Will Harry Reid kill real filibuster reform? Vote is tomorrow, January 22.

It looks like the real reason we may not get real filibuster reform — the Merkley–Udall reform proposal — is Democrat Harry Reid. See the Politico article quoted below for the evidence.

But first, let that sink in. Senate Majority Leader and Democrat Harry Reid is reportedly working to preserve the Republicans` ability to f*ck up the new Senate, just like they did the old one. Your Democrats in action.

Action Opportunity — Call today and tomorrow

This is a tight, focused action opportunity. The Senate vote is tomorrow (January 22).

Despite the fact that today is MLK Day, we should be calling Harry Reid`s office today and tomorrow (early morning EST):

Harry Reid:
(202) 224-3542

Reid also has four Nevada offices, all with phones. If you call:

  1. Tell him (politely) to act like a Democrat instead of a Beltway insider & Mitch McConnell`s virtual golfing buddy.
  2. Tell him to support the Merkley–Udall proposal and nothing less.
  3. Say if he doesn`t get real filibuster reform passed in the Senate, he owns the silent filibuster for the next two years. Every Republican obstruction will be his obstruction as well.

Let`s give him naming rights if he fails us like he did two years ago. The Senator Harry Reid Silent Filibuster™, brought to you by Senator Harry Reid, the Republicans` new best friend in the Senate.

Other Dem senators who may be wavering:

Baucus Max MT D (202) 224-2651
Boxer Barbara CA D (202) 224-3553
Feinstein Dianne CA D (202) 224-3841
Heitkamp Heidi ND D (202) 224-2043
Hirono Mazie HI D (202) 224-6361
Leahy Patrick VT D (202) 224-4242
Reed Jack RI D (202) 224-4642

Make the call, please. Today and tomorrow early (EST). Make several. I`d be shocked if the folks in the $800 suits [so wrong; see immediately below] hit the chambers anytime before 10 or 11am — gotta have time for those lobbyist breakfasts and all. [Update: Man, was I wrong about those suits. Make that $4000 each, starting price. Thanks, VJBinCT.]


The evidence

Here`s the Politico piece, my emphasis and some reparagraphing):

Harry Reid seeks middle path on filibuster

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) doesn’t plan to advance a “talking filibuster” proposal envisioned by liberals who want sweeping changes to the stodgy Senate. …

The contents of a filibuster reform package are not yet finalized, sources say, and Reid is still trying to cut a bipartisan deal with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to avert a partisan showdown on the floor next week.

But Reid seems to have discarded one of the more far-reaching proposals sought by liberals — forcing senators to actually carry out a filibuster — because of fears that the plan would effectively kill the potent delaying tactic used frequently by the minority party.

Reid is a rat if he kills real filibuster reform. And the whole next Senate is his fault. Feel free to say I said so.


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