Whole Foods founder and CEO says Obamacare is fascism

UPDATE: Whole Foods CEO John Mackey has just retracted his accusation that President Obama’s health care reform is “fascism.”  Which is interesting, since he also retracted his comparison of Obamacare to “socialism” a while back.  Just how many retractions does Whole Foods get before progressives wake up to the fact that these are not nice people?

Why does anyone shop at Whole Foods anymore?

We should have learned our lesson a few years ago when Whole Foods founder and co-CEO John Mackey declared Obamacare to be “socialism.”  He also went off about how Canada’s health care system is just terrible, with rationing etc – which contradicts everything I’ve ever heard from Canadians (and Americans who have moved to Canada) about their health care system.  They seem to love it.

Then again, I learned long ago not to trust an American who uses the word “socialism.”   It’s code for someone who doesn’t really understand the thing he’s talking about, nor socialism itself.  Same goes for Americans who use the word “fascism.”  It used to be used by the far left to describe any Republican proposal they didn’t like, but now it’s used by mainstream Republicans (along with “socialism”) to describe any Democratic proposal that they don’t like.  The difference being that in Democratic circles, it was only the fringes that talked this way.  In the GOP, it’s their presidential candidates.

Whole FoodsFast forward to this week, when Whole Food’s John Mackey opened his big mouth again, and this time opined about – wait for it – fascism and President Obama.  Perfectly timed to go with the NRA’s collective aneurism over the fact that someone wants to even discuss the possibility that guns actually do kill people, especially young ones.

Now, keep in mind, the last time Mackey put his foot in it, Whole Foods tried to blame it on the Wall Street Journal.  Well, this time the guy used the word “fascism” himself, so I wonder how Whole Foods is going to try to wriggle out of this mess now.


When Inskeep asks him if he still thinks the health law is a form of socialism, as he’s said before, Mackey responds:

Technically speaking, it’s more like fascism. Socialism is where the government owns the means of production. In fascism, the government doesn’t own the means of production, but they do control it — and that’s what’s happening with our health care programs and these reforms.”

Technically speaking, you’re kind of an idiot.

The government controls, aka regulates, a lot of things in our lives, from food safety to drugs.  And is all of that fascism?

Is it fascism that the government is trying to make health care affordable?

And is it fascism that the government is trying to improve the actual coverage that we get?

Because I have to tell you, if that’s fascism, it’s sounding awfully good to a lot of us who have under-par insurance (in my case, BCBS offers me lousy prescription drug coverage, so I go to Europe and buy the same drugs, produced by the same drug companies, for 1/5 of what they charge Americans).

If this is fascism, helping me make sure that I can afford to keep my asthma under control, rather than waking up in the middle of the night and choking to death, then bring it on.

Seriously, stop shopping at Whole Foods.

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