Fox News: Solar only works in Germany because it gets more sunlight than US (false)

From the network that brought you WMD in Iraq, we learn that sure, solar power works in wacky places like Germany, but it would never work in the US because the Germans, bronze gods that they are, get far more sunlight than gloomy, cold, rainy America.  (Spoiler alert: It’s a lie.)

Anyone who has either lived in Europe, or spent time outside of the Mediterranean parts of Europe, knows that sunshine over here happens, but it’s hardly a daily occurrence.  Especially in northern Europe.  There’s a reason the Germans go to Greece for summer vacation, and not the other way around.

My weekend music posts often include me grumbling about the lousy weather over here. It’s even less sunny here than it was during my years in cloudy and gray Columbus, Ohio. To suggest that Germany has more sunshine than the US is laughable, but Fox always counts on the idiot factor from their viewers. Even then, their viewing numbers are in decline.

How could anyone think that Germany has more sun than the US, where we have sunny states such as Florida, Arizona? (And don’t rely on my anecdotes, check out the map below.) The Fox News guest really misses the mark in a way that only can be experienced on Fox News:

Joshi’s jaw-dropping response: “They’re a smaller country, and they’ve got lots of sun. Right? They’ve got a lot more sun than we do.” In case that wasn’t clear enough for some viewers, Joshi went on: “The problem is it’s a cloudy day and it’s raining, you’re not gonna have it.” Sure, California might get sun now and then, Joshi conceded, “but here on the East Coast, it’s just not going to work.”

And for those wondering about the real world differences for sun in the US compared to Germany, Media Matters has a helpful map to clear up any confusion (below).

US sunlight vs. Germany, map by NRE.

US sunlight vs. Germany, map by NRE.

This is a map of solar power potential — i.e., it’s a map of how much sunlight the US gets and how much Germany gets — you’ll note that Germany is worse than the entire US, other than Alaska and Seattle.  Media Matters does note that while Germany has far less potential than the US for solar energy, Germany leads the world in solar power production.  In other words, it’s not because they get more sunlight.  Heck, even Alaska gets more sunlight than Germany!

So yes, Germany has much more sun, if you’re Marco Rubio and your pretty little balding head gets all befuddled by science:

And since Fox wants to badmouth subsidies to the solar industry, what about the billions every year to Big Oil?

The oil industry has been around for over a century, so it strikes me as odd that Fox is okay with propping up Big Oil, but howls after a few failures with the US solar industry investments. Oil is a path to nowhere since it’s becoming more expensive to drill and has a limited supply.

Call me after 100 years of solar subsidies and then start complaining. but until then, give it a rest, Fox.  (Then again, Fox is simply looking after the GOP corporate masters, as it always does.)

An American in Paris, France. BA in History & Political Science from Ohio State. Provided consulting services to US software startups, launching new business overseas that have both IPO’d and sold to well-known global software companies. Currently launching a new cloud-based startup. Full bio here.

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120 Responses to “Fox News: Solar only works in Germany because it gets more sunlight than US (false)”

  1. Bluto says:

    Well, when you put it that way. I guess they’re both absolutely right.

  2. b l says:

    Jimmy, you are uninformed in the EXTREME.
    Yes, Germany subsidizes solar power.
    More… oh, heck, just google it.
    And trickle down “debunked”? Are you kidding? How do you think I make a living? Wealthy people pay me.
    Yes, Solar Power in the US has Republican friends. Those are the people actually DOING it, instead of taking your money and wasting it.

    You are so far off the mark in so many ways… wait… are you really Jay Carney?

  3. Jimmy Lin says:

    1. No, Germany did not subsidize ANY solar power production, and not all of Germany’s investments were foolproof. Some solar power companies did not actually meet the standards. Also Germany’s success with solar is because their government actually works together to achieve a goal instead of one party clinging desperately on to power with debunked faulty policies such as the Trickle Down Economics.

    2. Republicans have solar power friends? Yeah sure, with their anti-clean energy policies, I am sure they got lots of solar buddies.

