Bob Dylan – Maggie’s Farm

Somehow, there are not a lot of great live Dylan options on YouTube but at least his music is still there. I’m never sure if it’s YouTube, his fans or Dylan himself that keep it that way. It’s a shame that it’s this way, but anything that involves the recording industry is going to be sticky.

Paris is now a few days away from winter weather, or at least Paris winter weather. The forecast has us dropping below freezing late next week though it’s not clear how long it will stick around. Last year, the temperature stayed below freezing for about three weeks, which was highly unusual for Paris. I was lucky enough to be traveling so missed it but I won’t be as lucky this year.

Even with the cold spell that’s ahead, it won’t be like my first winter in Columbus, Ohio back in the 1980s. Back then, it stayed below 0F for a month. I would finish work at night and would come out to my car at midnight or 1AM (ahh, restaurant hours) and every time I turned the key, nothing. Then it was the joy of finding someone else at that hour who could help jump start my car. Somehow I learned to hate winters that year.

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