House progressives who voted YES on fiscal cliff deal

Yesterday I posted the list of House Progressives Caucus members who voted No on Obama’s fiscal cliff deal — the one that many think gave too much away. (Read here about how Obama sabotaged Reid, in my view, and got that Bush tax cut cut-off level moved higher than it needed to be.)

According to former congressional candidate Norman Solomon (more on his thoughts tomorrow), the final bill passed the House by 44 votes. Which means that every Yes vote below is a true Yes — there was plenty of room for at least half of those below to vote a cosmetic No and not undo the outcome.

Why will this matter? Because next time (in only two months) one or more of the social insurance programs is going back on under the knife. Obama — who appointed both Simpson and Bowles, remember — is taking yet another run. He’s promised not to fight hard — he’s preemptively taken the 14th Amendment option off the table — and plans to get as many spending cuts as he can. Trial balloons already include the social programs. (Here’s a list of what counts as a benefit cut to any of these programs.)

The list below are the people Obama will need in order to put a “bipartisan” paint job on the next damage done. Will they acquiesce to their NeoLiberal leaders then, as they appear to have done this time? Let’s watch and see.

Last Name First Name State & District Party Phone Number CPC Member?     Fiscal Deal Vote
Grijalva Raúl AZ-3 D (202) 225-2435 1 -1
Ellison Keith MN-5 D (202) 225-4755 1 -1
Bass Karen CA-37 D (202) 225-7084 1 -1
Bonamici Suzanne OR-01 D (202) 225-0855 1 -1
Brown Corrine FL-05 D (202) 225-0123 1 -1
Capuano Michael MA-7 D (202) 225-5111 1 -1
Carson André IN-7 D (202) 225-4011 1 -1
Chu Judy CA-27 D (202) 225-5464 1 -1
Cicilline David RI-1 D (202) 225-4911 1 -1
Clarke Yvette NY-09 D (202) 225-6231 1 -1
Clay William (Lacy) MO-1 D (202) 225-2406 1 -1
Cleaver Emanuel MO-5 D (202) 225-4535 1 -1
Cohen Steve TN-9 D (202) 225-3265 1 -1
Conyers John MI-13 D (202) 225-5126 1 -1
Cummings Elijah MD-7 D (202) 225-4741 1 -1
Davis Danny IL-07 D (202) 225-5006 1 -1
Edwards Donna MD-4 D (202) 225-8699 1 -1
Farr Sam CA-20 D (202) 225-2861 1 -1
Fattah Chaka PA-02 D (202) 225-4001 1 -1
Fudge Marcia OH-11 D (202) 225-7032 1 -1
Gutierrez Luis IL-04 D (202) 225-8203 1 -1
Hahn Janice CA-44 D (202) 225-8220 1 -1
Holt Rush NJ-12 D (202) 225-5801 1 -1
Honda Michael CA-17 D (202) 225-2631 1 -1
Jackson Lee Sheila TX-18 D (202) 225-3816 1 -1
Johnson Eddie Bernice TX-30 D (202) 225-8885 1 -1
Kaptur Marcy OH-09 D (202) 225-4146 1 -1
Lee Barbara CA-13 D (202) 225-2661 1 -1
Loebsack Dave IA-2 D (202) 225-6576 1 -1
Luján Ben Ray NM-3 D (202) 225-6190 1 -1
Maloney Carolyn NY-12 D (202) 225-7944 1 -1
Markey Edward MA-5 D (202) 225-2836 1 -1
McGovern Jim MA-2 D (202) 225-6101 1 -1
Miller George CA-11 D (202) 225-2095 1 -1
Moore Gwen WI-4 D (202) 225-4572 1 -1
Nadler Jerrold NY-10 D (202) 225-5635 1 -1
Pallone Frank NJ-06 D (202) 225-4671 1 -1
Pastor Ed AZ-7 D (202) 225-4065 1 -1
Pingree Chellie ME-1 D (202) 225-6116 1 -1
Polis Jared CO-2 D (202) 225-2161 1 -1
Rangel Charles NY-13 D (202) 225-4365 1 -1
Roybal-Allard Lucille CA-40 D (202) 225-1766 1 -1
Sánchez Linda CA-38 D (202) 225-6676 1 -1
Schakowsky Jan IL-09 D (202) 225-2111 1 -1
Serrano José NY-15 D (202) 225-4361 1 -1
Slaughter Louise NY-25 D (202) 225-3615 1 -1
Thompson Bennie MS-2 D (202) 225-5876 1 -1
Tierney John MA-6 D (202) 225-8020 1 -1
Velázquez Nydia NY-07 D (202) 225-2361 1 -1
Waters Maxine CA-43 D (202) 225-2201 1 -1
Watt Melvin NC-12 D (202) 225-1510 1 -1
Welch Peter VT D (202) 225-4115 1 -1

