Five people wounded at gun shows in 3 states on Gun Appreciation Day

Ah yes. Saturday was Gun Appreciation Day.  And I’m sure those five people appreciated being accidentally shot by gun nuts celebrating Gun Appreciation Day.  Nothing says “I appreciate gun” like accidentally shooting someone.

Remind me again how professional these people are? People like the Utah gun extremist who wanted to make a point (of terrifying people?) by bringing his assault rifle into JC Penney?  These guys want others to think that they’re all some kind of experts when it comes to guns, but they’re anything but.

When they’re not scaring families with their bizarre macho nonsense of openly carrying weapons, they’re literally and figuratively shooting themselves in the feet. Some – like the Utah extremist – like to tell people that they’re former military, so somehow that makes everything OK. Uh sorry to break the news guys but Timothy McVeigh as was Lee Harvey Oswald so you will have to forgive me if I’m not trusting of everyone who ever served in the military. I must have missed the part about how the military figured out how to block crazy extremists unlike the rest of society.

Semi Automatic Rifles via Shutterstock

Semi Automatic Rifles via Shutterstock

This does raise the ongoing problem (fetish, really) in America of somehow believing anything and everything related to the military is perfect and beyond criticism, because it’s not. The military has plenty of great people and also it’s share of crazies, just like the rest of society. Thinking that military people are perfect and beyond reproach makes no sense and is unhealthy. If toting around an arsenal to visit a JC Penney is normal and reflects well on the military, there’s a problem.

Besides that weird banana republic-like obsession over the perfection of the military, we also hear a lot from the gun nuts that gun owners are responsible. They know how to handle weapons and are highly professional about it. Uh huh, except when they’re not. In three different states. In one freaking day.

Open Carry Gun Owner in Utah

Open Carry Gun Owner in Utah

Feeling safer with these people carrying weapons? Anyone?

Five people were wounded in accidents at gun shows in North Carolina, Ohio and Indiana on Saturday, according to authorities.

In Raleigh, N.C., authorities said three people were wounded when a loaded shotgun accidentally discharged at the Dixie Gun and Knife Show at the N.C. State Fairgrounds.

Officials say Gary Lynn Wilson, 36, was having his shotgun checked before entering the show when the incident happened. He was unzipping his 12-gauge shotgun’s case when it accidentally fired birdshot pellets, hitting three people, The News & Observer in Raleigh reported. Wilson was planning on privately selling the gun at the show, according to NBC affiliate WNCN.

The NRA and gun nuts in the US wanted to have a public battle and now they’re getting it. Too bad they can’t live up to their phony baloney lies and spin that they so regularly regurgitate. As soon as the spotlight is put on them, they fall apart and show everyone just how crazy they are.

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25 Responses to “Five people wounded at gun shows in 3 states on Gun Appreciation Day”

  1. RepubAnon says:

    Alas, the Supreme Court has ruled that there’s an individual right to own guns. We’re now in the “what regulations are reasonable” stage of the argument. Pointing out that the car-grabbers haven’t seized our cars and melted them down to make light rail systems is a valid argument.

  2. benb says:

    ‘Gun Appreciation Day’? If they had any sense at all they would have held a ‘Gun Safety Day’ or a ‘Self Defense Day’. These people scare me…

  3. FLL says:

    Gun-lobby nuts will never have the ability to overthrow the government just because they don’t like the results of the last election. What recourse do they have? How can they vent their frustration at being unable to impose a minority dictatorship on their fellow citizens? They can accidentally shoot each other at gun shows! Gun-lobby morons actually accidentally shooting each other at gun shows may very well be Darwinsm in action (link here):

    “The Darwin Awards salute the improvement of the human genome by honoring those who accidentally remove themselves from it…”

  4. FLL says:

    Automobiles are necessary for daily life and commerce, just as horses and chariots were in ancient times. Guns are not necessary for daily life and commerce. What is your argument, exactly? Or are you too lazy to formulate an argument?

