“Gun Appreciation Day” brings out the Sandy Hook hoax crowd

Michelle Malkin and her flying monkeys seemed to have an issue with my tweet criticizing the poorly-attended “Gun Appreciation Day,” held Saturday. (Twitchy is run by Malkin.)

While citing the rallies as an expression of “Second Amendment” fandom, both ignored the fact that the event was not a regularly-held observance, but instead vindictively created by gun advocates in response to gun control talks following the Sandy Hook massacre.

Yes, gun nuts are actually spitting on Sandy Hook families in order to wage war on a non-existent “We’re Coming for Your Guns” government plan. But their insanity doesn’t stop there.  Enter the Sandy Hook hoax crowd.

As John Aravosis reported earlier, a fringe Sandy Hook “Truther” movement has spawned, convinced that the killings were staged by the government in order to precipitate a massive federal takeover. These disgusting, bogus claims were again listed in reply to my tweet. First one. And then another. And then another:

@baseballfreek34 no victims, it was a staged story by actors. get a clue dude

@xpoetix So I’d actually be celebrating something that never happened? Ok.

@MakeEmSayUh  While I don’t own or care for guns, the whole Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax. The evidence is as clear as day.

@ritzz09 they proved its fake so…..yea

@wildd_child  tht was a conspiracy so the gov’t can hve a reason to unarm Americans

One attempted to link me to a 30-minute YouTube video explaining the “hoax,” which I won’t even entertain by linking here. I’d rather watch a weekend marathon of “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.”

But they didn’t stop there. The gun fetishists made sure their intellectual maturity was on full public display:

@TheRealTugg You sir, are a f*ggot

@TheRealTugg shut up and go back to Mexico where there is a complete gun ban but ironically has one of the highest crime rates in the world

@ERICKheartsADTR Lol that’s so unrelated get those c*cks out of your *sses

@RCal_SC no you’re not you f*cking idiot. PLEASE KILL YOURSELF! You’re dumbing up the gene pool!!

My favorite thing about that last tweet, where the responsible gun owner wishes for my death, is that he has “God” in his profile. I’m sure his delightful little love note is taken from the Bible, where Jesus asks the leper for a co-pay.

Then there’s that “Go back to Mexico” tweet.  I regret to inform the lovely tweeter that I was actually born in the United States. In fact, I was born in the same hospital as Cher, which makes more American, and gayer, than former Republican United States Senator, and longtime NRA board member, Larry Craig tapping on the men’s room floor (well, okay, maybe not gayer).

call me

Lindsey, call me maybe?
(via Shutterstock)

None of the Sandy Hook truthers deserve the dignity of a conversation. This abhorrent theory deserves to be mocked, ridiculed, and thrown back into the inner depths of Internet hell.

We should take the Sandy Hook hoax crowd as seriously as the five “responsible” gun owners who were accidentally shot at Gun Appreciation Day rallies.  Or as seriously as Nicki Minaj’s music, as seriously as Kim Kardashian’s latest relationship, and as seriously as NRA-loving Lindsey Graham’s claim that he “ain’t available.”

(Lindsey, call me maybe?)

Gabe Ortíz is a San Francisco-based writer. He has contributed to the Mission's bilingual newspaper "El Tecolote," and the political blogs AMERICAblog, AMERICAblog Gay, and Veracity Stew. He's also a Stevie Nicks lover and shameless catlady. Follow him on Twitter: @Tusk81.

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117 Responses to ““Gun Appreciation Day” brings out the Sandy Hook hoax crowd”

  1. NoDifference says:

    It just figures that some hater would start a conspiracy out of pure spite. But before any of us lose our minds, just know that snopes.com is on top of it!


  2. NoDifference says:

    Even more complete facts, including the true ones: http://www.snopes.com/politics/guns/newtown.asp

  3. I love how the only thing anyone can say about the “memory of” sites being made days before the shooting, as well as SSDI showing Lanza died on the 13th, is that they’re all just errors.

