Number of working poor families rises by 200,000 in one year

Not that many people in power are paying attention, but the problem of “the working poor” is serious, and growing.

Instead of continuing to focus on expensive military toys and free money for Wall Street, this deserves a lot more attention.

What’s interesting to note is that the problem is greater in the South and Southwest, which are typically Republican voting areas.  (Not that that’s a surprise to most of us who have been paying attention.)  It seems all that GOP concern over gay marriage, abortion, and Mexicans (though really, any Latino freaks them out) hasn’t done a lot to address the actual problems facing Red State families.

The big question remains: Will Red Staters ever figure out that the Republican party doesn’t represent their best interests?

But at least the bankers got what they wanted, right?

Family problems

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The number of U.S. families struggling with poverty despite parents being employed continued to grow in 2011 as more people returned to work but mostly at lower-paying service jobs, an analysis released on Tuesday shows.

More working parents have taken jobs as cashiers, maids, waiters and other low-wage jobs in fast growing sectors that offer fewer hours and benefits, according to The Working Poor Project, a privately funded effort aimed at improving economic security for low-income families.

The result is 200,000 more such working families – the so-called “working poor” – emerged in 2011 than in 2010, according to the report, based on analysis of the most recent U.S. Census Bureau data.

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3 Responses to “Number of working poor families rises by 200,000 in one year”

  1. nicho says:

    So, basically, the plans of the Corporate Party are working. Smash the corporations. Free the people.

  2. Bill_Perdue says:

    There is no recovery except of the very rich.

    The depression will continue and deepen because of union busting by Obama and Democrat and Republican state governments. Union busting drives wages down and as they decline working people aren’t able to buy what they produce.

    1 in 728 homes received a fourscore notice in 2012. (1) “About 4 million foreclosures have been completed since the financial crisis of 2008…” (2) The rich, who created the housing boom-bust that led to the depression have found a new way to profit from the misfortune of people who lost their homes. “Low-interest rates fostered by the Fed are causing big-money investors to purchase foreclosed single-family homes in blocks of hundreds, even thousands. Expected gains in home prices are also leading hedge funds and investment bank traders to gamble on housing derivatives.” (2)

    Unemployment remains at depression levels. (3) It’s still hovering a bit under or over 15% and has
    been for over two years.

    Productivity is soaring but wages are down. “During the 1973 to 2011 period, labor productivity rose 80.4 percent but real median hourly wage increased 4.0 percent, and the real median hourly compensation (including all wages and benefits) increased just 10.7 percent. …” (4)

    Poverty is at record levels. “There were nearly 50 million Americans living in poverty in 2011, under an alternative measure released by the Census Bureau Wednesday. That’s 16.1% of the nation, higher than the official poverty rate of 15%. The official rate, released in September, showed 46.6 million people living in poverty.” (5) ‘Nearly 15 million children in the United States – 21% of all children – live in families with incomes below the federal poverty level …” (6)

    The vast increase of the wealth of the rich during a depression they caused, abetted by political prostitutes in the WH and Congress, is nothing short of criminal. The only way to end their criminality
    is to break with the twin parties of the rich and create a workers government.

    Depression 101 –








  3. Naja pallida says:

    This is what happens when we base our economic policy around the delusion that $400,000 is some kind of median income to be carefully protected, while ignoring the needs of pretty much everyone below that.

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