  5. dmhlt_66 says:

    True … and it’s got Darwin grinning ear-to-ear!

  6. Guest says:

    Is “wacked out bad libs” you code language for urban Blacks?” If it is, why don’t you just say so?

  7. FunMe says:

    In the past, I didn’t really know much about the NRA. With all the latest shenanigans of the NRA, they are confirming that the NRA is made up of a bunch of CRAZIES!

  8. mike31c says:

    Could not happen to better people :p

  9. KingCranky says:

    Unless those accidents occurred in the context of an “automobile appreciation day”, which was set up to counter public opinion after a massacre carried out with a car-not a gun-then you haven’t undercut anything.

  10. Blogvader says:

    Why is it so difficult for these gun nuts to exercise muzzle control? Oh yeah, we don’t require people to prove their competence with a weapon before purchasing it.

  11. TuxedoCartman says:

    Yeah, but were these people of any use to start with?

  12. karmanot says:

    Right! The old driving cars is like carrying guns meme is getting old and wasn’t valid in the first place.

  13. UncleBucky says:

    Guns are designed for killing. Cars are designed for driving. Full stop.

    Simply, bend then melt. Repeat until recipe is completed.

  14. UncleBucky says:

    Not a chance. We’ll hear from them, “Oh well, more dead kids are just the collateral damage of preserving the 2nd Constitution, I mean, Amendment…”

    They are NOT Patriots. They are patriots of the self. That’s it.

  15. aikanae says:

    Maybe if gun safety manuals were written like comic books, they would be looked at by the people who need them.

  16. RepubAnon says:

    Remember, the NRA’s donors are the manufacturers of guns and ammunition. Nothing like a heavily armed, nervous population to boost sales…

  17. RepubAnon says:

    Did you mean to say “good people with guns are the only answer to careless people with guns?” That works as snark. If you really meant “whacked out bad libs with guns” – aren’t the libs the ones that don’t own guns?

    Pop quiz: how many people do you see each day driving their cars like crazy people? 20+ MPH over the speed limit in rush hour, weaving in and out of traffic, tailgating – not to mention the road rage folks. It’s not that high a percentage of all drivers, but there are quite a few – and that is in an environment where the police can easily spot them and pull them over.

    My assumption is that at least that high a percentage of gun owners are equally irresponsible and/or subject to flashes of anger as car owners. This is why gun safety laws plus removing the restrictions keeping law enforcement from enforcing our existing gun laws is necessary.

    Arming the population won’t solve the problem of irresponsibility or carelessness – it’ll only trigger shootouts. Indeed, in the NRA’s dream world, dueling would be legalized. Both people – armed – “stand their ground” and stage a bad cowboy movie cliche reenactment. Given Florida’s current laws, I’m not sure that the survivor of a duel could be successfully prosecuted if they could make a showing that they were the one “challenged”

  18. colleen2 says:

    These are white Republican ‘men’ and thus bullies and cowards and scum. What they want is to be able to kill unarmed women and children with impunity. They certainly do not and never will embrace the notion of anyone shooting back which is why they get so enthused when one of their own murders an unarmed black minor child. They want all white Republicans to be armed and militarized, not the rest of us.

  19. Naja pallida says:

    Personally, anyone who attends a gun show is assuming this risk, and they should know that or they have no business being there. I’m fine with that. What bothers me is that they expect us all to also assume this risk whenever we are in public, because they are too fearful to be without their binkie at the mall.

  20. BOB says:

    Good people with guns are the only answer to wacked out bad libs with guns!!

  21. Dano2 says:

    It’s just what they want – a society where everyone is armed and militarized.

    It almost makes me feel bad for these people. Almost.



  22. AnitaMann says:

    If only someone had a gun to stop it.

  23. nicho says:

    These are the people who are going to protect us from evildoers. Bwahahahahaha.

  24. UncleBucky says:

    Dang, I would laugh, but there were people hurt badly. And me, a paper cut makes me unusable for at least a half day. ;O)

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