Hillary Clinton hands teabagger Ron Johnson his balls (video)

UPDATE: Ron Johnson now claims Hillary Clinton “faked it” when she ripped his head off at the Benghazi hearing.  Johnson’s concern is understandable. I suspect he has that problem a lot with women.

Hillary Clinton taught Wisconsin Republican Senator, and Tea Party favorite, Ron Johnson a valuable life lesson at yesterday’s Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing about the Benghazi attack: It’s hard to teabag if someone cuts your balls off.

As you may recall, the latest conservative conspiracy theory is that somehow the Obama administration knew within hours of the September attack on our consulate and CIA station in Benghazi, Libya (in which four Americans, including our ambassador, was killed) that the attackers were “terrorists” rather than “a mob.”

It’s not clear how the Republicans “know” that the administration “knew” this, but that’s the conspiracy theory in a nutshell: that Team Obama knew, and refused to call the attack “terrorism” because the elections were coming up.  And apparently, per the theory, the President knew that a terror attack right before the election would be bad politics – even though the Bush administration and Republicans on the Hill used to love to milk terrorism for political gain, so it’s not clear why the attack would hurt Obama, rather than help him. But don’t expect consistency from crazy.

Hillary Clinton talks to Ron Johnson Benghazi

“Do you speak Italian, Senator?”

Anyway, Republican Senator Ron Johnson from Wisconsin, a Tea Party-er who has issues with women, thought he was going to school Hillary Clinton in how a good ole Washington smear works.


Poor guy didn’t know what hit him.

You see, smart chicks are like Kryptonite to losers like Johnson.  Hillary Clinton was supposed to cry, or get flustered, or demand a time out to touch-up her make-up.  At least that’s what Ron Johnson was taught women do when men mansplain the world to them.

But Hillary Clinton didn’t crumble in the face of aging testosterone.  Instead, she took out the long knives and brought home a trophy.

(The fun starts around 2 minutes into the video.)

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