Vigilante dad pretends he’s mass-murderer to test grade school security

A vigilante dad went to his son’s grade school pand pretended he was a mass-murdering gunman, in order to test the school’s security.

Yeah, what could go wrong with that?

It’s almost a surprise that more events like this haven’t happened around the US, but the year is still young. A lot of parents have to be concerned about the safety of their kids but this may not be the ideal way to address the issue.

Boy with gun

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The vigilante father is now facing third degree felony charges.

School officials said Ronald Miller went to Celina Elementary School, where his child is a student, on Wednesday and claimed to have a gun.

Administrators said Miller first approached a school greeter with whom he was acquainted and said he had a gun.

“He told her he was a gunman and his target was on the inside — and ‘I’m going inside. What are you going to do about it?'” Superintendent Donny O’Dell said.

O’Dell says the school greeter froze in panic, allowing Miller to walk through the school’s front door while children were entering the building for the school day….

Miller then entered the office and made similar threats, he said.

“He told them that he is a shooter and ‘you’re dead, and you’re dead,'” O’Dell said.

An American in Paris, France. BA in History & Political Science from Ohio State. Provided consulting services to US software startups, launching new business overseas that have both IPO’d and sold to well-known global software companies. Currently launching a new cloud-based startup. Full bio here.

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31 Responses to “Vigilante dad pretends he’s mass-murderer to test grade school security”

  1. bpollen says:

    No, stupid is innate. Rush et al. can only advance ignorance, not stupid. Somebody teaching me the importance of and the construction of suicide vests doesn’t make me stupid enough to use them. Do you think the winners of the Darwin Awards were TAUGHT how to win?

  2. ProPeace says:

    Anyone ever think of addressing the issues instead of the symptoms. Needing security
    at school is a sure sign social engineering in its current paradigm has failed.
    Public school systems are institutions locked down from freedom of choice or
    thought – the same, if not worse than prison. Leaving your kids in the hands of
    strangers all day who fill their head with stories of war and violence that
    plague our human history then wonder why the kids more violent every year. Now
    parents are exhibiting this behavior seating it firm in their young fragile
    minds. Wake up you fools!!

  3. Eksile says:

    I see alot of closed minded comments on the actions this father took, he is actually thinking of something most idiot anti-gun owners have not, he has brought up the issue of what else needs to change besides just a bandaid solution of banning or limiting gun sales, which is better security in schools.

    He has brought up an issue which everyone is all too ignorant to address and he is of the very few besides people with my job type and the teachers are aware of which is, the security systems in the schools, schools have payed a very large sum of money through the school systems to have installed, magnetic door locks, internet CCTV and ID systems to actively document and observe people coming in and out of the school, the system works well in theory, you walk up to the school you press a buzzer, the office sees you through the camera and assesses if you are a threat, they then press a button which unlocks a magnetic door latch, you come in and walk right to the office, you then hand your drivers license over they scan that in, then your name is added to a national database, checked then ran again this time added to the roster of safe people to enter the school so every time you come in and you check in your name is ran every time and you get a sticker to wear with a barcode and your name and info that prooves you are safe to enter.

    Sounds like a safe system right? after all it works in government buildings, it works for high security places like Raytheon, L3, courthouses, and Texas instruments I know because I have worked for some and currently work for others, AH but there are flaws and big ones….

    1. why do you put security features on a door thats 80% glass thats not even ballistics tested? because you are trying to make the place look pretty not protected and its stupid bandaid solution, how can you not go back to the old style doors schools had in the 90s, thats the whole point of the camera to see them outside the doors were thick steel and had windows in them with protective screening that cannot be broken conventionally.

    2. incoming/outgoing traffic & kids, when you walk into a school the security feature falls flat on its face when you have unwitting parents and kids opening doors for you, though a kind gesture I would rather open the door myself or be buzzed in when I go to work on the servers and tech hardware in their schools than them letting me in, it makes me cry a little inside when I see them do this to me or others because I think that person could have been the one and everyone in here could have died, I have even walked into some schools and the teachers have placed a slidable ziptie on the door as to not have to buzz people in when they are preoccupied with something or they screw in the alan wrench hole on the door so it locks it open.

    So do you think if kids and parents hanging around the front doors at raytheon or other locations I previously mentioned would make those business a safe place? no because they add an uncalulated variable to the much needed solution for the system, if guns are banned in the coming months then are rounded up one by one from your house, by the government, with force shooting people who even argued with police like they did to the Katrina victims trying to protect their homes, do you think someone wont come in with an illegal gun with the serial numbers all scratched off bought off the black market and kill a kid?

    the answer will be YES IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN, because as I said earlier security protocols are not being inforced and probably never will be, america will be too proud that it was wrong and look to lock up and profile insane people instead of helping them with their mental issues.