    Poor analysis can be easily identified when someone change around events to suit their talking point or worldview instead of forming opinions based on the actual events that happened.

  4. I love how many times the doucher mentions NatGas – the industry sponsored buzzword of the week for Fox. Great article at absurdpuppets on how Google has perfected search with Steve Doocy from Fox & Friends

  5. Brent says:

    Some peoples brains OBVIOUSLY have been out in the sun too long.

  6. b l says:

    THAT Is the real issue. Why does it work in Germany and not in the US?
    Because in Germany, they don’t have the Obama Kleptocracy that looks only to fleece money from the nation and pass it to cronies. In Germany, instead of passing money to cronies, the system is set up to subsidize ANY solar power production. (Production, not “studies”.) But we would never do that… it might reward people who aren’t friends of Democrats!

  7. b l says:

    CNN claims global warming can cause asteroids to fall. Yup. As per Deborah Feyerick.
    oh, but Fox is stupid.

  8. DesertSun59 says:

    Science is hard.

    And Fox News is there to make that very clear.

  9. mike31c says:

    I am sure the lemmings who continue to watch faux news will believe this lie too.

  10. karmanot says:

    That’s why daylight saving’s time is so evil.

  11. karmanot says:

    Velveeta and not Brie

  12. *ahem* Sarcasm >_>;

  13. Did you watch the entire video? The
    Germany comment was the very last and very short. The point is that, for
    whatever reason, the solar companies that Obama has chosen to throw tax payer
    dollars to have failed, that money is gone and in the case of Solyndra, the
    executives took HUGE bonuses when they knew that the company was going down.
    The biggest problem is what she said, China produces solar panels cheaper and
    we can’t compete. Period. Our solar companies in the US believe it has
    new technology to produce the panels cheaper. We’ll see. They also got
    Obama money, but now they have Japanese investors. The other problem that she
    was trying to articulate, not very successfully, is that the USA is a BIG
    country, with different climates, and so it is much more difficult to come up
    with a solar solution than it is in Germany, which is a TINY country by

  14. Bub says:

    And what do you do when someone turns the sunlight off? What then? Your investment in solar is all wasted.

  15. SeeChao says:

    “you’ll note that Germany is worse than the entire US, other than Alaska and Seattle.”, “Heck, even Alaska gets more sunlight than Germany!” Which is it?

  16. Bub says:

    Okay, I’m a geography major. I would have known that this lady was wrongway nelson wrong back when I was 7 years old (when i got my first atlas).

    Munich, the southernmost city in Germany is about at the same latitude as Seattle. That means 90% of Germany is farther north from the equator than the 48 contiguous United States and of course Hawaii – which means it would get less solar radiation than nations farther south. To drive home the point, Rome, which is in Europe’s southern Sun belt is at the same latitude as Chicago, a still decidedly northern city.

    Also, Most of Europe is a “West Coast” climate (most of North America is an East Coast Climate) – meaning Europe gets moist winds off the Atlantic that form cloud cover – further reducing Germany’s receipt of solar radiation from the sun.

    This is so fundamentally simple – all you have to do is look at a map or a globe in the grade school library – that I can’t believe she knows what she is talking about on any level on any subject. The lady is an absolute idiot or liar or probably both. She is guilty of journalistic slander – knowingly or should have known dissemination of an untruth to the public.

    Of course she didn’t have to look at a map – she could have just watched several episodes of Hogan’s Heroes, or any World War II movie to see that Europe doesn’t get a lot of solar radiation. Staillog 17 or the Great Escape, for instance.

    These people at Fox are all duntzes. Pure idiots.

  17. Moderator3 says:

    I looked in the deleted files. There was nothing from you in the last two weeks.

  18. Chicago2 says:

    Obama should make it mandatory that every house in the US should have a solar panel that feeds into the system to provide a wealth of affordable energy for everyone!

  19. Dueche says:

    Why was my comment deleted? Do an overlay of Germany to the US. Then talk about surface area to kWh per square mile.

