Jon Stewart on Fox’s conniption over Obama’s inauguration speech

Jon Stewart reveals that Fox News had a different take on Obama’s inauguration speech than did MSNBC and CNN.

Apparently Pat Buchanan didn’t like it.

Because when I want informed commentary on the swearing in of an African-American president, I turn to a bigot.

Before we get to the Jon Stewart video, let’s relive a few of Pat Buchanan’s finest moments:

Pat Buchanan says Norwegian terrorist had a point.
Pat Buchanan defends Hitler (again).
Rachel Maddow schools Pat Buchanan about race in America.
Pat Buchanan apparently has binders full of women too. Though his women are in chains.
Pat Buchanan is upset that there are too many Jews on the Supreme Court.
You know who else said “Keep America American” besides Mitt Romney and KKK? MSNBC’s Pat Buchanan.

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