Glenn Beck ducks WWE interview, staff gets snippy with reporter (video)

Who could have guessed that behind all that bravado Glenn Beck is a big chicken?  Oh that’s right, every one of you.  It seems that Beck took on the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) last week, calling them “stupid wrestling people” for having a wrestling duo that claim to be Tea Party Patriots.

As we reported yesterday, the wrestling pair in question, Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger, posted a pretty good video response to Beck.

Today it gets better.  It seems the WWE sent a reporter to interview Glenn Beck at Beck’s studio, since he chickened out of their offer to come on their network and explain why he thinks they’re “stupid wrestling people.”  And Beck’s people were none too pleased that WWE was asking for an interview.

From the WWE reporter in the video below:


The WWE made Glenn Beck cry.

“You’d think that if Mr. Beck had such inflammatory comments to say about our product, that he’d be willing to come out here and at least do a one-on-one interview…. What I find hard to believe is that a man with such outspoken views, it is extremely difficult to get that man to come out and talk with us about those views.”

Oh, we don’t find it hard to believe at all.  This is how most Republican bullies act.  They’re all tough-guy, until you stand up to them and give them a taste of their own medicine.  Then, suddenly, they’re not so tough anymore.  Maybe is this why so many Republicans are so desperate to buy guns – cuz at heart they’re a bunch of wimps.

The WWE reporter notes that “security came down, asked us to leave, we refused to.”

Beck’s “security,” btw, looked (and sounded) barely old enough to shave.

Glenn Beck's vewy vewy scawy security guy telling the WWE reporter to leave.

Glenn Beck’s vewy vewy scawy security guy telling the WWE reporter to leave.

After the WWE reporter refused to leave without an interview, Beck’s people asked the WWE reporter if he had a “permit” to be on the premises of Beck’s office asking for an interview.  Then the owner of Beck’s studio came down and told the WWE reporter that he was “trespassing.”

For all of Beck’s on-air bluster, his “security” and “owner” weren’t exactly the scariest tag-team in the world.

Here’s WWE’s video of the attempt to get the interview with Beck.  They’re clearly loving this. And, ironically, pulling out all the Fox News tactics of dropping in unannounced in an effort to embarrass.

Seems stupid wrestling people got balls. More than you can say for Glenn Beck.

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