Gun nuts think Obama is like Hitler because they don’t like America

It’s a common theme among Republicans, but especially among their radical base – be it the religious base or the gun-nut base (or both).  Namely, that America is heading towards dictatorship, and only their guns (and their god) will stop a Democratic Hitler from turning our country into another Soviet Union or Nazi Germany.

Now I’m for “eternal vigilance” and all that.  And I get the concept of being aware of creeping infringements on our freedom, lest they end up being rather large infringements over time.  But I have to say, anyone who thinks America is in danger of becoming the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany has a really f’d up view of what this country is, and is all about.

It’s one thing to object to actual legislation that actually impinges on our rights.  I don’t agree with the anti-health-reform types, but I can understand why someone who is principled might find the principle of the government telling you what to buy distasteful.  I don’t agree that they’re correct, in the construct of health care reform, but I get the objection in principle.

What I don’t get is people who then say that Obamacare is how the Jews got gassed.  Because it’s really not.  The Jews in Europe didn’t die because Hitler wanted to give them more affordable health care.  (They also didn’t die because of gun control.)

drudge-hitler--stalinAnd I think this is what bothers me most about the “Obama is a socialist” crowd (and Mitt Romney, Reince Priebus, Sarah Palin and a lot more of their ilk who run the GOP ran with this message), and the “gun control is like Hitler” loons.  These are people who simply don’t think very highly of America.

The Republicans’ attitudes towards Obama in general, and gun control in particular, remind me of a pre-nuptial agreement gone seriously wrong.  They’re dealing with a partner they seriously do not trust.  We must stop Obama because he’s going to turn the country into a communist state and/or Nazi Germany, they keep telling us.  Which begs an important question: Why did 51% of America vote for a guy who wants to turn us into the USSR and Hitler’s Germany?  Unless of course we’re in cahoots with him.  And thus is born the 47% argument, though Romney was off by 4%.  By their accounts, more than half the county is un-American (which by definition can’t be true).

This is, at its core, the gun nuts’ central tenet.  Not that governments generically shouldn’t be trusted.  But that our government in particular is evil and must be stopped at all costs.  It’s philosophical terrorism that far too often leads to the real thing, whether it’s a shot-up movie theater by a guy dressed like Rambo, or a blown up federal building.  It far too often comes down to the individual in question thinking they are the last defense against tyranny.

The problem we face as a nation is that the men who control today’s Republican party neither trust, nor particularly like, most of America, or Americans.  If you truly see a commie and a Nazi around every corner, then you’re obviously not very thrilled with where you live.

The Republicans don’t have a problem with Obama, they have a problem with America.

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32 Responses to “Gun nuts think Obama is like Hitler because they don’t like America”

  1. Patrick Henry says:

    The expansion of the power of the presidency can lead to the end of democracy in the US, many say that we are already there. When the government can spy on all of its citizens without telling anyone about it, by order of a secret court, it doesn’t mean that it is constitutional or legal.
    As we have seen, courts can be rigged, politicians can be bought and the average citizen doesn’t seem to know or care.
    If the government isn’t subject to scrutiny, then it can do as it pleases without concern for the bill of rights, the constitution, habeas corpus and all of the principles that this country was founded on.
    If criticizing the government becomes a treasonable offense, we are not in America, we are in Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia.
    When we have to get the truth from outside of our own country about what the government is up to, things are a lot more serious than most people think.
    If our economy is based on spending and not producing, we are in for disaster.
    If Wall Street, Big Banks and Oil Companies can commit crimes without any punishment, what example does this set for our children and why should the government be any different.
    Now is the time to speak up and speak out about these things, while we still can.
    When Peter King and Obama are on the same page and try to put the actions of our government beyond scrutiny, then we are in trouble.
    If we allow our government to abandon the principles that this country was founded on, we gain the world but lose our souls to fascism.
    The war on terror hasn’t made the world safer, unless you don’t watch the news.

