Obama because they hate America

  123. jrexv says:

    John Aravosis you are a fucking idiot!!!!!!!!!!

  124. floydgg says:


  125. floydgg says:

    Hide and watch!

  126. floydgg says:

    The “job creators” don’t seem all that interested in sharing their resources with others (let’s see — you probably consider your self a “job creator”, yet you “can’t stand seeing [your] hard-earned money going to [people who don’t meet your criteria].
    Also, believe it or not, people can leave this country, if they want to, without having a problem with your “flying the flag” and without your permission or direction.

  127. floydgg says:

    It is good that when you complain about others who use generalizations that you use generalizations yourself. At least you are consistent (in an unusual way). Do you not believe that most members of Congress are wealthy (and “lifted themselves for their own sake”)? They have been awarded with positions of power, so that would imply that you believe that our country has risen along with them. But you don’t believe that, do you? Sigh, such inconsistency.

  128. floydgg says:

    At least you have chosen an accurate name to use on your posts. When do you think that you will be “filing” for poverty?

  129. Marq Goldberg says:

    I bet you were “home schooled” weren’t you donelpasso? Or the product of a Texas school.

  130. Marq Goldberg says:

    The problem with stupid people is that they are too dumb to realize that they’re stupid. They think conservatives are normal.

  131. ignorant-republican says:

    REALLY? Some towns voted 100% for obama when they never had 100% in any other election… I agree that there should be improvements but people on both sides were against ID verification for voting, so its not one-sided like u think!

  132. ignorant-republican says:

    Im appalled that this liberal-extremist website can blab about how republicans hate America when its perfectly fine for democrats to justify abortion for any reason then use kids like in sandyhook for their own personal aggenda. Go democrats! Keep allowing migrant wokers without green cards to work and not have to pay taxes then increase the minimum wage to 9+ an hr then legalize all migrant workers and then give houses to everyone that wont be able to keep making payments… in 10 yrs I might be able to afford an iphone like those on welfare since the working class will be filing for unemployment and poverty and government subsidized housing. It sounds better than working for 35 yrs for a company and I wont have to worry about taxes cause the debt ceiling will just have to be raised… no worries its just a number, the government knows what they are doing is the best for America.

  133. Obama won re-election by massive voter fraud and he is a wannabe Dictator. He has gotten a free pass on his FORGED birth certificate, his FORGED Selective Service Card, his use of a stolen Social Security number that wo’nt pass the E-Verify Test, he has gotten away with Benghazi, Fast and Furious and he has blatantly told dozens of lies to the American people.

  134. Why did obama ONLY win the states where no photo ID was required. Oh, that’s right, because dogs, cats, and dead people don’t carry a photo ID!!!!!!!!

  135. Why do you liberal progressives ALWAYS bring race into every issue?

  136. Republicans hate obama because he gets a free pass from the media, he violates the Constitution and he is illegally usurping the office of the presidency. He has never proved he is even a U.S. citizen let alone a natural citizen. Did I mention he is also a criminal!!!!!!

  137. wmforr says:

    I will believe the Bible’s account of Creation as soon as someone can show the the “four corners of the Earth” that it constantly speaks of. Or just show me any oblate spheroid that has right-angled corners.

  138. wmforr says:

    From what I’ve seen they want give power to the “people” to fire me and beat the shit our of me for being gay. And the NRA seems to envision armed warfare in our city streets, so the “people” can administer Judge Dredd justice as they see fit.

    Sorry, I’m with Ronald Reagan. I support Law and Order, not the Republican brand of anarchy.

  139. wmforr says:

    Impeaching Obama for drones without bringing Bush and Chaney into court for their war crimes would be totally imbalanced and probably lead to the election of an Ũber-Chenney.

  140. wmforr says:

    If you think America stands for using the Bible to determine our laws, suppressing minority voters, suppressing gays, keeping wages low and the rich rich, then you need a history course. Oops, I’m sorry, that would entail that dreaded educational brainwashing.

  141. Trolololol

    *spriays Theobviouschoice down with Troll-Be-Gone*

  142. karmanot says:

    Yep, Rubio’s Water for Elephants moment was priceless.

  143. karmanot says:

    Thank you 1 down arrow. I assume that is your IQ score.

  144. karmanot says:

    My Mom died.

  145. karmanot says:

    Hey, Dude, I’d take that goldfish on the road, sounds like you have some showtime there. And please don’t call me a badie leftist—–pre-Manifesto Marxist will do perfectly find.

  146. karmanot says:

    Mother Jones—an absolutely incredible American heorine!