In the next two months, when Obama strikes a “deal” to cut spending as a result of the debt ceiling debate, these are his candidates for the Dennis Kucinich Memorial Plane Ride. I’ve bolded the names of Grijalva and Ellison since they lead the caucus. And yes, in this as well, they led the caucus.

Congress via Shutterstock

Congress via Shutterstock

As you can see, I’m scoring this vote. “Minus-1” means a vote for the leadership and against a better deal — or no deal, which in my view would have been better still. (I still have dreams about what could have happened if Obama hadn’t pretended the clock kept ticking on January 1.)

As I said above, I’ll have more about what this means for “progressives” in Congress very shortly — probably tomorrow.

If you see your own congressperson on the list, do feel free to call them; that’s why the phone numbers are there.


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8 Responses to “House progressives who voted YES on fiscal cliff deal”

  1. karmanot says:

    Give it a rest down arrow troll.

  2. htfd says:

    Time to start sending these turn coats “You failed us” notices. Maybe if they start seeing how closely we’re watching they will take notice. I’m sure it’s to much to hope, but mend their ways.

  3. Ford Prefect says:

    Of course. I used the shorthand, “Lowering the standard of living,” to encompass all that and more. The GOP has been pushing the envelope on child labor laws, abolishing the minimum wage and so on for most of the last decade. All this feeds into that policy direction, so in a few years there will be a new consensus to do all that as well.

    This is why I call Neo-Liberalism a dystopian ideology.

  4. arcadesproject says:

    maybe progressives in congress who voted ‘yes’ on cliff are not really progressives. yuh think?

  5. karmanot says:

    The lesser evil that most everyone voted for is unfolding. The result for the poor, single mothers, seniors and the disabled will be disastrous and cause wide spread suffering. I hope to live long enough to vote against every Democrat on the slate, even if the option is all Tea baggers. If the above go down them bring everyone else along, particularly the Obots.

  6. lynchie says:

    What it will also do is lower wages. More and more people on minimum wages because there is a glut of potential employees. Austerity allows you to go after unions, teachers, trades people and gut their benefits.

  7. Ford Prefect says:

    These pseudo-progressives voted for recession, which will increase unemployment and thusly the deficit… leading to yet more austerity. Wash, rinse, repeat as needed to destroy the standard of living in this country.

    At least the Republicans are relatively honest about their goals–they hate people in general and are rather plain about it. Democrats, on the other hand, are the far more effective liars.

  8. lynchie says:

    Gilding a turd does not make it gold especially with the giveaways in the cliff bill. So much money for special interests and for wall street and corporate buddies. Millions upon millions pissed away to a Congress/President who are going after our SS and Medicare because the debt is too high but apparently not high enough to stop them giving to their buddies. A little long but worth the effort as well as the second one on insider trading by Congress.

    This article makes interesting reading about Insider trading. You just can’t make this shit up but we are powerless to stop it, and don’t give me the song and dance about vote them out–seems we never do.

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