LA Catholic archdiocese considering “massive” fundraiser to pay for child-rape settlements

Who doesn’t want to pony up big dollars to bail out the financially-troubled archdiocese after their reported $660 million settlement with 562 victims of sexual abuse by Catholic priests? It’s for a good cause, right?

Sure, the archdiocese appears to have ignored reports of potential pedophile priests.  And the Catholic church overall still hasn’t fessed up to its crimes.  And sure, some Catholic leaders blames the kids.  And they some cardinals attack the victims outright.  But who could possibly feel like they’re funding the sins of the church when they hand over money to an organization that has consistently lied and obstructed authorities from finding out the truth about the systematic rape of children?

I mean sure, there’s that little issue of the Catholic church even being involved in modern-day slavery and holding firm on bigotry, but besides that, they’re really a great bunch of people once you get to know them, and hand them all your money so that they don’t have to feel the pain of their sins.

Just because the LA archdiocese is still holding back on providing the full details of their decades of child rape doesn’t mean that they haven’t learned any lessons from their severe failings. I mean, who hasn’t helped to cover up rape, especially the rape of children?

Catholic priest in handcuffs pedophilia sex abuse child

Catholic Priest via Shutterstock.

Remind me again why anyone gives the Catholic church money these days for anything, let alone to help the church minimize the damage from its horrific sins on this matter?

NBC News:

Amid continuing anger over the poor handling of sexual abuse cases by Catholic Church officials over several decades — and still deeply in the red from settlements with victims — the Archdiocese of Los Angeles is considering the launch of a massive fundraising campaign, according to the website of a Catholic fundraising organization.

The non-profit Guidance in Giving lists the Los Angeles-area Catholic Church among its “diocesan accounts” and says it is exploring a campaign to raise $200 million for the diocese to meet “a variety of needs,” including “priests’ retirement, seminarian education, Catholic schools, Catholic Charities and parish needs.”….

The effort to shore up church finances is the initiative of Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez, who was installed in 2011, and now seems keen to move the church away from its tarnished past.

Yeah, it’s time to move on.  Even though the Catholic church has yet to fully come clean.  It’s hard to “move on” from something you haven’t even fully admitted.

And I’m wondering what kind of massive fundraiser the Catholic church has in mind?  The slogans write themselves:

“Give until it hurts?”

“If you don’t give us $200 million, God will force us to rape again.”

“Give to the Catholic Church. We’re not just about rape. We held slaves too!”

Catholics like to say that they’re not responsible for their church’s bigotry, misogyny, overall hateful attitude and activism, or the past century of child rape. Yet those same Catholics continue to fund a church that has yet to come clean about any of this mess.  If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

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58 Responses to “LA Catholic archdiocese considering “massive” fundraiser to pay for child-rape settlements”

  1. Unindoctrin8ed says:

    Are you really that uninformed? I suppose you could be. Anyone delusional enough to think demons actually exist could believe anything.
    The success of the church causes plenty of agony, to the diseased and starving millions that the world’s richest organisation ignores without any assistance from “demons”.

  2. cole3244 says:

    you had better pray that the blind followers don’t get wise to the the catholic agenda and start leaving the church in droves, actually i think that is beginning to happen because of the churches protecting criminals and pedophiles within their ranks at the expense of those that fund and support the cult the catholic church and all religions are.
    ps – your responses are getting smaller and smaller as we proceed, similar to the religious ethic i would guess.

  3. AugustineThomas says:

    I pray God removes the hatred from your heart! It’s rotting your soul.

  4. cole3244 says:

    i get it now, you are a pedophile or maybe a priest, now i see your rabid defense of the indefensible, your name even fits the profile, but i’m an adult and therefore too old for you, sorry.

  5. AugustineThomas says:

    I’m sorry for whatever has made you hate the Church, but you should open your horizons so you can see that it’s full of wonderful people who would enrich your life even though you’re not Roman Catholic!

    I wish you the best!

  6. cole3244 says:

    your responses are getting lamer and shallower, are you running out of time or excuses, but then again thats what the church has been doing for centuries its just that their followers are as jaded as they are, they go along to get along and get their forgiveness from the pedophiles they adore and support, penitence is 50 hail marys 50 our fathers and bring your first male child to them and so be it, done father, cult like i would say.