  4. Soooo… “These guys are so full of crap, I don’t believe anything they say. But I refuse to watch the footage they’re using as basis for their claims.” K.

    I’m not saying it’s true, but taking whatever’s told to you by the media and government prima facie is just naive and dangerous. You should at least do your due diligence and look at all sides of something.

  5. Guest says:

    I one knew a whore with red hair, therefore all redheads are whores.

  6. BxBully says:

    What sources besides video what about victim info your scared of the truth. “Ignorance is bliss”

  7. JamesR says:

    It sure is easier to live in a world where those who say uncomfortable things are dismissed as crazy and you don’t have to address one issue I brought up in a post of 1158 words.

    Thank you for proving one of my main points.

    And thank you for calling me crazy rather than a pederast.

  8. colleen2 says:

    You are crazy. Seek help.

  9. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Having not been born yesterday, I knew that. My post was my way of telling them to put up or shut up.

  10. AuntInAZ says:

    How do these people live when everything is a conspiracy?

  11. AuntInAZ says:

    So you think calling grieving parents and people who helped the victims liars and saying they were acting, or that the shooting was staged by people who want to take all our guns, is okay because these people believe in the Second Amendment; but calling them on it is not?

  12. AuntInAZ says:

    You mean the faked, debunked by several sources video? Funny how people go off on these supposed videos and articles but fail to mention they’ve been debunked by several sources.

  13. AuntInAZ says:

    He or she can’t do that, Mike. The reason for that is that the only support for this website about the shooting being up before the shooting is dates pulled off Google and YouTube, etc. That, in fact, is one of the things that articles about the truthers have tried to debunk. Snopes lists several examples of this:


    http:// www. snopes.com /politics /guns /newtown .asp

  14. AuntInAZ says:

    That’s basically what I said as well. He displayed bad spelling, poor punctuation and word usage, and even worse capitalization, and he’s criticizing other people’s writing?

  15. AuntInAZ says:

    As badly written as this comment was, you’re calling Gabe a ‘poor writer’?
    ‘Truthers’ are not wanting to know the entirety (that’s how you spell it) of a situation, they are either saying it did not happen at all, or they are saying it was staged by Obama or agents for him. I’ve also heard that it was Israeli commandos. They have verbally harrassed parents of murdered students, calling them liars and saying their grief was faked. They have continuously harrassed the man who sheltered six students calling him a liar, and an actor. They’ve published pictures of his house online, published his personal info online, made up fake accounts on Twitter and other locations purpoting to be him, and emailed and called him several times a day to call him names. These are NOT people who merely want to know the entire story. And you with all your slurs and name calling are not much better than they are.

  16. JamesR says:

    The ‘Sandyhook truthers’ and the stories, in various flavors and strengths, floating around have legs. Why do they have such legs and with more than the average foilhat?

    Besides the element of need to believe – those who see something so horrific they have to have an object to blame or a cause to make some good out of evil or a reason smaller and larger, to attach – some see guns and specific types of guns at that, others can’t and won’t see that so deliberately look and point the other way – both of those motivations must be seen and accounted for but as I see it there is more than just these two reactions driving the phenomenon of the assault weapon narrative and the backlash (that’s sometimes a re-write)

    A massacre happens, facts are not forthcoming. Sure some facts (that are facts) are repeated over and over. Others, get corrected, then get repeated over and over.

    I’m not saying it’s not possible for one person to off a score of small children and several adults inside a building with one semi-automatic rifle, but where are the ballistics? the shell casings and the bullets? And, as horrifying, the forensics. The real forensics, not the blow-by-blow of exactly how sad the parents and friends are. Science. And documentation.

    If he, the one person Adam Lanza, used handguns all the kids and adults would be just as dead and the tragedy would be no more or less per-se, but just as this is being used – let’s be honest – to further a political goal, could there also be other goals, other motivations, and other people using this same event too?

    Even if it was just one person, who out of the blue took his mom’s guns to school after being prescribed off-label a new drug, Fanpat, with a known side-effect of paranoid and violent delusions… Pay no attention to the Psychiatrist behind the curtain. Perhaps Big Pharma IS more powerful than the NRA, looks like it, we’ll see.

