Tales of the TSA: Who brings fake grenades, a real garotte, in carry-on?

Some people really deserve to be in Gitmo.  Who in their right mind would pack fake hand-grenades in their carry-on bag, or a real garrote wire for that matter (garrotes are used in spy movies (and real life) to strangle people from behind).  While we’ve criticized TSA in the past, sometimes you have to have sympathy for the morons they’re forced to put up with on a daily basis.

First the garotte, which the TSA found in a passenger’s carry-on bag in Boston, after the passenger acted suspicious.

Garrote found in a carry-on bag by TSA

Source: TSA

Now the hand grenade replicas – because no one could have guessed that these might be a problem taking on a plane in your handbag:

Inert grenades found by TSA in carry-on bag

Source: TSA

The TSA found fake grenades in carry-on bags at four different American airports this week:

Eight replica/inert grenades were discovered this week, one in a carry-on bag at Salt Lake City (SLC), and five others in checked baggage – three at Harrisburg (MDT), three at Anchorage (ANC), and one at San Diego (SAN). The three grenades at MDT caused a 1-hour, 8-minute evacuation of the checked baggage area.

And honestly, who doesn’t pack a last-minute fake IED – along with some fake Semtex plastic explosives – in their luggage before trekking off to visit mom?  And for good measure, the idiot even had the fake plastic explosive marked as real.  This was found in luggage at the airport in Columbus:

Simulated IED found by TSA

Source: TSA

Oh, but there’s more.  The TSA has found inert detonators, an expended rocket launcher, a grenade launcher, a blasting cap, replica Claymore anti-personell mines, inert warheads, inert mortar and bazooka rounds, and then there’s this guy:

A passenger at Norfolk (ORF) had simulated detonating cord, simulated sheet explosives, and two 3.5 ounce cans of propane in his checked bag.

Or this idiot:

live flash bang grenade was discovered in checked baggage at Northwest Florida Regional Airport (VPS). Along with the grenade were 20 rounds of 7.62mm ammunition.

TSA DFW-40mm-Grenade

Source: TSA

What the hell is wrong with these people?

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