  2. Sav says:

    This piece was written very poorly. It is just an opinion and provides no factual evidence about anything this writer was talking about..

  3. America says:

    That was a lie betrayed by CNN and the Mainstream media, he defended the freedom of EVERYONE. And he didn’t start a war they started the war by destroying the World Trade Towers. And as for Iraq they were setting up weapons and they were told time and time again to cease, but they didn’t. But when he step up he got thrashed and discredited.
    A good President don’t care about their popularity, but care more for the liberty of the country more even when the media say other wise.

  4. American says:

    Well how about the Anti-Israel and Anti-Conservative education, that the same way how Hitler started, and people hatred against them is growing, hatred is the poison lead to the holocaust which did happened. So Obama is becoming like Hitler. Then his follower were brainwashed like the followers of Obama are, and now they are planning to set up more laws for security and more taxes for entitlements “those who would give away liberty for security deserves neither and loses both.” He want more regulation which means less liberty. We conservatives (true Conservatives) want liberty.
    The Government only job is to protect Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of PRESS, Freedom to Assemble, Freedom to bare Arms (which to protect you from Criminals and oppressive Government. And no Government should restrain.) They should also protect the rights of the people including to succeed which they punished people for, right to live (which abortion denies children). Speaking of which what would happen in the 1800s they supported and have the means for Abortion and the the parents of Abe and Marten Luther King Jr. or other National Heroes decided that they didn’t want a child so they get Abortion? Yes, so Abortion doesn’t effect just only the unborn child and the parents but also in a long run effect negatively everyone else and the future. The aborted child could have grown up to make history or be average Joe.

  5. Zaxtor Znort says:

    Republicans are inbred hicks.
    Hitler was a far-right which republican are right wing,
    Right wing is closer to far-right than left.

    Right wings hates USA because the right wing are anti-environment, anti-racial minorities, pro-racist idelogy and only care for money.
    They’re homophobic because their stupid unrealistic religion says so.

    Mitt Romney is a hick who played a huge role in the spreading of the Monsanto,
    Probably these hicks brainwashed Obama to sign the protection act.

    Republican = no freedom.

  6. 51% did NOT vote for him. 51% of those that voted did.

  7. Swami_Binkinanda says:

    Wait and see how bummed out about the world you will be when your teeth start to come in.

  8. Swami_Binkinanda says:

    I’m waiting for a Waco/Ruby Ridge style shindig. Alaska has had quite a spell of Teahadists go to jail recently; and I’m sure there must be more.

  9. Cletus says:

    I believe those on the national stage don’t necessarily believe everything they spout and are just using it as a cudgel to whip up the villagers, but the villagers are a different story. They’re as serious as a heart attack.

  10. James S. says:

    Okay, sorry, I take that back, I didn’t mean it.
    Wish I could delete comments.

  11. James S. says:

    The wording of this title is all screwed up. It should be “Obama is Hitler’s gay lover, because he hates America.”

  12. therling says:

    One that that doesn’t seem to make sense to me is the Second Amendment absolutists’ argument that having a gun is necessary to prevent our government from becoming a tyranny, yet in the same breath they get paranoid about that same government “confiscating” their guns. If the government is so powerful that it can “take your guns” if it wanted to, then how could having a gun “prevent a dictatorship?”

  13. dula says:

    They are sore losers who want to destroy the nation because the democratic process chose the other President. They hate us for our freedoms.

  14. goulo says:

    By the standards of many modern democracies, Obama IS a right winger.

  15. citizen_spot says:

    Wow, that discussion thread is an enlightening window into the minds of the unhinged.

  16. caphillprof says:

    Mitt Romney hated American and he lost.

  17. caphillprof says:

    It’s called projection. Republicans ALWAYS project.

  18. No says:

    You’re out of your mind and living in a damned fantasy world if you really believe all this. Yes, there are a few valid points here about absurd claims being made, but they express the opinions of a tiny minority who are also delusional. If you really believe one party (or the other) is “the problem”, you need to get your head out of your ass and read some damned history.