    But, as to the weaponry, since it’s possible he used handguns, it’s the evil ‘assault weapon’ that gets the press. Like the Oregon shooting (where it jammed) and like Arora where it jammed immediately, (he probably never shot it before,) and he killed 12 people with a Glock 40 and Remington 870 – two of the most popular guns in the whole country.

    But the “assault rifle” gets the press. Even as it / they are technically assault style rifles, as “assault rifle” means fully automatic and requires a Class 3 license from BATF and has been used in exactly 0 civilian domestic shootings for decades. The “assault rifle” as the word exists as defined by Congress, can mean whatever they say it means. And is legally and actually almost identical to any and ALL semi-automatic firearms. YES, they come for the “assault” rifle they may get your sporter too. Or your legitimate self defense weapon you may be denied even the opportunity to get a permit for. With the noise made by this administration and by the Democratic Party and even by posts on this blog, banning of all weaponry is in the air. And some people take those words, that for now are just words, more seriously than others. I don’t let others get my panties in a bunch especially at the start of what I hope would be a real debate, but some do and I can understand that and weigh their harsh reaction through the distress they must be feeling. On all “sides.”

    Connecticut has rather strict gun laws. Newtown area was a locus for Pro-gun activists. Adam Lanza’s father is a Vice President of Bank of America, an accountant specializing in taxes. Someone who is in position to know where bodies were buried, so to speak, in THE biggest criminal act / groups of acts perpetrated upon the Nation since, well ever. Bueller? All of a sudden Obama has a position on something, kinda reminiscent of Sam Arora’s new-found religion, and coincidentally it involves making police happy and expanding State power. As we head toward what is so politely called “austerity,” which in Athens means a long period of continuous fucking riots.

    Some of these seem like true odd coincidences, to me, others do not. And each person assembles their list of hypotheses prioritized according to what they think the ‘known unknowns’ and unknown unknowns’ might be. Some of that leads to super-simplification and others to byzantine delusion. To call all these people nuts, or even pederasts, is to simplify and dismiss and (sometimes) deliberately miss the point. Tea Partiers, most of them, are just one serious illness away from Progressive Occupiers in favor of universal health coverage – all they really know is that they are in pain, and this is their first experience expressing that in political terms. Just as a (conventional) “liberal” is one mugging away form being an NRA member LOL.

    But even as coincidences each one of these bring their own trail of political baggage and interest and inertia with them. And they are colliding. And the first casualty in the dust and fog is the truth. And we WOULD NOT have the degree of confusion we have now if the press would do it’s fucking job and not just be domesticated stenographers. The press is the antagonist to those in power – ALL those in power, When it ceases to be that we get them dancing with MC Rove and waving illegal magazines around . Comfortable with their pals in power, arrogant and lazy and disinterested. What we NEED is the truth – when we don’t get it, we search for it on Youtube and wherever else. And just because it’s been seen so many times doesn’t mean it’s been believed but that it fills a need that is not being supplied.

    ‘Truthers’ want what? to drive an agenda, some do. But the word “truth” where is that? Sure the level of sophistication is lacking as it’s amateur and remote – perhaps truth will emerge or be pulled out. Perhaps. In time. Meanwhile more coincidences – how much has this stimulated the economy, the corporations getting rid of their inventory with the massive gun and ammo scare, the fluctuations of the stock prices of the companies involved – who has been trading what and when – how does this relate to the marketing and purchase of small arms for export (does anyone think about this?) – and where are we NOT looking because our attention is being directed and manipulated to focus narrowly on one spot?? The theme of most of the most popular videos is ‘psy-op’ – while the original massacre may not have been a psy-op in itself the management of the reaction is kinda psy-opey. That could be a coincidence too, or not. Who knows? And who will find out for us??

  17. karmanot says:

    Save it for Jerry Springer honey.

