LA Catholic cardinal, church leaders, shielded child molester priests

Another day, another Catholic cardinal aiding and abetting pedophilia.  This time, it’s retired Cardinal Roger Mahony of Los Angeles.  Is anyone surprised?

There used to be a time when society mostly fell for whatever latest spin the Catholic church came up with when rumors of a new child-sex scandal emerged.

Following the 2002 scandal that rocked the Boston archdiocese, the one that sent the villainous Father John Geoghan to prison (Geoghan was accused of sexually abusing more than 130 children)  and Cardinal Law into a comfy retirement in Rome, believers in the word of the church have understandably dwindled.

Los Angeles has had its own child-rape scandal, and now more of the truth is emerging. It’s all rather sad and pathetic that the church itself was not on the forefront of delivering honest answers without having to be asked — demanded — but that’s the modern (and ancient) Catholic church. It’s all about providing cover, this time for child rapists, rather than protecting the weak or the young.

What kind of monster would do such a thing, you ask? Well...

Catholic priest in handcuffs pedophilia sex abuse child

Catholic Priest via Shutterstock.

Retired Cardinal Roger Mahony and other top Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles officials maneuvered behind the scenes to shield molester priests, provide damage control for the church and keep parishioners in the dark, according to church personnel files.

The confidential records filed in a lawsuit against the archdiocese disclose how the church handled abuse allegations for decades and also reveal dissent from a top Mahony aide who criticized his superiors for covering up allegations of abuse rather than protecting children.

Notes inked by Mahony demonstrate he was disturbed about abuse and sent problem priests for treatment, but there also were lengthy delays or oversights in some cases. Mahony received psychological reports on some priests that mentioned the possibility of many other victims, for example, but there is no indication that he or other church leaders investigated further.

On a related note, yet another troubling story – a similar story, unfortunately – is making news along the Ohio-Pennsylvania border.

It seems as though the Catholic church may have to come up with answers to yet another scandal that involves a priest and young boys. Somehow the priest is living a protected, comfortable retirement despite what appears to be another long history of abuse.

Five former students at a Johnstown, Pa. Catholic school said in phone interviews on Thursday that Franciscan friar Stephen P. Baker molested them while they were athletes being treated for injuries during their time at the school during the mid-to-late 1990s.

The former students from Bishop McCort High School, who will not be identified because they are alleged victims of sexual abuse, played sports at the school from 1993 through 1999 and said Baker would touch their genitals and often digitally penetrated them while under the guise of treating sports injuries.

The accounts mirrored two of the 11 former students from Warren John F. Kennedy High School in Warren who received high-five figure settlements with the Youngstown Diocese, the T.O.R. Franciscan Order in Pennsylvania and JFK for being allegedly abused by Baker during what was supposed to be treatment for minor sports injuries.

Imagine that.

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32 Responses to “LA Catholic cardinal, church leaders, shielded child molester priests”

  1. Billy wingartenson says:

    And saying protecting our trans people would lead to the end of the human race. (Trans about 0.3% of the population)

    Of course the pope grew up in Germany where another man who was born into Catholocism and went to catholic schools in his native Austria darn near did dstroy civilization. Hitler. BTW Heydrich, Goebbels, Dr. Mengele Eichmann, Himmler were the top monsters of the nazi regime and all of them were catholic.

    And the pope learned his lessons well in growing up in Germany – in 2009 he UNexcommunicated Bishop Williamson, a holocaust denier.

  2. Dan Murray says:

    Faith-Based Groups are in a vulnerable position. Trust in others is basic in most faith communities. No one of faith expects one of their own to do such a wrong to a child.
    Research shows, however, that 93% of men who sexually abuse children say they are religious. Many say they are more religious than others.
    (From the Abel & Harlow Child Molestation Prevention Study, 2001)

    The Diana Screen® identifies an estimated 70% of the men and women who should not be placed into positions of trust with children because they present a sexual risk: either because they have already sexually abused a child or they have a very weak understanding of the strict sexual boundaries required between adults and children.

  3. Kim_Kaufman says:

    I wonder if Cardinal Mahoney’s attorney’s name will finally come out — the former mayor of L.A., Richard Riordan, formerly of Riordan & McKenzie — the guy who negotiated all those heavenly priest deals.

  4. Badgerite says:

    Just got Gene Robinson’s book, ‘In The Eye Of The Storm’. Foreword by Desmond Tutu which I will quote from:

    I have been puzzled by a strange fact–that a largely conservative, rural diocese such a New Hampshire should have elected a man in an open, monogamous relationship with another man. It just did not make sense that they would want to run the gauntlet of controversy, opprobrium, and turmoil for the sheer heck of it. Having read Bishop Gene Robinson’s manuscript of this book, I now know why. They had as one of the candidates at the Diocesan Convention to elect their bishop a man many had come to know quite well, and they had been impressed with what they had seen and experienced of him.
    He was, and still is, a man with an all-consuming passion, and that is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to assure as many as will hear him of their infinite worth in the sight of God who loved them and still loves them with a love that is unconditional and that will not let them go. Gene Robinson has the heart of a pastor, compassionate and deeply caring for each person whatever that person’s condition. He tells so movingly of the Christmas present he gives himself every year since becoming bishop. On Christmas Eve he goes to the New Hampshire State Prison for Women, and he has endeared himself so much to these inmates that they embroidered a set of vestments on the inside of which they stitched their names. This Advent vestment set is his favorite among his ecclesiastical garb.