    The whole system is garbage. 200 years of decay later, now we have a tyranny of the majority (democracy) and everyone thinks it’s this great thing (and even dumber, they think this was how the nation was founded). No, we had a *republic* originally–and the intention was to protect the minority against the tyranny of the majority. (Coincidentally, this does sound a bit like Germany’s ’30s, for the Jews at least.) The founders (wisely) despised “democracy”. Add to that the idiotic two party system (which was never intended or envisioned), and you get our modern day “empire” where everyone is supposed to pick and root for their “team” to see how much they can force on the other guy, and anyone who refuses is branded “extremist”.

  19. Matt Munson says:

    I wonder if people would be racist if it was a black right winger as president.

  20. Badgerite says:

    Do you think they really believe their own rhetoric or are they just cynically putting it out there to whip the (pause) less informed, shall we say, into an irrational frenzy? If your ideas can’t compete on the rational and honest level, you can always try the irrational level. Because on that level, you can basically believe what you want even though all evidence will contradict it.

  21. News Nag says:

    One thing that the GOP liars and hyperbole-mongers are achieving when they shrewdly slander Obama and Dems as fascists and fascistic communists is to self-immunize themselves from ever seeing themselves for the fascists they themselves are. You see, if Obama is a fascist, and they’re against Obama, then they themselves, the GOP, could never do anything that’s fascistic or be fascist themselves. It’s a circle jerk of illogic, I know, but it’s how they ‘think’. It doesn’t get any more self-delusional than that, and they’ve arrived full-stop at off-the-rails. Now they can do anything, they believe, and get away with it because they believe they can do no wrong. Oh, and they’re just a few percentage points and an even halfway charismatic candidate from running all three branches of government, as they are right now and not a party that has ever come to its senses. So don’t tell me we can’t have a fully fascist government here in the good ol’ USA, because we can.

  22. mark_in_toronto says:

    That’s called racism.

  23. laketahoeblue says:

    How is Obama able to deceive so many, but not you? Are you the only one who accesses other sources of information besides that coming from the White House? What a disdainful view of 51% of our voting population.

  24. Cletus says:

    We mock/ignore them at our own risk. It was bad four years ago. With the current talk of any kind of gun control it is absolutely off the freaking hook. Don’t believe me? Read the 3155 plus comments since this morning on a Drudge linked Hill article about Di Fi’s proposed bill…

  25. Cletus says:

    For example?

  26. theoracle says:

    The Republican Party has become a cult, a David Koresh Branch Davidian Waco compound, but on steroids…heavily armed, doomsday preppers, a patriarchal religious community, bible-thumping, and afraid that “the government” might interfere with their heavily armed, doomsday prepping, patriarchal, bible-spouting system.

  27. karmanot says:

    Under the circumstances, that is not in the least farfetched.

  28. karmanot says:

    That last line sums it up quite well. Republican loons are anti-American and dare I say it with out a Godwin’s Law snark—fascist.

  29. mf_roe says:

    Obama uses deception of a multitude of naive followers to serve the interests of a small group of privileged oligarchs, nothing at all like Hitler.

  30. BeccaM says:

    They were cool with it because they figured brown people and non-Christians don’t deserve civil rights of any kind — and they further assumed as long as their guy was in office, this would never change.

    Now there’s a brown guy in the Oval Office. And he’s not a Republican. Plus they’ve been telling themselves he’s not a natural-born American and a Muslim. So the xenophobic paranoia is boiling over for them.

    I honestly think there’ll be another Oklahoma City-type incident before 2016.

  31. Those “Patriots” were doing the patriotic thing and supporting their President! Now they’re doing the patriotic thing and trying to stop Obama from destroying America…. Bizarre.

  32. nicho says:

    George Bush spent eight years trashing the constitution, taking away civil liberties, and building a huge surveillance apparatus. Where were the Second Amendment “Patriots” who have guns to prevent just that sort of thing? Oh yeah, they were cheering him on. What a bunch of delusional idiots!

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