  7. AugustineThomas says:

    Please seek help.

    How can you ignore that abortionists rip a child apart limb from limb, but you’re casting the Church to hell in your own mind for disagreeing with you and having had evil members?

    Let me tell you something: we’d be far worse off if the Catholic Church refused sinners. (See the Middle East and poor Asian nations where the Church is banned.)

  8. cole3244 says:

    the catholic church is a cult just too big to fail just like the big banks that bankrupted america, now the weak that follow the church as they abuse their children are bankrupting americas moral fiber by religious hypocrisy, and you are just one of the too timid to speak out and stand up for the innocents that are as culpable as the abusers themselves, congrats you are a co conspirator to child abuse and you are proud of it.

  9. AugustineThomas says:

    The Catholic Church has done far more good for society than any group of atheists.

  10. cole3244 says:

    i don’t blame you for being angry, if i was stupid enough to belong to a cult i would be angry also, calm down the promised land will resolve all your problems and sins, but don’t forget to tithe because thats the magic key to open the pearly gates.

  11. AugustineThomas says:

    Nonsense. They most certainly were proud atheists. No one has ever been more atheist and anti-religious than Stalin and Mao.

    Have you heard of Lemaitre? He was a devout Catholic and more intelligent than you or any of the priests of leftism will ever be..

  12. cole3244 says:

    all those are not atheists but a cult worshiping kool aid drinker believes anything the proxies tell them to believe, as bringing their male children in to be indoctrinated into the flock, you can’t think so you just believe, pathetic.

  13. AugustineThomas says:

    Atheists have killed far more Christians than Christians have atheists (Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, on and on.)

    That’s because Christians get too obsessed with turning the other cheek and don’t check the atheist vipers hoping to kill them.

    There are many good atheists but many others are militant. And they don’t start Inquisitions that may, at most, kill a few hundred people, they start pogroms and genocides that kill tens and hundreds of millions of people.

  14. cole3244 says:

    i am proud, proud that i was intelligent enough to become an atheist at a young age because of the hypocrisy and the evil done to innocents by the supposed chosen representatives of god. you are a prime example of a mindless follower that would turn over a boy child to the abusers and then go to confession and ask the abuser for contrition, if the word cult offends you then don’t belong to one, unless you need the pass they pledge to you to the promised, as they say there’s one born every minute, look in the mirror fool.

  15. AugustineThomas says:

    You guys should change this site to its real name:

    (And you should do a special nostalgia piece on the No-Nothing Party!)

  16. AugustineThomas says:

    Far more children are abused by people who choose to identify by their homosexual perversion than ever were by Catholics..

    Catholics are busy doing charity while demons like you try in vain to destroy the Church!

  17. AugustineThomas says:

    Wait so a cult invented secularism?

    How weird is that that you’re a bloodsucking, society destroying leftist in a society built by a cult.. You should be proud!

  18. AugustineThomas says:

    Obama has tens of millions and is one of the most evil criminals in history..

  19. AugustineThomas says:

    What about the thing where they invented modernity and, unintentionally, the cancer of secuarlism that gave us a bunch of fat, worthless, porn addicted manboys like DonS!!

  20. AugustineThomas says:

    What about the people at PBS who protected Elmo while he abused teenage boys?

  21. AugustineThomas says:

    Those things were given to the Vatican.. But people with demons inside them will writhe in agony at the success of the Church.

  22. Unindoctrin8ed says:

    In the Bible God killed millions of people, Satan killed Ten. If you want to describe something as particularly evil call it “God-like”.

  23. Unindoctrin8ed says:

    Any of the “wealth of treasures” that wasn’t stolen from other countries.

  24. Butch1 says:

    Fundraiser? These cheap bastards have a wealth of treasures in their vaults and they should be made to sell off a lot of their treasures they have fleeced from the poor and others throughout the centuries to pay for this horrible crime against these children. The rapist pedophiles and their enablers including this Pope should be put behind bars for hiding the evidence and obstructing justice.

  25. DonS says:

    Didn’t they try the indulgence scam before. That might work.