  20. silas1898 says:

    My bad. Daylight hours yes. Total wattage no.

  21. Dueche says:

    Now overlay that map of germany on the US. It covers what, maybe a portion of Texas?

  22. Drew2u says:

    Hey Chris, is there any way of finding out a few statistics for the past 15-20 years between America and the EU (or individual country equivalents):

    Amount of oil/gas used and price per capita?

    Amount per year of an average cell phone bill and equivalent usage rates?

    Some common medicine or surgical procedure performed and its cost, as well as wait-listing and recuperation? Maybe childbirth, as well?

    Average medical, sick, vacation, and other paid leave?

    Cost of living rate versus percentage of population above/below that line, and CoL versus Minimum Wage?

  23. IonOtter says:

    Well, at least they’re consistent? Consistently braindead, maybe, but still consistent!

  24. Chris says:

    And to be honest, you want the shortest distance from production of energy to utilisation of energy because the longer the distance the more inefficient it is.

  25. Mary says:

    It’s even more embarrassing when you realize that Germany is a out the size of Montana… When solar became popular it got heavily subsidized while the US was busy ignoring the power of solar power. That’s why we’re behind now and tiny Germany has way surpassed us.

  26. karmanot says:

    Thank you

  27. karmanot says:

    And they evaporate!

  28. sunmusing says:

    Actually I’m a big fan of SOHO and SDO…I visit their sites on a regular basis…fascinating stuff…

  29. And daylight savings fades the curtains.

  30. Dawija says:

    Yes, that’s all I was thinking about during their retarded converstaion

  31. Dawija says:

    That chick looks a mixture between Olivia Munn and Kristen Bell

  32. She is married to Rahul Advani, a principal for energy investments at Energy Capital Partners in Short Hills, New Jersey

    Energy Capital Partners is a private equity firm dedicated to investing in North America’s energy infrastructure. … owns three natural gas fields

  33. Well to be honest batteries aren’t very efficient at storing and moving electricity.

  34. So did you just copy and paste the (much better) article from Slate?

  35. Atros says:

    *ahem* Transmission lines.

  36. crummett says:

    That would be “power transmission LIES.” Fixed!

  37. Void678 says:

    Hard for solar to work with their heads buried in the sand

  38. I assume you’re joking. But just in case….

    The sun is constructed of a large Hydrogen and Helium mass. In the case of extreme compression, the hydrogen particles closer to the center of the core are bonded together by gravitational and the pressure from all of the other Hydrogen particles above. The result, is a Helium particle. You may have noticed the Helium particle is much lighter than the Hydrogen particle. That is because during the bonding, the mass lost is converted into energy (light in all its wavelengths) and all the X, Gamma, Alpha, Beta, Infrared, Visible, Radio, UV and Micro Waves are emitted.

    Source: 8th Grade Science (Australia)

  39. *ahem* Batteries.

  40. Stratplayer says:

    And it generates sunlight where there was none before!

  41. Stratplayer says:

    Tua culpa. ;-)

  42. melbach007 says:

    Germany has much more oil and natural gas also.

  43. My folks used to hang up laundry on lines stretched between the walls of the garage, which got warm enough underneath the Southern Californian sun, but it was definitely not nearly as fast as full sun. Don’t have much of a choice now, in my dinky little place. Maybe I should get those travel shirts that you can wash in the sink and drip-dry in about ten seconds.

  44. LJay says:

    I use a plug-and-play solar kit for my phone. The thing saved my LIFE when I was lost in NYC – I was always on my phone using the GPS…

  45. Ron Morris says:

    Remember Murphy’s Law of Nudism:

    The uglier a person is, the more likely he/she is to rip off all his/her clothing.

  46. Houndentenor says:

    It is amazing how different the weather is from one side of the Pyranees to the other. It’s like skipping from Seattle to southern California to cross from France into Spain.

