“How to talk Mexican,” a primer for Republicans

Following yesterday’s immigration reform announcement by a bipartisan group of senators, the conservative Hispanic Leadership Network issued a “Do’s and Don’t’s” memo to teach Republican lawmakers how to talk about immigration reform without offending Latinos (seriously).

The memo was obvious fall-out from the Republicans’ disastrous efforts to talk about the subject of rape before the 2012 elections.  The GOP candidates’ extreme and insensitive language alienated women and hurt Republicans at the polls.

As a result, Republicans are understandably sensitive to the need to find a more inclusive and tolerant way in which to oppress women and minorities.

From the immigration memo:

“Tone and rhetoric will be key in the days and weeks ahead as both liberals and conservatives lay out their perspectives,” they advised. “Please consider these tonally sensitive messaging points as you discuss immigration, regardless of your position.”

There is some good news here.  While even the New York Times continues to use the “illegal immigrant” (we prefer “undocumented” to “illegal”), the Hispanic Leadership Network, to its credit, joins the ranks of GOP Senator Marco Rubio in declining to use the derogatory term:

“Do use ‘undocumented immigrant’ when referring to those here without documentation,” but “Don’t use the word ‘illegals’ or ‘aliens,'” and “Don’t use the term ‘anchor baby.'”

Michelle Malkin will be happy about that one.

Subsequent to the GOP immigration memo being leaked, AMERICAblog has uncovered a second secret GOP memo with even more tips for Republican lawmakers interested in wooing Latin voters:

gop immigration memo

Memo image via Shutterstock. Some of the “tips” were borrowed, and inspired, via this hashtag #GOPimmigrationTips,

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