Ohio family’s tap water catches on fire after natural gas drilling

Surprise, surprise. They’re fracking in the neighborhood and now the methane levels in a family’s well have more than doubled, and what’s happening next?  Their tap water catches on fire. This is a common problem near fracking sites.


And near the Klines’ house, it just so happens a natural gas company was drilling.

Before they started, the company paid to test the family’s water. Methane levels were 9, just within safe limits.

But months into the drilling, tests show, the methane levels had skyrocketed — reaching 22 — more than twice the acceptable level.

“We’re wondering if this is all just coincidental,” said Jason.

fracking tap water fire


Here’s the video:

Remember, we’ve seen the same problem in Pennsylvania near fracking sites. Like other states wanting to get in on the fracking boom, Ohio has welcomed fracking businesses. A year ago, Youngstown, Ohio (also in the northeast of the state) purchased earthquake insurance following problems linked to fracking.

Why do so many states think that it’s acceptable to let fracking cause so many problems? It’s disappointing to see that New York is moving towards allowing fracking, when we already know what the results will be for locals.

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15 Responses to “Ohio family’s tap water catches on fire after natural gas drilling”

  1. Really?


  2. VolintheVille says:

    If you gonna drill (frack) there, then you need to live there.

  3. HeartlandLiberal says:

    The money quote for the militantly ignorant and blind populace of America, which explains why anyone still votes GOP, or why the 27 per cent rule has been postulated: “We’re wondering if this is all just coincidental,” said Jason”.

    It’s sort of like that national debt and deficit. It is just coincidental that both reached such staggering levels, how could two wars off the books, the lowest taxes on the super rich in a century, TARP, then the housing, mortgage and banking industries run into bankruptcy by the criminal masters of the universe, how could any of that have ANYTHING to do with the debt and deficit? I wonder if it is just coincidental?

  4. Bernie Kerns says:

    His water had caught on fire before …fracking…It is NOT a common occurrence…nice try…….When the head of Obama’s EPA testified in front of congress..she had to admit that there was not one legitimate occurrence of water poisoning….

  5. DCinDC says:

    Property value = going down

  6. MrEnergyCzar says:

    Profit over the environment and the people that live in it…that’s the economic growth system we live in..


  7. htfd says:

    Greed gets the bums rush, safety not even looked at. Not until 20 or more get blown away will this become of any importance.

  8. Naja pallida says:

    Haven’t you been taking your potassium iodide?

  9. Tor says:

    So what’s the problem with tap water catching fire??? Gives your hot tub a whole new meaning.

  10. Outspoken1 says:

    They also tried fracking with nuclear weapons ( http://www.waymarking.com/waymarks/WMABGY_Project_Rulison_Parachute_CO ) – didn’t work well either!

  11. Indigo says:

    To be fair, we can’t really build a Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome society without fracking. And if fire spurts from the water faucets, isn’t that a sign of progress? If it’s a bad thing, elected officials won’t let that happen, will they?

  12. Dano2 says:

    Remember – it is more important to meet energy demands. No efficiencies, no property rights, no consideration for people who can’t afford lawyers, nothing, Energy, enurgy, innergee…powahhhhh!



  13. arcadesproject says:

    That’s next.

  14. arcadesproject says:

    I watched Newshour on PBS do a story on impact of fracking. Tone was condescending. ‘Watch these powerless little folks do the old light-the-tap-water-on-fire trick! Cute, aren’t they? But hey, we all know you gotta have energy independence or something like that. Right?
    It was sickening.

  15. Asterix says:

    I’m surprised that the fracking outfit doesn’t bill the family for stealing their gas…

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