  147. Aaron M. says:

    Liberals and Conservatives are both problems to this great nation. However, Liberals are THE cancer because they want to focus their efforts on issues that really ought to be LAST ISSUE. Instead of cutting regulations, they want to impost higher regulations that make it harder for job creators to share their resources. Instead of focusing on the national debt, they want to put higher taxes on the people who EARNED their money just so that they may spend more money.
    Also, it is the LIBERALS who make EVERYTHING into an issue of race/color which only further DIVIDES us. Everytime I turn on the TV there is some liberal that is claiming that a conservative American is “racist” because they speak out against illegal immigrants or because more white americans were hired in one month than blacks in two months. Please, this is stupid. It isn’t the 1960’s anymore.
    I have noticed (as a historian) that the conservatives in congress are truly changing for the better. More and more, I see the conservatives trying to protect our national identity, close off the borders, protect our bill of rights. I don’t see conservatives acting like spoiled rotten children, and I am a firm believe that the 2012 election was rigged, and there is no convincing me otherwise. Rigged, as in the voting machines that counted Romney votes as Obama votes. I find it funny how the Presidential votes were the only ones that did that!
    Try blaming Bush on that one! Impeach this President! I’ve studied every presidency, Obama is indeed the worst! Worse than Buchanan (for dividing us in so many ways and internal unrest within a unified country), worse than Pierce (immoral decisions), worse than both Johnson (Obama illegally landed troops on foreign soil).
    Liberals hate America, and I have news for everyone of them, I fly the stars and stripes proudly and anybody that has a problem with me flying the flag can leave America.
    Also, I own business because I worked for it. I worked hard for my money, and I can’t stand seeing my hard-earned money going to people who won’t even try to look for a job. I’m not talking about disabled people, or retired people, I’m talking about people who just sit in their living room all day doing nothing and expect everything to be handed to them.
    I’m not even a conservative, far from it. But I I refuse to see the good in the left anymore. Face it, the left wing is power hungry and someday they will get theirs. The right has already been punished and now they are going to learn from the past.

  148. Todd Bedard says:

    this article is horribly written and completely biased

  149. marceyg says:

    Wow! How divided and deceived we have become as a nation. It doesn’t really matter what political affiliation we belong to, the fact is that ALL politicians are puppets and slaves to the bankers and donors of their political campaigns. The stock market is controlled by the banks, demanding corporations make more and more profits or they will be destroyed, in turn forcing companies to do whatever is necessary to satisfy the shareholders. They then pay the lobbyists to adopt favorable measures to help them achieve their goals while in turn corrupting politicians with mountains of money. Until we the people enact constitutional amendments, limiting terms of the corrupt policy makers, making lobbying illegal, and adopting a fair flat tax for all Americans and corporations, we will continue down a path of debt and destruction where American freedoms are slowly taken away until we are the mindless followers enslaved by the elitists bankers of the world. Maybe this sounds conspiracy theory to some of you, but do the research and see where this really goes…. It’s all about the money buying power.

  150. It is not a matter of for whom you cast your vote, but those that count and audit the votes. Somehow verification needs to be in the process so that all parties are satisfied with the accurate count. I suspect that there are databases with known living Americans that should help in the process so that everyone legally entitled to vote may have a voice and only one voice. That same database could help with the audit process making sure there was one and only one vote.

  151. Stev84 says:

    The Republican Party is the functional equivalent to European far-right nationalist and Neo-Nazi parties. They are nothing but fascists.

  152. sameolbs says:

    Obama signed into law unconstitutional legislation that takes away due process of American citizens – (NDAA) indefinite detention of American citizens without a trial. Also, he has no problem using drones against American citizens without due process. He had no problem taking out a 16 year old American citizen who was at a barbecue when he died. You are delusional not to see where Obama is taking us. A march toward tyranny.

  153. sameolbs says:

    As a libertarian, I agree.

  154. sameolbs says:

    Impeach Obama because he did a drone strike on a16 year old American citizen who was at a barbecue. Impeach Obama for his doubletap drone strikes which is considered a war crime.

  155. irritatorofthepowerful says:

    Ooooh, very witty! Does your Mom know you’re on the computer?

  156. hollywoodstein says:

    Ah, religion. We have a bible believer in our midst, someone who believes in a dusty book, known to be cobbled together by different authors over the centuries about a person there is no proof ever existed, and beyond that includes a tale about an all knowing, all seeing, all powerful super duper being who used to come downstairs and yell at his unruly children all the time, but now with the advent of video cameras just happens to remain invisible.

    If God really wanted to save the world instead of the bible, which is just one dusty book among thousands of dusty books humans have written about unbelievable, invisible gods, he could’ve put a flaming cross orbiting the earth so we all could point to it and say yep there’s god for ya who sent his only son in a perverse blood sacrifice to die on the cross ( not really die, he knows everything so he knew he would wake up after a three day nap, but shhh that kinda spoils the whole die for our sins thing ), and ascend into heaven so that his father, who was pissed off that Adam’s wife gave him an apple would chill the fuck out. Or words to that effect.

