Sandy Hook truthers claim the Newtown massacre was a hoax

Yes, there are now Sandy Hook truthers who think the mass-murder of 20 children in Newtown, Connecticut was a hoax.

They are people who find a government, or Jewish, conspiracy behind what did, or did not, take place on December 14, 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut when 20 six and seven year olds were mass murdered by a young man using his mother’s legally-purchased weapons.

Some of the conspiracy theories center around which weapons the shooter used (the Sandy Hook truthers even have a Twitter account, of course).  As if it matters which weapon he used.  But some think it’s a whopping Feinstein/Biden conspiracy to “fake” the fact that an AR-15 rifle was used in the attack.  They claim that the shooter, Adam Lanza, “only” used handguns to shoot each child three times before moving on to the next.  To that I say: the kids are still dead.  And honestly, if it was “just” handguns, and not semit-automatic rifles, then let’s ban all of them.  I’m not sure how it helps the gun-nut cause to claim that this was “only” about handguns.

There’s also a Sandy Hook conspiracy theory about the entire shooting not having occurred at all.  A sort of Sandy Hook Capricorn One version of what happened – the entire thing, you see, was a hoax:

sandy hook hoax truther fake conspiracysandy hook hoax truther fake conspiracysandy hook hoax truther fake conspiracy

If you actually believe this garbage, then maybe you shouldn’t have the right to own a gun in the first place.

(And personally, I’d have found the entire script more compelling if the words floated off the screen backwards, Star Wars style.)

Another Sandy Hook conspiracy theory is raging around the testimony of a neighbor who says a small group of children came to his house seeking shelter from the shooting. A video posted on YouTube attempts to show that the man is a fake and a liar, mostly because his story is consistent in every interview he gives (ironic that the “proof” that he’s lying is that he doesn’t change his story).

A number of the comments posted alongside the YouTube video share the ultimate proof as to how we know this guy is lying.  You see, his name is Gene Rosen, and everyone knows that “Rosens” are J-e-w-i-s-h (each line break below is for a new comment):

The whole thing was staged. don’t let the Jews disarm you America.

Maybe he really did think that the shooter was going to turn the children in to soap and lampshades and then burn them with gas pipes!

Yes, when in doubt, go for the Holocaust gag.

Oy vey jew porn king Al Goldberg HATES all the gentiles!

Oy vey…where there is suffering there is always a jew, always….

Mr Rosen is apart of he Jewish mafia, the same Jewish mafia that brought us 9/11. Just read their Kabbalah, Zohar, Talmud and you can see what they’re all about. This is the synagogue of satan the bible refers too REV2:9. Newtown is heavily influenced by satanism. Satanism is Judaism

“And then the little tiny child looked me right in the eyes and he said “You’re one of God’s Chosen Chosenites aren’t you? You look little a Tiny Babby Jeebus because Babby Jeebus was jOoIsH.”

You can now comment on Gene Rosen’s song just as long as you light a Hanukkah candle beforehand.

They’re also quite upset that he keeps using the same words to describe what happened – in other words, that he isn’t changing his story:

Anytime a person repeats the same line over and over again it;s because it was a memorized line, totally fake, never happened!

Or, perhaps he keeps repeating the same thing every time he’s asked about it because, uh, it’s true.  Imagine what they’d say if his story werent’ consistent each time he told it.

Oh, and he’s apparently a free mason too:

Light and dark…ugh that turns my stomach. The Masons are all into light and dark, black and white, like the checkerboard floors they have. Light for the illumination, sun, Satan, lucifer the light bearer, wisdom, blah blah blah. That’s how I know he’s coached. Nobody talks like that, and the odds of two ‘witnesses’ at different shootings doing so? Masons signal each other with secret signs, like that hand inside the vest pose. This is just an extension of that. It’s what they do. FWIW

Lots more crazy, including the “Sandy Hook was all a government plot” theory:

After the gun grab, the human rights grab will continue inexorably, by the 1% economic elite, achieving the stated goal of eliminating 95% of the Earth’s population, identical to the numerous genocides this century, totaling as many as 100 million people; trust God, that when your life is taken, you will be positioned in eternal Heaven, to witness the Godless liars, thieves, and murderers witnessing you, as they enter the torment of eternal Hell.

Damn this guy is a pedophile. I rather have my kids stay back the school than with this freak

Well, he’s either just some crazy old man who got on tv because shit like that sells, or it’s scripted. But there is no way he is telling the truth. Why would a school bus driver take the kids just half a block down from the school and leave them in the hands of a stranger, instead of going straight to the police or at least the fire station which is visible right behind this nut job’s house.



He’s the worst actor I’ve ever seen.

I thought the Robbie Parker character was the worst actor but I now believe Gene has managed to overtake him. Uggg, so difficult to watch this guy. Crybaby fake acting.

That is quite a performance. Was he really a neighbor? I am really curious to what is his connection to this terrible tragedy.

What a crappy actor

the only question I have is where are all of the tears, if these people are so upset about the many people that died, why aren’t they actually crying? because it’s fake that’s why

He used to work at Screen Actors Guild too. Coincidence? I also find it amazingly astounding that SO many people are figuring out all the lies so quickly. I’m impressed. It seems more and more people all the time are waking up, all around the world.

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