  18. karmanot says:

    Quick strawman get that bucket of water to Dorthy!

  19. karmanot says:


  20. karmanot says:

    Like I said: witless.

  21. karmanot says:

    wicked funny!

  22. karmanot says:

    Can’t help laughing :)

  23. colleen2 says:

    “I haven’t seen anything on the Ray Nagin (D) indictments!! Any idea why???”

    Because you haven’t looked, dumbass. A simple google search will turn up a wide range of political blogs discussing Ray Naglin’s indictment.

  24. NoDifference says:

    True, Judy, if we want to continue to protect and promote the notion that the press is only free if you own one. (And don’t believe the nonsense about the wide-open Internet; it is being swallowed up as fast as Big Media and the Internet Service Providers can consolidate it.)

  25. NoDifference says:

    Sadly, it is the Democratic mantra as well. And it gets worse as more and more of that party falls out of any grace they might have had. (Kucinich has just signed onto Fox “News” as a political analyst. That is proof the end is near.)

  26. colleen2 says:

    It’s understandable. These are the sorts of people who think Sarah Palin is intelligent.

  27. KingCranky says:

    That whole “logical consistency” thing clearly frightens Bob, a trait he shuns, not embraces.

  28. Naja pallida says:

    Seems to me he did that enough in one post.

  29. lynchie says:

    Better yet make the pointy aluminum had and put your head in a microwave for 20 minutes

  30. HumanObserver says:

    Murican’s, nobody is ever coming to take your guns. Plain and simple never has happened, never will. But it’s good they can count on you fanatics and your paranoia to buy all the guns and ammo at inflated prices further lining the pocket of the corporate douche bags. Mark my words this will all be over in a year or two, guns and ammo will be back to normal price, until the next Democrat gets elected I mean. But thanks guys for real, I made a killing of my AR ammo stockpile I sold at a dollar a round to you idiots, I’ll have twice as much next year this time without having spent a penny.

  31. karmanot says:


  32. Butch1 says:

    Glad he’s gone.

  33. karmanot says:

    Because Kim Kardashian doesn’t care???????????? HMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!

  34. karmanot says:

    Not to mention the ‘U’ turns.

  35. karmanot says:

    Soooooo very like! The handles could be made into therapeutic objects so that righties could get a positive grip on reality.

  36. karmanot says:

    Don’t forget Roswell!

  37. karmanot says:

    Thank you Lady Crazy Wanobi

  38. karmanot says:

    Poor thing. Here’s the answer: Go out buy a new roll of aluminum, make a pointy hat and wear it at all times. It will point to and receive signals from a truth satellite that has been secretly by the DOD to counteract conspiracies.

  39. karmanot says:

    “so you can get in the mud pit and sling mud at each other and wrestle.” Since our troll is into ‘stools’ it probably best not to visualize the for-quoted. :)

  40. karmanot says:


  41. karmanot says:

    Granted, exposing himself might be considered comedy. But we are not laughing.

  42. karmanot says:

    Ever hear of hate speech? Just in case you are wondering Americablog is not the Constitution and is a Republic not a Democracy. Although President John and crew are more tolerant than both houses of Congress, the President and the Supreme Court combined. John turned this incident into a learning situation.

  43. karmanot says:

    It take a bit of wit grasshopper: ergo—-‘Your Rude Awakening’ YRA. Get it now? Good.

  44. karmanot says:

    dood? What? Is that a declension: dood, did, done?”

  45. karmanot says:

    “your stools are probably as loose as the validity of your statements.” That only applies to two legged stools YRA haternator.

  46. karmanot says:

    Freddie Kruger’s sister has garbled.

  47. Moderator4 says:

    Victoria Krueger Cole, BeccaM is a long-time commenter on this site, and is no troll. You are welcome to disagree with the comments of others, but simply referring to everyone as a troll in comment after comment does nothing to advance the discourse and, in fact, may lead readers to believe that you are, in fact, that which you are calling others. You are warned.

  48. BOB says:

    Dem party corruption is nothing new! I agree with you on this!