  26. They have many multimillion dollar oceanfront properties in New England also

  27. Quiddity says:

    Under Mahony the church sold a Gutenberg Bible (that they acquired from the Doheny estate) in 1987 for $5 million dollars. Not only is the Gutenberg Bible a very rare book, a significant marker of progress in human history, but it’s a bible! Since then, the church rebuild the Los Angeles cathedral for $300 million, and has paid around $600 million in settling abuse cases. And now I’m reading about a further $200 million they are looking to receive.

  28. telabs says:

    They’re closing a Catholic Grade School near my house. The adjoining church is staying open, but not the school. There were some fellows that came to a neighborhood gathering asking us to help them raise half a million to keep it open, but I chose to hold my tongue.

  29. cole3244 says:

    the catholic church along with many mainstream religions are nothing more than cults and maybe people will wake up to that fact eventually.

  30. dmhlt_66 says:

    Ain’t capitalism great?

  31. karmanot says:

    I’ll take the Sistine Chapel.

  32. karmanot says:

    I wouldn’t personally torture him, but I would bring along some beer, popcorn and just watch.

  33. bkmn says:

    And this Catholic Church organization is pro-family?

    But not when it comes to women or children?

    Pish posh…only the fools listen to the men in dresses and Prada shoes, let alone donate money to them.

  34. bkmn says:

    Gay people don’t protect pedophiles, Catholic bishops and Cardinals do.

  35. indep_in_la says:

    The only way this could be a good thing is if the priests and other ‘executives’ of the church, including Mahoney, are put in some good old torture devices a la the Inquisition. For $1 a victim or family member gets to turn the screw or turn the wheel on a rack. $5 for potential victims.

  36. Let them take the funds they’ve been wasting on prostrife and homosexophobia and use them!

  37. Neil Allen says:


  38. Ninong says:

    It wouldn’t surpise me if the Los Angeles archdiocese files for bankruptcy. San Diego did it in 2007, along with Portland (Oregon) in 2004, Tucson in 2004, Spokane in 2004, Davenport in 2006, Fairbanks in 2008, Wilmington in 2009 and Milwaukee in 2011. That’s what they do when the judgments from the sex crimes cases get too high — they just file for bankruptcy!

    Don’t forget that under international law the Holy See is recognized as a “sovereign entity” headed by the Pope. I know of no country anywhere in the world that doesn’t accept that. The Holy See has diplomatic relations with 179 countries. The Holy See has Apostolic Nunciatures (same as an Embassy) all over the world. They even issue their own diplomatic passports. There’s even an Apostolic nuncio to the Arab League!

    Every time the Pope or the Vatican (meaning the Holy See) is named in a lawsuit, that part of it is thrown out. The Holy See is even enjoys permanent observer status in the UN General Assembly. They even signed the Treaty on the Rights of the Child, then ignored all of its reporting requirements. After all, how would they report what went on in Irleand? I’m not sure their name still shows up as a signatory.

    Ownership of property is vested in each diocese, not the Vatican. The Church of England is set up the same way. In other words, you can’t get past the individual diocese if you’re trying to go after the deep pockets. I wonder how much their insurance companies have lost on this? Can they even get insurance for that sort of stuff anymore?

  39. BeccaM says:

    Try thousands of years, ever since the Nicene Creed was adopted by Emperor Constantine. Within five years of that, they were already executing heretics. They didn’t stop doing this until 1826, when the Spanish Inquisition killed its last heretic victim, Cayetano Ripoll, for the accused crime of teaching Deism. They were going to burn him at the stake, but decided to extend the mercy of hanging him. According to wiki, there are conflicting accounts as to whether his body was buried in unconsecrated ground in a barrel painted with flames, or if they actually went ahead and burned the barrel and then scattered the ashes.

    Deism, by the way, was the religion practiced by many of America’s founders.

    Anyway, the RCC’s crimes against humanity are many. The Inquisitions and Crusades. The Witch burnings. The suppression of science. Simony and indulgences. The conquest and forced conversions of indigenous peoples. And now we now they were running modern-day slave operations in Ireland (and who knows where else), as well as engaging in the systematic criminal conspiracy to cover up the rape of thousands of children as well as adult sexual assaults, going back decades if not centuries.

    Yet fools will continue to believe the Roman Catholic Church speaks with moral authority and will give them money.

  40. Sneekytrojan says:

    So? Its the art market, who gives a shit?