    You know, I might believe this make believe invisible god dude ifin any one of us couldn’t so easily be a better god than that crappy god of the bibles. For example, take the ten commandments. Please.

    This bible god wastes the first couple commandments wanting us to kiss his ass, keep his Sabbath holy, have no other gods, no name in vain, you know like some sort of insecure controlling girlfriend you may have had in the sixth grade, or in high school, or in college or today or you may have married instead of the all powerful master of the universe.
    We humble humans could probably come up with a lot better commandments like #1). Be Kind, and maybe even double up with #2). the Golden Rule – do unto others as you would have them do unto you, for those who need a little more selfish motivation to be righteous. That should handle most interactions. And while we’re at it we might throw in Don’t Rape somewhere as a commandment since that whole don’t covet thing left a lot of loopholes, and made it seem like the whole book was written by a bunch of patriarchal goat herders instead of an enlightened infinite, moral being.

    And while were at it why don’t we throw in some actually useful knowledge like a nod to the germ theory of disease like Wash Your Hands, three little words that might save like a billion lives over time. And maybe don’t war with your fellow tribes, kill their menfolk, and male children and take their virgin females as your sex slaves. There seems to be a lot of that looked on approvingly by the invisible bible god which again just makes one suspect it was all just an excuse for some really asshole tribal behavior, than the pronouncements of a loving god, but hey we are better gods than that shithead of a god so we can fix that.

    And a personal pet peeve, we don’t need animals having their throats slit and bled out then thrown on a fire to burn on an altar on some temple built for our aggrandizement, cuz first we are god and we’re secure enough in our awesomeness that we don’t need some smelly goatherders worshipping us, and second yo! that shit would stink yo!, and third or maybe actually first it’d be like a cruel waste of a beautiful animals life. Dig.

    Jesus Christ, this god of the bible is so fucked up morally, I don’t have enough time this morning to correct all of his moral failings, but feel free to add your own.
    And don’t forget, Be Kind.
    Signed a better god than that shitty god of the bible some idiots believe in.

  157. hollywoodstein says:

    Tighty whities, ouch!

  158. hollywoodstein says:

    What are libs trying to change everything America stands for? Explain yourself please.

  159. hollywoodstein says:

    Republicans do not believe in guaranteed voting rights for all, because they know their ideas will lose in a fair fight. Several have be caught on tape saying as much.

  160. The obvious bounce says:

    Prove that he’s a socialist? I think it would be difficult to convince you that 2+2=4. If you had at least half the intelligence of my daughters gold fish, I may attempt it…but why should anyone try to prove something that is so glaringly and painstakingly obvious to a leftist troll like yourself who is “stupider” than a gold fish?

  161. DFH2point0 says:

    You begin this dreck by berating other posters on their intelligence level and use the amount of “name calling” as a way to quantify your assessment then promptly launch into you own brand of name calling beginning in your third sentence. What does this say about your intelligence level?

    I see now that you’ve added some replies to the thread. Good call.
    “If we hate America then why are you Libs the ones trying to change it…and everything it stands for? Fools!”

    If name calling is a measure of intelligence then I assume you’ll be joining your daughter’s class as a student starting tomorrow?

  162. Theobviouschoice says:

    If we hate America then why are you Libs the ones trying to change it…and everything it stands for? Fools!

  163. Theobviouschoice says:

    There are more intelligent students in my daughters 4th grade class than there are adults commenting here. The name calling is evidence. You left winging, big gov types have no clue when you are being used by an extremist regime to manipulate the foundation of this country. Everything your king suggests will result in the exact opposite of what he says. Fools. You think he is “helping” you? Creating a more “fair” society? Bringing the country together? Improving international relations? He made it all worse. Let me tell you all what he is… A community organizer. They get everyone riled up and then step aside as chaos unfolds, then enter back in the picture as if they had nothing to do with it, blame everyone else and begin brainwashing all the sheeple on how to “fix” it. He proved it in Benghazi…he wanted nothing to do with it so he disappeared and blamed everyone else. Everyone is saying the conservative movement is dead….I think it’s the beginning of a big and powerful pendulum swing the other way. This “I’m above the law” attitude accompanied with his ongoing lies, terrible policies, absent leadership, fingerprinting, arrogance, scandals which result in deaths, and basic disregard for the Constitution will be his downfall. No one is capable of getting away with this forever. Enjoy it now Libs…your future as a party is in more trouble than ours.

  164. donelpasso says:

    u dumb “liberal” pieces of shit. what so democratic about FORCING people to pay for others health care? Whats so democtratic to kill citicents without even a trial? whats democratic to take away the guns and so the right to defend himself? Whats democtratic to controle the media and minds of dumb shits like you? im from germany and know where all this socialist bullshit goes to. and btw: obama is a muslim, he gave guns to terrorists in middle east, he apologice to his muslim brothers scum because of the movie “the innocence of muslims”. Is it democtratic to put a guy in jail just because he is using free speech? WATCH this speed and PAY ATTENTION:

  165. Zing!

  166. emjayay says:

    Who knows, maybe you’re right. Some of my best friends in college made a little spending money selling weed and occasionally something stronger. So what exactly?