    Not to be too judgmental but it seems to me that the right, Catholic, Protestant, whatever, grabs the flag and the gospels to themselves to cover their unholy hatred of their fellow man. Not to express their love of God and country. The content of Gene Robinson’s character speaks for itself, I think.

  5. jomicur says:

    Here in Pittsburgh we’ve had our own little scandal recently. A parish priest was caught with kid porn on his computer when his housekeeper walked in on him and saw what was on the screen. He was so sure of his position and “authority” he reportedly made no attempt to shut the computer down or block her view, and he was shocked that she reported him. Police said he had more than 5000 images of boys, some as young as 4 years old, engaged in various types of sexual activity, some with adults. The punchline came when he was put on trial earlier this month. His defense was–this is a direct quote–“I didn’t know it was illegal.” Appalling as that is, it strikes me as perfectly consonant with the other hogwash the church has expected people to swallow.

  6. hoary_nodens says:

    The most holy sacrament of the Catholic Church is the rape of children. Imprison the leaders, liquidate the assets, and exterminate the belief system.

  7. caphillprof says:

    hear hear

  8. caphillprof says:

    Won’t somebody somewhere bring a RICO action against the whole kit and caboodle?

  9. xzargo says:

    Not surprised at all. God gave them those boys to rape as a reward for being good Christians.

  10. olandp says:

    As I always say…


  11. samiinh says:

    This, I believe, has been going on for centuries.

  12. There really is no need to single out the Catholics. Sexual abuse is rife in all religions. I suppose if you start the day with a massive pack of lies in your head raping a bunch of kids is a trivial matter.

  13. Badgerite says:

    What is more, a lot of these actions to protect molesting priests were occurring at roughly the same time that the Church was engaged in a campaign to silence or drive from the Church people like the Berrigans or Father James Groppi who was posthumously awarded the M.L.King award on Monday in Madison. Their actions are indefensible. And pointing fingers at other people who are living decent, non-molesting lives is not a defense.

  14. Badgerite says:

    I know a real abomination when I see one. I don’t need a ‘holy’ screed to tell me up from down. I can figure this one out for myself. How is it that the Church couldn’t?

  15. karmanot says:

    If the Vatican can burn thousands of women to death for being witches, I suppose a few thousand priestly child abusers can be over looked.

  16. karmanot says:

    I’m afraid so

  17. karmanot says:

    very like

  18. karmanot says:

    Oh, we understood the remark. ironically speaking of course.

  19. karmanot says:

    “gay people don’t protect the pedophile priests” Got that right dimwit.

  20. Austin says:

    Then I offer my sincere apology, but I read it again and still looks like a slam

  21. Phil says:

    I think you misunderstood bkmn’s remark. He was not dissing LGBT people, nor was he protecting the catholic hierarchy.

  22. grandpamike1 says:

    Well stated.

  23. BeccaM says:

    Plus some gratuitous gay-bashing, like the Pope’s recent Christmas message blaming gays for the downfall of human civilization.

  24. Austin says:

    and just why is that Ironic, Just because someone is gay does not mean they are pedophiles, but your comment does show you are a fucking moron

  25. bkmn says:

    Ironic that gay people don’t protect the pedophile priests, it is the high holy Catholic Bishops and Cardinals that protect the pedophiles.

  26. BeccaM says:

    Civil same-sex marriage = A danger to the very core of human civilization according to Pope Ratzinger.

    Being LGBT = A moral defect, deliberately chosen, and worthy of being damned.

    Contraceptive medicine = A dire moral sin that the Church must be exempt from covering for its secular female employees or the wives of its male employees covered under family health insurance, even if the prescription is for non-contraceptive treatment.

    Disagreeing with the Church on abortion rights = Also worthy of eternal damnation.

    Priests raping children = Hush up, they’re just poor men who need a bit of talk therapy and Confession, after which they can go back to work with nobody the wiser, least of all the parishioner parents who have no idea that Father Jones should have been turned over to the police. In other words, criminal conspiracy and child rape are unfortunate, but acceptable to the Church — contrary to the law in every civilized nation on this planet.

  27. JamesR says:

    Yes, the rot starts at the top.

  28. JamesR says:

    Begs the question whether any of the Six Catholic Supreme Court justices would recuse themselves should these massive cases of racketeering and conspiracy make their way to them?

  29. Phil says:

    If it wasn’t for the tragic consequences, it would be humorous: “we’re the arbiters of morality in this town….” But they’re really nothing more than enablers of monstrous acts. Difficult to have any compassion for them, especially in view of their lack of compassion for any of their victims or targets of their persecution. What a bunch of pompous, sanctimonious asses..

  30. karmanot says:

    Yep….brought to us by the celibates who bring us: Life begins at immaculate conception.

  31. Indigo says:

    What’s clear is that there’s no reformer on the horizon but there’ll be a fresh round of anti-Roe-v-Wade hysterics by the end of the week.

  32. karmanot says:

    For decades at the very center of this evil and corruption is one man, Pope Benedict, Ratso Ratzinger, who, with his close friend, the last Pope did everything in his power to protect pedophiles and continues to do do.

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