Ed Asner narrates “Tax the Rich: An animated fairy tale”

This is rather well done. In this video, Ed Asner comes to the same conclusion as many of us, and asks: Can we not tax the rich?

For my own take, see here on America’s a “billionaire problem”. But I’m not alone. Note also that the video doesn’t talk about “Republican politicians” and their role in enabling the rich; he talks about “politicians” — meaning all of them.

In my view, the only way out of this mess is two-fold:

■ Force the wealthy to pay Nixon- or Kennedy-era income taxes.
■ Recognize that the Neoliberal Democratic agenda is as “free-trade” and pro-billionaire as the Movement Conservative Republican one.

We must do both of the above — tax the rich and unbedazzle ourselves. If progressives continue to walk around with stars in their eyes — Obama stars — and fail to recognize that, for example, Simpson and Bowles, ringleaders of Fix the Debt, are Obama-appointed and Obama surrogates, we can never lead the charge against everything the video rails against.

This is a very smart piece. Watch:

Offered for your unbedazzled amusement.

By the way, Ed Asner is the deliverer of some of the best lines on TV, and he has a moral center. From the pilot of the Mary Tyler Moore Show (Asner as “Lou Grant”):

Grant: You know what? You’ve got spunk!
Mary: Well, yes …
Grant: I hate spunk.

Now that’s writing.


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3 Responses to “Ed Asner narrates “Tax the Rich: An animated fairy tale””

  1. Wayne Dyer says:

    Channeling Edward Everett Horton from Jay Ward’s Fractured Fairy Tales. If this only had some June Foray and Paul Frees. (Frees is dead, let’s get Maurice Lamarche…)

  2. Naja pallida says:

    I think you got it reversed. Wall Street wants to gamble recklessly, and government just does whatever Wall Street tells them to do.

    The reason why we’ve had probably the worst economic recovery from a recession in the history of this nation is because we’re trying a top-down strategy at the behest of Wall Street, when historically, we’ve always worked from the bottom up – helping real people first, with the helping Wall Street a distant after thought.

  3. guest1 says:

    What if the 1 percent wasn’t bailed out, I blame government more than wallstreet, wallstreet just did what they were told.

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