  167. emjayay says:

    Give me a fucking break. It’s a democracy. Given the generally moronic simpleminded nature of most of the electorate, we’re absurdly lucky to have Obama as president. Also, he’s not a dictator. There’s all those other members of the legislature that have a bit of say in what’s going on as well. And the courts.

    Going on about impeachment is what the reich wing know nothing commenters on Yahoo etc. have to say about Kenyan Socialist Communist Fascist Dictator the Annointed One Obammy Obummer. By which of course they mean there’s no fucking way a half African guy should get to be their Daddy in Chief.

  168. silas1898 says:

    Yet Social Security, which the beneficiaries paid into for many years, in called an “entitlement” which must be destroyed. Along with stealing the trillions already paid in.

  169. samizdat says:

    If you’re referring to Mother Jones, I actually read a biography of her. This country could use several stout-hearted hell-raisers such as her. If you’re referring to Mr. Rockefeller and Mr. Morgan, I’ve been dying to use that line somewhere since it bounced into my head a couple of years ago.

    I can’t watch PBS anymore. The local has been messing with the schedule with such frequency over the last decade that I just gave up watching. I hope I didn’t miss a show on Mother Jones; that would be a shame.

  170. Clecinosu says:

    Someone watched PBS last night.

  171. BeccaM says:

    I got here after the deletion, but judging from the responses, the commenter also probably needs a remedial course in elementary school English grammar, spelling, and composition.

  172. BeccaM says:

    And the size and power of billionaires’ off-shore tax-avoiding bank accounts.

  173. BeccaM says:

    They can’t because none of them knows what the word actually means or the political/economic philosophy behind it. They just believe it’s a bad thing.

    What’s worse, in my opinion, are those who are educated enough to know exactly what ‘socialism’ means — but deliberately use the word as an epithet anyway, to stir up their moron masses.

  174. BeccaM says:

    And Medicare. Saint Ronnie Raygun himself said in the 1960s that Medicare was socialism. He should be avowing to give that up, too.

  175. karmanot says:

    Some of those fossils are in Congress at this very moment.

  176. karmanot says:

    OK moron. We’ll take a collective vote to remove public works, bridges, highways from your insular gated community, pull out all the energy grid that ‘socialism’ provides you and even your social security so you can be a rugged, self reliant individual and starve your ass to death.

  177. karmanot says:

    I wouldn’t assume they wear knickers, but I know what you mean. :)

  178. karmanot says:

    That you think ‘not’ is very apparent. Many of us on the left want Obozo impeached.

  179. charlestonvoice says:

    This is the biggest lie on the internet!
    BARRY THE DOPE DEALER, is Why His School Files are Sealed

  180. karmanot says:

    It was an excellent article, one which I would like to see expanded and cover the topic of rightwing Democrat corportism, which is contributing to a systematic demise of Democratic traditions. The most glaring example is the unitary presidency, which has taken upon itself the right to murder American citizens without review or trial. Obama should be impeached.

  181. karmanot says:

    Make that two. The sooner the better.

  182. karmanot says:

    Well spoken Daddy Warbucks.

  183. karmanot says:

    OMG, you poor thing. Better carry an assualt gun, there’s dinosaurs out there!

  184. karmanot says:

    irritatorofthepowerful. Is that a synonym for ‘pissant’?

  185. karmanot says:

    We be rasun away with our tails bewteen me legs.

  186. karmanot says:

    But Lance Armstrong confessed!

  187. karmanot says:

    If you can prove Obama is a socialist I’ll scrape the Republican you just stepped in, off your shoe before you track it into the blog.

  188. Actually, it’s approximately 4.9 Billion years old and the BuyBull is the fiction. I know you can’t possibly understand, I suspect this has to do with your not finishing school but, seriously, you need a reality check. As for a dictatorship, please provide one act/law/instance of dictatorial action….please….I’ll wait……..

  189. ….and yet the President won both the popular and electoral college votes, even as he made it clear where he stood on the issues of the day. One might say that, people did purchase the message and that it is you who are trying to sell something nobody wants. Just a thought.

  190. Ok, I’ll play. Name one, just one policy, act and/or law that President Obama has passed that is quantifiable as socialist. Oh, and for the record, I’ve lived in Socialist countries so I’ve seen what they’re like. I make this point only because I suspect you’re confused about what socialism is. That said, please, provide one, solitary example. Thank you.

  191. Butch1 says:

    This is one American who is neither a republican or hates America who would love to see him impeached as well.