  47. Houndentenor says:

    No one is saying that we should get power from only one source. Why would anyone think such a thing? Why can’t we get some from solar, some from wind, some tidal, some other sources too? Solar is better in some areas than others. The same goes for wind. As my students say…”duh”.

  48. Houndentenor says:

    It’s probably all the hair bleach. Almost all the women on Fox have heavily bleached “blonde” hair.

  49. Houndentenor says:

    LOL. I have lived in a number of cities and one of those was Wiesbaden, Germany (for about six months). Germany most certainly does not get more sun than most of the US. I’d say much of Germany is not unlike Seattle in terms of the percentage of cloudy days. It’s should be that hard to check such information. I’m amazed at how often Fox News just makes crap like this up and presents it as “news”.

  50. Leigha7 says:

    Even if hanging your laundry up is legal, some people can’t do it. That’s one of the first things they tell you to stop doing to lessen allergy suffering.

    Of course, no one says you can’t hang it up INSIDE if you have the space.

  51. pi says:

    as a german expat in california: bahaha!
    i know it’s fox, but still: how can an expert on the subject (!) on national television (!!) be so uninformed?!
    in germany’s winter chances are good that the sun won’t be seen even once from november until march.
    and still the government subsidised the installation of solar panels – even for private households. they can be seen on the roofs of many privat houses now. the energy they produce is fed into the power supply system and the private owners get paid for that. of course it’s an investment that does not pay off immediately (well, that’s the nature of any investment after all), and the efficiency of this power source compared to other sources surely is debatable. but in the very long term humankind has no choice but to invest in renewable energy.

  52. z34L0T says:

    This is not a matter of ignorance. Yes, they’ve been to Europe. Yes, they know what they’re saying isn’t true. This is a matter of blatant misinformation. Look deeper. Shibani Joshi’s (the ‘expert commentator’ in the video) husband works for Energy Capital Partners, which is a private equity firm with extensive investments in the natural gas sector. Fox and the corporate carbon fuel regime are bff’s–spouses, actually.

  53. Hi69 says:

    The party of stupid’s propaganda arm is stupid? No way.

  54. karmanot says:

    When the seas are mooned.

  55. karmanot says:

    Well, maybe the shorter growing hours explain why German tourists stampede at all-you-can-eat buffet lines when on holiday in Spain, Italy and Greece.

  56. bklyntoabq says:

    Our neighbor here in New Mexico installed solar panels two years ago. With subsidies, it wound up costing him around $16,000. The power company buys his excess output, and he now gets a check from THEM every month.

  57. karmanot says:

    I’m not keen on sky rodents either.

  58. karmanot says:

    And curtains! Don’t forget curtains!

  59. karmanot says:

    I carry a taser.

  60. karmanot says:

    Not to mention over stuffed glumkies.

  61. karmanot says:

    “How can the hosts be so stupid” Well, because Barbie dolls are manufactured without lady parts and brains. Same goes for Ken.

  62. karmanot says:

    “power transmission lines.” OMG! That explains Republicans.

  63. Joshua Ian says:

    I still remember seeing a big coal bought billboard claiming in big scary letters :

    The sun sets. Wind stops blowing.

    I thought, hey, yeah, they really have a point. Those resources are FAR less renewable than burning the fossilized remains of dinosaurs.

  64. jamie121 says:

    And plus, you can’t transport electricity! It evaporates!

  65. Bazmac says:

    Sorry, false. Incoming solar radiation is also a function of latitude.

  66. ComradeRutherford says:

    My dad in Vermont just put in a small solar array and his favorite pastime now is watching his electric meter spin backwards as he adds electricity to the New England power grid.

  67. Z!lla says:

    options are not facts, please do your research before opening your mouth.

  68. Stratplayer says:

    Willkommen im sonnigen Deutschland!

  69. silas1898 says:

    Are these clothes hanging bans done by the government or by homeowner’s associations?
    I live in a condo where that is banned, but the township has no regs about it.

    There’s too many birds here anyway.

