Fiscal cliff deal in danger in House

This is where things get interesting.  House Republicans don’t seem to agree with many progressives about the fiscal cliff being a sign that President Obama caved.  They think Boehner caved.  And they may kill the deal.

From Ryan Grim at HuffPost we learn that Paul Ryan and Eric Cantor, both GOP House leadership, oppose the fiscal cliff deal.  The biggest complaint, Grim reports, is the “lack” of spending cuts.  Senate Dems are saying they’ll reject any House changes to the deal.

And some progressives are upset about the deal – others, less so.

But the problem for Republicans remains that if they don’t support this deal, they will be blamed for pushing America over the fiscal cliff. Which would be a political disaster for them.  That’s the general consensus among progressive and traditional media:

fiscal cliff

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Brit Hume ‏@brithume
Appears the House GOP’s pie-in-the-sky caucus will blow up the deal, leaving new higher tax rates in place and assuring Rs get all blame.

Glenn Thrush ‏@GlennThrush
In terms of the politics, it’s a no-brainer: WH-Mitch cliff deal sets House GOP up for a biblical reckoning if they block it and taxes rise

Howard Fineman ‏@howardfineman
House GOP see it as an act of courage for them to send the government over the cliff. They aren’t here to legislate, but to blow up things

Ben White ‏@morningmoneyben
The fury that will rain down squarely on House GOP if they kill the#fiscalcliff deal by amending it will be a sight to behold

Sabrina Siddiqui ‏@SabrinaSiddiqui
RT @ryangrim: Senate Dem aide on whether they’ll take up a bill amended by House GOP: “They are full of hot air. Not a chance we come back.”

Brian Beutler ‏@brianbeutler
Even if Boehner can cobble together 218 votes to amend, return to Senate, no way Reid gets jammed. House Rs take us over the cliff.

Luke Russert ‏@LukeRussert
If House GOP sends this deal back amended, it’s as good as dead. No chance Reid moves on amended bill. House will force USA off cliff

Glenn Thrush ‏@GlennThrush
So… Didn’t the House lose its right to amend the bill when they pick up their toys and went home for Xmas

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