  49. gratuitous says:

    Perhaps you should start your own blog? Or are you afraid of a little work?

  50. bman says:

    Where does he say anything about the NRA? And why do you assume he represents the NRA, “Second Amendment fans” or any other group for that matter?

  51. citizen_spot says:


    Unfortunately, the “troo” believers will just claim that snopes.com is in on the coverup, because believers don’t want anything to burst their conspiracy bubble, facts be damned. It goes like this:

    truther: “I have just made a ridiculous claim and the source of my facts is a YouTube video. Why can’t you prove my facts are wrong? You can’t because the video is true!”

    normal person: “Here are links to actual news articles refuting your ridiculous claim.”

    truther: “The government controls all of the media so that proves nothing! All news articles are in on the cover up of the trooth!!!!!”

    Rinse and repeat.

  52. duerjsrt says:

    Nice Article. Yea right. Some shill trying to discredit people who believe in the second amendment.

  53. bman says:

    True, but why have a comment section if you are just going to censor those who don’t agree with you? By allowing him to participate in this “discussion” you are giving him the rope with which to hang himself and exposing himself for what he really is.

  54. Carl Gorney says:

    Takes one to know one….doesn’t it, Vicky?

  55. Carl Gorney says:

    Compared to your…what, 10th message in this thread, Vicky?

  56. RepubAnon says:

    Remember the Republican mantra: life is sacred from the moment of conception to the moment of birth… Republicans have no problem letting infants starve and die once they’ve been born.

  57. RepubAnon says:

    OMG! Some opportunist that changed his party registration to “Democrat” was caught betraying the public trust! Obviously that automatically made him a “lib” – and if one person that can be called a “lib” was corrupt, obviously all liberals everywhere must be corrupt.

    Of course, this only applies to corrupt “libs” – when a Republican is caught doing something corrupt, it was just an unfortunate situation brought on by a lack of prayer in the public schools, or worries about entitlement spending…

    The reason the indictment of the Mayor of New Orleans on public corruption charges didn’t make national headlines is that it’s a “dog bites man” story.

    P.S.: Why is it that there can be a type of Republicans called “RINOs” (Republicans In Name Only, who aren’t real Republicans) but changing one’s party registration to “Democrat” automatically makes one a “lib”? Why don’t you think that there could be an analogous type of Democrat called “DINOs” – or, perhaps, Blue Dog Democrats? If you want to claim that Nagin is a liberal, show me where he, say, campaigned for single-payer health care, or some other liberal cause. (It’s irrelevant, as there can be corrupt liberals – but at least you’d have shown that you weren’t merely playing the part of an ideologically-blinded partisan.)

  58. RepubAnon says:

    Yeah, right – because nobody could ever, say, forge the date that a web site was created. It’s almost impossible to backdate something on a piece of paper, too.

    On a more cogent note: do you seriously expect me to believe that there’s a giant conspiracy to have a fake mass shooting in a town full of gun rights supporters, with all the news reports pre-written – and they were so careless as to set up a web site and print up a dead tree newspaper ahead of time? If they were that inept, Fox News would be on it like a vulture on road kill, and the rest of the news organizations would follow suit. (Remember how they dealt with Dan Rather and the forged records of George W’s stint in the National Guard?)

    This reminds me of the Roman coins someone was selling dated “120 BC”. We knew that they couldn’t be forged…

  59. colleen2 says:

    “How does anyone explain how you could have a website about the school shooting a day before it even happened.”

    what the fuck are you talking about?

  60. Butch1 says:

    . . . “Sorry if youve taken this personally. ” . . .
    No, you’re not! You meant every word of vitriol that came out of your hateful mind. In my opinion, you and others of your ilk represent what are the worst elements of this country. What cesspool creature that spawned you is questionable but I would guess it came from the right. Your thinking is so dangerously centered in the far right that there is no room for you to move further in that direction. Everything to the left of that “center” looks, to you, like left-liberal thinking even though it is not. You are so closed minded that you actually believe that no one has fought any battles or owns any weapons in this country but those who believe the same way that you do. That is how diseased your thinking has become. Yet, you come here to pontificate and lecture others on their “writing” abilities and lack there-of when you hold none of those shills yourself.