  70. There were plans to do that back in the 1970s in the Four Corners area of the US that get nearly 365 days of sunlight a year, and would have provided enough 24-hour electricity to power the entire country. It would be cheap and clean energy. But then a lot of power companies, gas producers, and coal producers would lose their iron grip on our hard-earned dollars.

  71. silas1898 says:

    It certainly looks legit. They also have LOTS of US flags.

  72. emjayay says:

    Due diligence? In this case common knowledge available off the top of the head of the average middle schooler.

  73. silas1898 says:

    On an annual basis, every place on Earth receives the exact same amount of daylighht.
    The difference is the amount of cloud cover, and ambient temperature.
    Faux News Faux Science

  74. emjayay says:

    I have a $20 one in my car, and it does trickle a measurable amount of electons on cloudy days. Light is light, even when there’s less of it.

  75. emjayay says:

    But the men have suits and ties on and the women have such expensive hairdo’s.

  76. Rick Termath says:

    Certainly not fox news they have never cared about science, hell half of fox news believes that science is evil and the work of the devil.

  77. BeccaM says:

    Exactly. It’s not like, “OMG, we never thought of that, guess we shouldn’t bother trying to depend on solar and wind because they don’t run 24/7.” It was known to be an additional engineering challenge for decades, and there are all kinds of ways to store energy for later use.

    Batteries, heat mass (including the solar concentrator you mentioned), compressed air, pumped water + gravity, and lots more things we clever hominids can invent.

  78. Indigo says:

    “. . . something as easily corrected . . . ”

    It would be good to have the edit option back.

  79. Indigo says:

    I understand. It makes sense that they would think something as obviously corrected by mere observation because the Fox commentators have their heads where the sun don’t shine anyhow.

  80. BeccaM says:

    Answer: Because many if not most of those professional deniers are being paid by the carbon industries to spread those lies.

  81. BeccaM says:

    In the case of these Fox News dinks and their audience, the sheep never look up* and cannot conceive of power transmission lines.

    (* = With a tip of the hat to the prescient John Brunner)

  82. BeccaM says:

    A good friend of ours living in the San Jose, CA area installed four standard panels on his roof several years back — I think around 2007. His produce power on cloudy days as well, just not as much.

    Funny thing is he’s now kicking himself for installing four because three would’ve produced enough power across the year for him not to get any electricity bill other than the meter fee.

  83. BeccaM says:

    That’s the rub, isn’t it? The Fox News watchers aren’t just ignorant on basic, verifiable objective facts, they’re being deliberately and aggressively misinformed.

  84. Naja pallida says:

    To answer your initial question posed… because they hire bobble-headed news actors, not reporters. They have no research department. No fact checking department. Their shows are intended as nothing more than an open platform for right-wing ideologues to have a safe place to spew their nonsense entirely unopposed, because they know going on any other network, they would actually have to answer questions and possibly face a modicum of scrutiny. By pretending to be a business or news organization, they lend those ideologues some form of credibility, which dupes the gullible people who watch them into supporting their absurd notions… because, after all, how could they possibly put it on the TV machine if it wasn’t true?

  85. BeccaM says:

    We expected anything else from Faux News?

    This is like the days in years past when we used to laugh about the ‘news’ (aka, propaganda) being published in the USSR’s Pravda.

  86. BeccaM says:

    Explanation: When one is paid to be stupid and to spread lies to support a particular corporate and/or political agenda…

    And yes, it’s utter rubbish to assert that solar and other alternative energy technologies have been ‘a bust’ when we haven’t even truly given them a try. The Germans decided, “Hey, we’re going to put solar panels on as many roofs as possible, even though it will be a little bit expensive in the short term, in the long term it will truly pay off.”

    The other thing driving the stupidity on this side of the big pond is we Americans are increasingly incapable of long-term planning and action.

  87. emjayay says:

    The 80’s was before global warming, which although it does not exist execept in the minds of some East Anglia so called professors, has turned Germany into Arizona.

  88. emjayay says:

    Also, cabbage. And sourkraut, made of….cabbage.

