Gun nut brings assault rifle, Glock, ammo to JC Penney to “make a statement”

A registered gun owner in Utah yesterday caused a stir when he went to a shopping mall with an assault rifle slung over his shoulder along with an open carry pistol and plenty of ammo. Utah is an open carry state, so what he did was completely legal. As the line goes in The Big Lebowski, “you’re not wrong, you’re just an *sshole,” seems to be fitting.

Outside of fringe gun owners, who really thinks this is helping anyone or any cause? It’s much more likely that it only shows gun extremists to be more extreme and out of touch with the bulk of Americans who find this kind of behavior either scary or offensive. Maybe the owner feels inadequate in some way, so this helps him feel like a bigger man? If gun activists want to help discredit their precious cause, they should keep doing this.


As a person who has traveled a number of times to Israel where you do see (or at least, used to see) soldiers going home on weekend leave with their guns, it just doesn’t give me any level of comfort seeing this guy with a gun over his shoulder.  Oh, and if there were another gun nut in the store preparing to open fire, guess who he’d take out first?

How would I know this guy is not a crazy gun preparing to kill people and really, why would the local police take him on his word? Have the police never heard of Meleanie Hain, the open -carry soccer mom that was killed by her open-carry husband, who then killed himself?

None of these open carry zealots make me feel safer.

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