    Being banned it’s unfortunate whether you will be able to read any of the responses or not or whether you are really open to criticism yourself. I doubt you are capable of receiving it but are only able to give it with the personality that you presently have. I am happy and relieved to see you banned from this blog; you do not belong here. We debate and discuss the threads that are on the blog. Very seldom does it go into ad hominem. You were new here and had an agenda. You went right for the jugulars and started going after people more than the topic of the thread. You crossed the line. We do not need people like you disrupting a thread. Nice to see you banned. Go find another blog that allows people such as yourself on it so you can get in the mud pit and sling mud at each other and wrestle. It seems to be more your style instead of using your brain and thinking.

  61. judybrowni says:

    It might help if you read the First Amendment: which states the government may not suppress Free Speech.

    Nothing about privately owned blogs there, or that individuals owning those blogs are required to suffer through repeated attacks of venomous hate speech.

  62. bman says:

    The 1st Amendment applies to everyone, even bigots. Just because you don’t like someones opinion doesn’t mean they should be silenced; just ignored.

  63. Carl Gorney says:

    as compared to the SHILL TROLL I’m replying to now? (I’m sorry, I mean SHRILL TROLL.)

  64. Carl Gorney says:

    Sorry, Bixxy, but I have better things to do with my time than watch a video that even Loose Change thinks plays fast and loose with the facts.

  65. TheOriginalLiz says:

    now that’s the pot calling the kettle black

  66. Ed Cummings says:

    I am astounded at how bad you want the government to be part of some evil act. I am so glad I do not live in the unhappy world you do. That you actually believe our government could want to create such evil without reason , well i guess there is the black whatever that you fear or hate . I am not sure which.

  67. NoDifference says:

    Damn. My sarcasm failed completely. HolyMoly wins; I concede. Very clever idea, esp. the bong. Whoda thought?

  68. NoDifference says:

    Yes, HolyMoly. You are 100% correct. I was being sarcastic. Sorry if that failed for you.

  69. Dave Blair says:

    Critical mass is it. If it goes on like this, the world’s one remaining superpower will be one single ungovernable lunatic fringe. I so hope there’s a backlash before that happens.

  70. HolyMoly says:

    One more thing about what you said. I thought that “guns don’t kill people,” purportedly because they are inanimate objects and can’t perform an act on their own. Yet you would have us believe that guns DO positive and life-affirming things. And if they CAN do positive things, then it is also possible that they CAN do negative things, like kill people.

    But in reality, PEOPLE do positive, life-affirming things, like feeding the poor, caring for the sick, sheltering the homeless, etc. If something is positive and life-affirming, you may rest assured that a gun was not involved.

  71. Paid troll. Too stupid to believe.

  72. HolyMoly says:

    I can think of a few positive things about guns.

    (1) They can be melted down and made into jewelry:


    (2) They can be converted into decorative vases:


    (3) For those who are into such things, they can be used as bongs:


    (4) The parts can wear out

    And always remember: Guns don’t control themselves; gun laws do.

  73. Good job!! Don’t let the government shills troll.

  74. Ha ha, I love this!!!!

  75. No, it is you trolls and we know it.

  76. This article was written by a troll.

  77. HolyMoly says:

    Definitely ignorant hate speech which shouldn’t be dignified with a response, but a couple of things got my attention.

    First, he says that “this country has given you so much.” But I’m guessing that this guy got on the bandwagon with the whole “you didn’t build this” crap that Fox dished out daily during the campaign. People like this guy don’t even notice their own contradictions.

    And the second is basically “the military fought for your right to free speech….so shut up.” I’ve heard similar tripe all my life, that you shouldn’t criticize the government, because the government was nice enough to give you the right to criticize them. Another golden oldie from the right.