    Through our countrys history patriots have been often catagorized as unconventional, rebels, and thats how this country was founded, in a time where our government or our mayors wont even listen to its people unless you buy a seat at the table, or unless you are apart of some inner circle in the system your voice isnt getting heard, this father went out on in a cry for help to make his voice heard and to provide a very valid point (though quite a bit unpractical), the security features in place simply do not work if you dont inforce them.

    so you all sit here and pass judgment on him calling him an idiot, an insane person, and a gun nut when you know nothing of his personality, his personal backgrond or his social activies its sickening, do your research on the issue at hand before you make assumptions on someone or judge someone I know I have…..

  4. karmanot says:

    I read it that way too

  5. karmanot says:


  6. People Are Idiots says:

    you guys are all idiots. If he wanted to shoot up the school he would have. He was doing it to make a statement and see how well they school would actually handle the situation.

    You guys all see only one side but to retarded to even think of trying to see his point. You guys are idiots and this is why the world is the way it is.

  7. Older_Wiser2 says:

    If the real gun nuts like this guy keep doing this, maybe they can all be rounded up
    eventually and charged, get them out of our school system. I mean,
    there are lessons to be learned–if they’re capable of learning. Instead, the RW and NRA seem to be ramping up the rhetoric.

  8. Joe Bosse says:

    Interesting conclusion!
    Nope, you’re just a racist posing as an apologist!
    but have a nice day.

  9. Joe Bosse says:

    The Mayan’s noted the end of an era, Terence McKenna saw the time wave collapsing into an age of novelty, and seriously what’s more novel than some guy walking into a school run by people he knows and saying “bang you’re dead?”. if you haven’t been paying attention you should know that things are going to be weird for a while. try not to panic.

  10. mirror says:

    Read the article. It’s quite sympathetic to the guy.

  11. This man was born this way.

    With what… a propensity to value killing machines over human life?

    So sorry, but this is something learned, not instilled.

  12. Good thing thing he didn’t run into a janitor.

  13. mike31c says:

    Obviously some nutball that needs to have his guns taken away and locked up. He’s a danger to himself and the community.

  14. TheOriginalLiz says:

    That I’m not a people watcher when I run out for toothpaste?

  15. karmanot says:

    “I didn’t pay any attention to the middle easterners, the african-americans, the asians, whatever” Read that carefully. Do you realize what you just said. Whatever

  16. Moderator4 says:

    Fred, your comment was edited to remove your website. This is not allowed in the comments, except in very limited circumstances, and with the permission of John Aravosis. You may edit your profile, however, to add your website to your username.

  17. Jim Olson says:

    Oh, I hope he’s facing serious charges.

  18. Jim Olson says:

    He wasn’t. He was an idiot who endangered his own life, and the lives of those around him. And God I hope he isn’t actually a gun owner, because next time, he might just snap and actually go shoot up the school.

  19. nvrbl says:

    Way to traumatize everyone at his kid’s school just to prove what a jerk he is.

  20. bpollen says:

    Stupid like this doesn’t come out of a kit (…lost the election? Try Insta-Stupid!) This man was born this way. What is surprising in this scenario is that this man survived to adulthood…

  21. unclemike says:

    It’s kind of hard to get the words “Whoa, I was only pretending,” out of your mouth as the bullet is flying towards you.

  22. Bill from Dover says:

    Stupid is as stupid does!

  23. TheOriginalLiz says:

    Interesting thought – I just came back from Target and while I was there I noticed something. I didn’t pay any attention to the middle easterners, the african-americans, the asians, whatever – but I found myself looking at the white guys and wondering “are you are crazy carrying concealed who may go off if the motor oil is overpriced?”. Is anyone else doing that, or have I been spending way too much time on the blogs?

    Is our perception of the instability of white men catching up with/overtaking our perception of the instability of other groups? Have we finally achieved racial equality albiet in a really negative sort of way?

  24. karmanot says:

    Maybe he should take comfort from a jail cell for a terrorist threat.

  25. txiconoclast says:

    Of course…Texas…why am I not surprised. Maybe the dad can take comfort in the fact that our state leaders want to spend state money for weapons training for teachers.

  26. Fred says:

    I agree with the dad in that I’m also uncomfortable with school system’s security, however, I don’t think that was the best way to handle it. I still feel for the dad and the family, though. It’s so depressing to see that this is what our country’s coming to. The solution has got to be so simple, I think we’re just complicating things.

  27. TheOriginalLiz says:

    Just when you think the knuckle-draggers can’t get any stupider – they go and prove you wrong.

  28. iamlegion says:

    His point is that this guy is monumentally stupid – if his assumptions about the school’s security were wrong, he’d be dead. And it’d be his own dumb fault.

  29. logic says:

    That if guns weren’t available then we wouldn’t have to secure every public place.

  30. If he had actually been a shooter there would have been many dead. What’s your point?

  31. Jim Olson says:

    And if one of the janitors was armed, he’d be dead, along with two office people and a kid in corollary damage.

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