  89. nicho says:

    The Foxies will believe anything the flickering box tells them, so Fox can lie with impunity. One day in the doctor’s office, I heard an old lady explaining very earnestly how Mitt Romney had given all his money away years ago — and then started over with nothing. She heard it on Fox.

  90. nicho says:

    Mine function on cloudy days — not as much power generated, but you do get quite a bit.

  91. nicho says:

    Well, we already have power plants. If we can reduce consumption significantly, we can avoid building more or even take some offline. I put in solar three years ago. Right now, my consumption off the grid is less than 20 percent what it was three years ago. If enough people did that, we could take some of these ancient reactors offline — especially, in CA, the ones built on top of fault lines. Kind of nice on my pocketbook too.

  92. Jonathan_Justice says:

    The night time thing is no longer an issue. The molten salt solar concentrator schemes on line in Spain now, and to go on line in California this year address that issue directly, producing power as needed 24/7. More broadly the University of Delaware study models a regional system that produces the needed power at a lower price than the energy + externalities cost we presently face. They do it by building some storage and lots of overcapacity in the wind side of a wind + solar + rarely turned on natural gas generation system. Out past the blather, it is power systems that deliver electricity to regions, nations, and planets, not any one power generator. We do not presently rely on a single generation mode, and it is unlikely that we will do so in the future either.

  93. scottdedalus says:

    Are you kidding me? I was stationed with my dad at an airbase in Germany during the early 80’s, and it rained every single day one time for 40 consecutive freaking days! The Germans would be heartened to know how sunny their country is – now millions of them don’t have to make expensive vacation trips to Spain, Italy, and Greece every year……

  94. samizdat says:

    This is indicative of the utter fear which has pierced the hearts of the various carbon-extractive industries around the globe. This is what they fear, amongst others:, and this, too, from that bastion of green advocacy (s/), The Wall Street Journal, just in case one doesn’t believe the first link ;) :

    Falling profits and loss of market share to wind, solarPV, solar water heating (residential and commercial), solar thermal w/molten salt storage, are viable, real-world, in operation, and have effectively proven the so-called alternative energy market to be powerful forces in the energy market. When billions per year, and Trillions in future profits are in danger of being shifted to solar, etc., and wind, you can guarantee that these supranationals are shaking in their goose-stepping boots.

  95. samizdat says:

    Your panels must be the cadmium telluride variant. Most (as I recall; mea culpa if I’m incorrect) simply do not function without direct sunlight.

    Having said that, solar PV has come a long way in just five years, and it’s difficult to keep up with all of the innovation.

  96. emjayay says:

    Using oh I dunno about half the electricity we do now by a few years from now, which no doubt could be accomplished using a whole lot of different ways, would be an easy start on the CO2 stuff. Forbidding local regulations which don’t allow hanging up your laundry in your back yard would be a start! Yeah, that exists in the Southwest, where a lot of the time you can practically start taking down the first item by the time you get the last one from the load of laundry up on the line. Yes, I know that’s a teeny piece of the puzzle, just a particularly ridiculous one.

    They use a water storage system involving pumping at the Niagara Falls generating facility built in the late 50’s, but then it’s hydro to begin with.

  97. Guest says:

    Besides which, stupids, you get power from your solar panels even on cloudy days. I know. I have them and I do.

  98. emjayay says:

    Never thought of that, but of course. There’s probably a million more. Too bad I don’t teach geography in middle school – I’m seeing the beginning of an excellent unit.

  99. pburns says:

    Nobody ever suggested that other sources would be done away with, at least not in the forseeable future. What we can do is limit these expensive sources of great amounts of pollution to a bear minimum.

  100. HELP>..the STUPID it BURNS!!!!!

  101. UncleBucky says:

    The god Thor is failing them thar Fauxites.

  102. UncleBucky says:

    WTF? “Faux Noise” doesn’t go the facts (easily available) and do the due diligence?

    Oh. Wait. yeah, that’s Fox News. It figures. They are allergic to sciencifically gathered facts and data.