  78. BeccaM says:

    Silly me, but of course.

  79. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Did you forget misogyny?

  80. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Wow. That must be a post written by a committee.

  81. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Well, please be good enough to give us links to that website and newspaper.

  82. Jim Olson says:

    I’m still waiting for someone to challenge one of these gun nuts on their pro-life stance. You can’t be pro-life (anti-abortion), and then pro-gun (anti-gun regulation and control) and pro-death penalty without some serious mental calisthenics.

  83. Jim Olson says:

    Keep careful notes, Sean. Perhaps you can write the first book after the collapse of our nation.

  84. Jim Olson says:

    Oh, and dood? Learn punctuation, and capitalization. If you’re going to criticize someone else’s writing, learn how to write well first. Twit.

  85. Ghost of LBJ says:

    Sorry, bub. Sorry to disillusion you. I’m a fag. I have been all my life. I’m a professional. I’m rich. I contribute to society. And I’m willing to bet that I pay a helluva lot more taxes more than you do — or ever will. Get over yourself and shut the fuck up. Either that, or put your money for the poor and dispossesd and dispossed where your mouth is. You’re contemptible. You’re everything any person with an ounce of decency in his fibre upchucks about. Go away. Eat your ass. It’s the best you can hope for.

  86. I’ve been studying the US for a while now and I have to say the Sandyhook truthers are the final straw. I just don’t want to know anything worse than this. I’ve reached the limit of my curiosity. The right wing hate machine has hit critical mass. When 46% of a country thinks the planet is less than 10,000 years old and votes for Romney/Ryan that country has a serious problem. Stage 4 political cancer.

  87. BOB says:

    You mean like all of the other RINO’s around!! The point is that Nagin IS (like in N-O-W!) a lib but the real point is why, when the news hit the press the last day or so, he was NOT called one but the media simply omitted it just like 99.9% of the media hasn’t bothered to cover it! This site is a PERFECT example!

  88. BeccaM says:

    As well as an opportunity to trot out their xenophobia, homophobia, and racism.

  89. BeccaM says:

    Glad you banned him. That was a disgusting comment, to say the least.

  90. jamie says:

    All i have to say is i was a non believer in the hoax theory until i started digging into it and investigating it a little bit and wow. How does anyone explain how you could have a website about the school shooting a day before it even happened. There is proof of it. Also the newspaper had it printed out a day before it happened how can anyone possibly explain it. You cant unless it was set up.

  91. unclemike says:

    Punctuation’s overrated.

  92. NoDifference says:

    So we should buy as many gun nuts their own guns as possible? Sounds like this might be a self-solving problem.

  93. Naja pallida says:

    So what does it mean that Nagin was a Republican for his entire adult life, a George W. Bush supporter, right up until he wanted to run for mayor of a majority Democratic city, in a race with multiple candidates none of whom had a significant amount of support, which even some of his own supporters criticized as being opportunistic?

  94. Statistically you are more likely to kill yourself with a gun than be killed by someone else with a gun.

  95. Thanks, he’s banned – but I’m leaving the comment up so folks can see what NRA and Second Amendment fans are actually like.

  96. Jack Burden says:

    What, bozo, does corruption have to do with this discussion about whether irrational people like you should have assault weapons? Oh, wait, you’re the embodiment of a corrupt mind. Maybe you should be sterilized so you can’t reproduce.

  97. BxBully says:

    Did you at least watch the video if u didn’t than u suck as a journalist. The media reports one sided stories its a shame reporters report what’s popular and not the truth

  98. Jack Burden says:

    Relevance is obviously a concept that eludes pea-brains like you.

  99. Bob says:

    This topic is so ridiculous to begin with! This is why I thought I’d bring up one that is important – that Schoolbus Nagin DEMOCRAT just received a 21-count accusing this trusted lib of “enriching himself as the city struggled to rebuild in the wake of Hurricane Katrina”!!! He is accused of using the office of mayor to steer city projects to business associates who, in turn, allegedly paid kickbacks and bribes
    and flew him on lavish free trips to Hawaii, Jamaica, and Las Vegas. This very highly thought of lib was charged with bribery, honest service wire fraud, money laundering, conspiracy and filing false tax returns. Gosh gee guys, why hasn’t this site reported on this?????????? Hmmmmm!!!