  41. nicho says:

    Time shares.

  42. LanceThruster says:

    They could always sell off of few of their gold accessories, no? Why I heard there are several companies who will give you CASH FOR GOLD! And I would think the head office (aka “The Vatican”) has a few treasures it could offer up on ebay to cover the marker.

  43. Neil Allen says:

    Could this church be any more satanic? Here’s what they did:
    – raped more children than any institution in our lifetimes
    – hid and moved known child rapists who were raping children in God’s name
    – lied about it
    – bullied the victims, mostly to save their filthy riches
    – taught a billion people that its ok to rape children, lie about it, and bully the victims, in God’s name if you are saving gold chalices, opulent churches , and $100,000 pope hats
    If satan was smart, he would have looked at that plan 60 years ago and said, “if I can do that, I will have turned a billion people against Christianity”. Brilliant.

  44. Stev84 says:

    They Philippines are a Catholic theocracy. They are holding extremely tight to that one because it’s the last foreign country they still rule. Though that they lost the fight against contraception there maybe the first small step in kicking them out a la Ireland.

  45. UncleBucky says:

    My Catholic H.S. closed. In the year that it closed, I happened to stop by. Well. It was never remodeled, nothing ever fixed, and they still leave it there as a haunted something or other. My Catholic Grade School, connected to my Catholic parish, is shrinking, and getting more and more irrelevant. My Catholic University… who knows? Maybe this stuff is more of a problem HERE. I would like to know if the Catholic-affiliated schools in the Philippines, the Americas and Europe are still operating…

  46. UncleBucky says:

    I’d like to see Pope Rat try that on for size. Not to torture him, but rather to contemplate the many people who were tortured by his predecessors. Man!!!

  47. Indigo says:

    The art market would collapse if they sold off. You could have an ancient statue of whoever in the back yard next to the pool for no more than the cost of a tour of China.

  48. UncleBucky says:

    Sell the Vatican. Put a ReMaxxx sign out in front. I am SURE that some clever developers would find a way to condo-ize the Papal apartment. I am afraid that in the last 10 years, the RCC has shot themselves in the foot in the race back to the Middle Ages.

  49. Fritz says:

    I know that in California they have land that they have just been sitting on for a couple of centuries. If there is land in your community that is just going to waste and no one knows who owns it, check the records and you’ll probably find it is owned by the Catholic Church. Also, check out the deplorable state of most Catholic-owned cemeteries. They allow them to crumble away.

  50. nicho says:

    Well, maybe if they weren’t spending all that money trying to take away my civil and human rights, they could pay for the crimes of the rapists and their enablers. As long as Bernard Law still has a cushy job and a position of honor in the Vatican, screw them. I won’t even donate to my Catholic alma mater.

  51. samiinh says:

    I, for one, truly believe this has been going on for centuries. The RCC is an evil corrupt institution, responsible for the deaths and suffering of millions.

  52. Hey, if I’m wearing $10,000 gold lamé dress, how can I afford to pay my vict- um, er, those poor souls?

  53. HereinDC says:

    They have a lot of property around the Annapolis, MD area.

  54. henrythefifth says:

    When has the Church ever fessed up or taken responsibility for anything? Their crimes go back hundreds of years. Just google “Heretic’s Fork.”

  55. HereinDC says:

    The VERY first time I walked into St. Peter’s Basilica…..I KNEW right then, where the Sunday collection plate money went. St. Peter’s Basilica was built in the 1500’s …and I SWEAR….you would of thought that church was just built….. EVERYTHING looked brand new. The Catholic Church has the money….. I wouldn’t give A DIME…and you’re a fool if you give a penny to the Catholic Church.

  56. Tod Westlake says:

    The Catholic Church should be prosecuted under the RICO statute. Truly disgusting.

  57. bkmn says:

    The Catholic Church has Billions of dollars worth of property in every major metropolitan area not to mention is in possession of numerous priceless works of art. Perhaps they should liquidate some of that (and get some of that property back on the tax rolls) before they go begging to pay for what they could have stopped in its tracks.

  58. S1AMER says:

    Some days I wish I wasn’t an atheist, ’cause then I could foresee some people end up with the eternal hellfile and damnation they so richly deserve.

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