Jon Stewart on Glenn Beck’s plan to build a $2bn GOP commune

Jon Stewart has a great segment on Glenn Beck’s plan to build a conservative gated community where freedom will reign supreme, and it shall be called Independence, USA.

Except of course, as Jon Stewart notes, Glenn Beck’s market-driven village won’t allow the Gap and Ann Taylor, because that’s how capitalism free-markets work – the government plans who can and can’t open new businesses, and where you can and can’t shop. As Stewart notes, Beck’s plans sound an awful lot communism mixed with third world autarkic economic policies that tend to fail.

From Yahoo::

The community will be known as Independence, USA. If and when it is completed, Independence will produce its own food and TV and film content.

And this:

The main entrance to the proposed community will be based on Ellis Island…

Hmm.  Good luck with that, since Ellis Island isn’t exactly publicly available for development.

Beckistan will also have a ranch where residents teach each other to grow food (I guess that’s how they’ll survive after they join with all the other gun nuts and overthrow the government), and they’ll even have a deprogramming center that parents can send their kids to every summer when they get home from college, since, you know, college is such a bad place.

Actually that’s an ongoing theme about the conservatives who control the Republican party – that college is an evil place that brainwashes kids, and only elitists send their kids to college.  Well, I suppose college does brainwash kids, if you consider knowledge and intelligence a threat to your way of live – and it is a threat to the lies, the anti-science that is modern conservatism.

How long until this guy declares himself a religion and corners the market on Kool-Aid?

Part 1:

Part 2:

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