  100. dmhlt_66 says:

    About that brain surgery you had …
    Any hope for a refund?
    (I guess there’s always your option for malpractice, because it was clearly botched)

  101. RepubAnon says:

    Where’s Billy Goat Gruff to deal with this troll?

  102. karmanot says:

    Moderator. This crosses the line into hate speech.

  103. NoDifference says:

    (No, don’t actually put anything here… duh)

  104. NoDifference says:

    No one on the Left ever stops to imagine all the WONDERFUL, positive, life-affirming things that guns do. So, please list them below. There has to be at least one, right?

  105. Your Rude Awakening :[ says:

    yeah totes dood. the government is full of intelligent, proud, brave americans that are looking out for you and i.

    youre a moron.
    your stools are probably as loose as the validity of your statements.
    youre a poor writer; quit making every current event revolve around your personal life. nobody cares that youre a homosexual, or that people call you “fag.” if you dont want to be called by these slurs, then stop alerting the world you prefer buttholes, get a real job, and actually give something back to this country that has given you so much. because its not obama and your ultra left liberals that gave you and your family a real home, a real citizenship, a real chance at success. its the men and women fighting for the USA, who have given their lives, shed blood so that youd have the ability to preach on about people and their insensitive twitter posts.
    if we believed everything the government told us, we’d still think AIDs came from your ecletic bunch of friends. you think Harvey Milk just thought “Hey, People said I’m not qualified to run as a candidate, so it must be true..”
    seriously, being an unemployed writer such as yourself probably reaping the benefits of govt assistance; you clearly have time. So try using it to learn more, and one day when youre actually grown up you can write something that more than four people are willing to read.

    Although, I wont have to run into this pitiful excuse for writing again. I inevitably have to deal with the fact that theres a small majority out there like you. Throwing graffiti on the internet and calling it writing. Stop the madness!
    Sorry if youve taken this personally. I am just disappointed that we share the same generation. I personally believe that this was a horrific incident. But how dare you question those who want to know the entirity of a situation before believing what CNN and Fox News has to say.

    Registered Democrat and supporter of Same-sex unions. A veteran. College graduate. So save it on the conservative gay bashing meany head bs.
    PLEASE QUESTION DISASTERS. Whether it be true or not. You cannot understand a situation completely without first asking questions. You should know that being a writer! I wish you luck with your future ambitions. Even if it be writing.

  106. Bob says:

    Hey, someone has to bring the corruption up, right! Only fair!!

  107. Max_1 says:

    Gabe Ortiz wrote: I’m sure his delightful little love note is taken from the Bible, where Jesus asks the leper for a co-pay.


  108. FunMe says:


  109. Jack Burden says:

    Who cares? Political corruption in Louisiana is something new?

  110. KingCranky says:

    Amazingly, your blather doesn’t change what was posted by Gabe Ortiz, no matter how much you wish it did.

  111. RepubAnon says:

    “Go back to Mexico?” I suppose it would be rude to point out that most of the gun violence in Mexico is committed with guns purchased in Arizona (due to its lack of regulations regarding gun purchases). Funny how so often the answer to “restrictions on gun sales don’t work” is that a neighboring jurisdiction allowing virtually unrestricted gun purchases is always a few hours drive away…

  112. karmanot says:

    Michelle Malkin, that sad, nadir shadow of Ann Coulter is desperate for attention.

  113. karmanot says:

    Would off-topic ring a bell?

  114. As Rachel Maddow so aptly put it earlier this week, these people are TROLLS looking for any response as a “gotcha” moment.

  115. Bob says:

    Amazingly I’ve seen all kinds of crazy stories on this left site but for some reason I haven’t seen anything on the Ray Nagin (D) indictments!! Any idea why???

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