  103. Stev84 says:

    The nighttime thing is actually an issue. While power consumption at night is lower you still need to have conventional power plants for that. It can’t be coal plants because they can’t just be switched on and off at short notice. That means nuclear (which Germany is phasing out) or expensive gas plants (though given the low US gas prices, that’s probably not an issue there).

  104. hollywoodstein says:

    Same reason they are know for their white wine not red.

  105. pattyp says:

    And eclipses. Don’t forget eclipses.

  106. LosGatosCA says:

    Fucking magnets – how do they work?

    Ignoramuses and proud of it.

  107. Dave of the Jungle says:

    Germany has a climate like the Pacific Northwest. Lots of dismal overcast days and snow. Ridiculous.

  108. emjayay says:

    I realise that Fox News ideologically driven stupidity is nothing new, but how does the woman from Fox Business manage to be so uninformed? How can the hosts be so stupid as to not question the obviously wrong stuff she was spouting? Her whole testimony was fact-free. I don’t think subsidising particular companies is on the face of it a good idea myself. I’d be more for spending on research and general kilowatt subsidies for clean energy and a ratcheting upward carbon tax. But she implied that all that solar stuff has been a complete bust and has done nothing, which is contrary to fact. A much greater supply of natural gas because of fracking has lowered the price and indeed natual gas is cleaner and emits less carbon dioxide. I’m sure the business lady would be the first to bemoan the horrible unfair to business economic impact of regulations on CO2 and mercury and particulate emissions that would end the use of coal in the US quickly in favor of gas and solar and wind. And what about Germany being smaller makes solar better there anyway? And do these morons think it isn’t subsidised there?

    The purported business expert lady looks like someone who can afford a European vacation. Has she ever been there? Maybe she went to northern Europe during a rare sunny week or two in the summer and noticed the sun setting at 10pm and thought it worked that way year round.

    And seriously, an average third grader would be able to figure out that Germany for instance doesn’t get more sun than the US without even spending a few seconds on the internet finding a colorful map.Why is a traditional German salad beets and onions and cucumbers? Why is tradititional German bread rye not wheat? Because those crops can grow in shorter growing seasons with less sunshine. Take a globe and a flashlight, kids. Compare the angle of the beam between Germany and the US. See? Which country would get less energy per square meter with even the same number of sunny days?

  109. unrepentant_expat says:

    When I think of going for an early summer romp through a German nudist colony, I get goose bumps.

  110. unrepentant_expat says:

    So many just don’t subscribe to Fox News but sign a suicide pact as well.

  111. sara says:

    Global warming will not happen because of more or less sun but because heat is trapped down here…

  112. Yael says:

    For the record, the renderings might be skewed a little by the progression of global warming in the decade/ decade-and-a-half that passed between the German and the US data. Not that I don’t agree.

  113. hollywoodstein says:

    Besides solar can’t work because there are clouds, and nighttime, and stuff.

  114. hollywoodstein says:

    And the tides…nobody can explain the tides.

  115. “Sure, California might get sun now and then, Joshi conceded, “but here on the East Coast, it’s just not going to work.”

    California and the East Coast are our only two choices? So, everything between the Rockies and the Appalachians is one black, unending night? It would explain a few things.

  116. sunmusing says:

    The Sun is hot….who can ‘splain it?

  117. hollywoodstein says:

    Always puzzled me why the climate deniers think scientists are pushing a false lefty green agenda in order to cash in on all of that supposed grant money for research, without ever thinking that maybe the carbon industries that make tens of billions of dollars of obscene profits every quarter might be better paymasters to align oneself with.
    Will wonders never cease.

  118. hollywoodstein says:

    The corporate protection racket at work.

  119. God wants solar power to work in germany and not the US. Silly.

  120. S1AMER says:

    I suppose someone could try to explain the power of the Sun at different latitudes, and that Germany is farther North than most of the USA, and … and … nah, why bother with little things like “facts” and “science” and such.

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