List of House “Progressive Caucus” members who voted against fiscal cliff deal

These are your House “Progressive Caucus” members who voted against the Obama–Boehner–McConnell fiscal “cliff” bill.

If you think Obama gave too much tax-breakage away to his inauguration-funding friends, these are your heroes.

I’ve bolded the Caucus leaders in that group. What … there aren’t any? Bummer that.

Nevertheless, these are your heroes:

Last Name First Name State & District Party Phone Number CPC Member?     Fiscal Deal Vote
Becerra Xavier CA-34 D (202) 225-6235 1 1
Blumenauer Earl OR-03 D (202) 225-4811 1 1
DeFazio Peter OR-04 D (202) 225-6416 1 1
DeLauro Rosa CT-3 D (202) 225-3661 1 1
McDermott Jim WA-07 D (202) 225-3106 1 1
Moran James VA-08 D (202) 225-4376 1 1

Feel free to call and say Thanks. I’m serious. These people didn’t wither under pressure; they didn’t take “Dennis Kucinich’s plane ride.” Points to them. I’m scoring that vote — you can see the point totals above. Thanks, guys.

You’d have expected more No votes from self-branded “progressives,” right? After all, the “deal” was widely denounced by progressive analysts, who feel that even though some good happened — social programs didn’t get the Obama knife, this time — there was far more given away in tax breaks than had to be. More on that shortly; every Dem Yes gave ground cover for more (perhaps cosmetic) Republican No’s.

Think about that. This vote wasn’t close, which means every Dem Yes is a real Yes. I know there’s disagreement about the merits of that deal — but if you think the Dems got less than they could have, and the Dem Yes voters played Follow the NeoLiberal Leader, we agree.

Why do I say “social programs didn’t get the Obama knife, this time”?

I said what I said because it’s coming, that knife, and in only two months’ time. The next run Obama and the Republicans will take at the social programs will be during the “debt ceiling” debate. For more on that, listen to the short clip below. I posted the whole show earlier, but in case you didn’t click to listen, here’s a part of my discussion with Matt Filipowicz about what happened and what’s coming:

Next up, the list of self-branded “progressives” who played Follow-the-Leader (Obama and his New Dem buddies) with Nancy Pelosi’s eager acquiescence. These are the progressives who seem most poised to cave when Obama says “Take that deep soul-killing dive” at debt-ceiling time and asks them to help him cut deep into social insurance. It’s coming.

Stay tuned. This is turning into one of my two subjects this year.


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