Gaius on Ring of Fire: “How to build a powerful sustainable progressive movement”

This is a programming note — I’ll be on Ring of Fire Radio this weekend talking with Mike Papantonio on solutions for progressives and the broader progressive movement.

The 2012 election is over; it’s time for progressives to engage the the next enemy in the field — that would be Democrats. Papantonio and I discuss how to do that — the kind of courage it takes, and the kind of courage we’re calling for.

The kickoff post for the discussion is this one:

■ The importance of “rebranding” politicians who betray progressive principles 

plus my series on office-holding progressives, the latest of which is here:

■ Is the House Progressive Caucus “enabling Obama’s rightward moves?”

There’s excellent back-and-forth in the conversation; please listen if you have a chance. I’ll post the audio if a clip is made, but not all Ring of Fire segments are published as clips.

Who else is on the show?

The lineup for this show is spectacular. From the Ring of Fire website (my emphasis):

Rolling Stone contributing editor Jeff Goodell will tell us about the options that President Obama has to address climate change.

Author and historian Rick Perlstein will tell us how the NRA evolved into one of the most deceptive, and politically inept, organizations in America.

Truth-Out reporter Darwin Graham will join us to discuss the greedy Wall Street banks … [now] snatching up foreclosed homes.

And America Blog’s Gaius Publius will tell us how we can build a powerful, sustainable Progressive movement in America.

It looks like a terrific combo. I’ve only heard my own interview, but I can’t wait to hear the others. Perlstein alone is worth the price of admission, and the Obama–climate discussion is right up my alley, and yours I hope as well.

Details for tuning in

Ring of Fire RadioTuning in is easy. Ring of Fire Radio is generally broadcast on Saturdays, 3 o’clock Eastern, and rebroadcast Sunday nights at 8 pm Eastern.

To find a station in your city, click here. To listen live via internet, links are here.

And to subscribe to the Ring of Fire Radio podcast, click here. (Yes, not free; but neither is progressive infrastructure…)

Thanks, all. Please feel free to add comments with your own thoughts on this.


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5 Responses to “Gaius on Ring of Fire: “How to build a powerful sustainable progressive movement””

  1. dula says:

    This will be an uphill battle considering that the Democratic electorate has proven themselves similar to the Republican one in that they have more loyalty to their party than they have for the nation. There is very little Obama could do to make them turn away. Real change brings revolutionary chaos and “Liberals” who are financially comfortable don’t want to disrupt their beautiful lives especially since predatory Capitalism has been good to them.

  2. Mike Meyer says:

    BUT WE have the Net. If ALL party transactions take place on The Net, then ALL TRANSACTIONS ARE TRANSPARENT, by definition and electronic FACT.

  3. lynchie says:

    the amount of money swirling around in Washington just waiting to be grabbed is obscene. Congressmen learn from day 1 that their dream of making a difference is just that a dream. Reality is take the money, make the deal or there will be no second term. Obama learned early. Took the $1 million for Noble Prize (after increase conflict in Afghanistan) and has been a good little puppy ever since. A few bones for the left, but economic, job creation, increased regulation on banks and wall street–forget about it.

    Third party won’t work, Dems and Repubs won’t let them play, can’t debate, can’t get on ballot and are quickly gang banged into submission. Our system is broken and frankly I don’t see any way to change it. The coronation of Hillary is under way. She needs a few years to get the stench of Secretary of State off her clothes what with the drones, killing Americans abroad, Middle East a powder keg and the Dems will throw another right wing liberal for us to chew on and claim it is the least of two evils. But they never are, are they. They are just as evil and most of all it hurts more to put time, effort and money into the game and be shown before the second inauguration that he wants to bone SS, raise age limit for SS and Medicare, bandaid for gun control, more lard for business in fiscal cliff bill–the beat goes on–he has his and we ain’t getting any and “we are not in the club” as George Carlin told us many times.

  4. TheOriginalLiz says:

    Until we change the rules of the game, we will be stuck with corruption. Even if we come up with a third party, it will become corrupt in short order in the current enviroment.

  5. Mike Meyer says:

    It will take a Third Party, Folks.
    One cannot swim in CORRUPTION and not come out smelling like corruption, without being corrupt.

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