Funny or Die: The Sequester (video)

Probably not too far off from the truth, but after crying “wolf” for so many years, should we be surprised?

How many emergencies can anyone be expected to absorb when they come one after another?

Besides even budget issues, we’ve gone from 9/11 to war to even more war, to nearly a Depression.

So even though the sequester will be bad news, maybe Washington has gone down the crisis path one too many times.

The Sequester Explained – watch more funny videos

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2 Responses to “Funny or Die: The Sequester (video)”

  1. baslbeast says:

    The fake WH Press Secretary actually delivering truthful and honest information might beat that.

  2. JozefAL says:

    And the truly worst thing about the video? Those fake reporters were asking MORE intelligent questions than most of the “real” reporters bother asking.

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