Potential GOP “no”-votes on Obama-Boehner fiscal cliff deal

The effort to get to January 1, with no damage done by the fiscal cliff deal, continues. No matter what the next Obama-Boehner deal contains, progressives will have a net win with No Deal. Even if the next offer does not contains Chained CPI, a raise in the Medicare eligibility age, or any of the other ways to knife the signature social programs, it will likely contain a surrender on the Bush Tax front.

For example, letting the Bush–Obama tax cuts expire raises the top marginal rate to 39.6%. Obama wants to exempt the first $250,000 of income from that rate. The net good effect on federal revenue is almost $1 trillion dollars ($829 billion, to be exact). Any change to either the percentage or the threshold raises significantly less money. For example, changing the threshold to $1 million and keeping the rate at 39.6% gives away almost half of that revenue. I’m almost certain the next Obama–Boehner deal, if there is one, will give back some off that trillion.

Let’s not do that. Let’s keep all of those dollars in the federal purse. In addition, let’s not hurt any social program. No Deal is a good deal, say I. Keep the pressure on the Republicans to blow this thing up.

How to help Republicans say No to Obama–Boehner

Call them and tell them that’s what you want. It’s that simple. Sample messaging here (scroll down).

Whom do you call? This is an updated list of whippable (pursuadable) Republicans who may well vote against the Obama-Boehner Bad Deal, the so-called Fiscal Cliff bargain. See this post for the schedule and full explanation. It collates the numerous new names that have come in since that original post was published.

The sources of this information are keyed as follows:

R = Per Howie Klein in this post
R-PlanB = Per Howie Klein in this post
R-PlanB* = Actually voted against the rule when Plan B was first presented
RS-whip = RedState’s unofficial No list for the actual (unvoted) Plan B bill

Now the assembled table. This is a solid 45 names to work with. Phone numbers get you to their DC offices.

R Akin Todd MO 2 R (202) 224-3121
R-PlanB* Amash Justin MI 3 R (202) 225-3831
R Bachmann Michele MN 6 R (202) 225-2331
R-PlanB Barton Joe TX 6 R (202) 225-2002
RS-whip Blackburn Marsha TN 7 R (202) 225-2811
R-PlanB* Broun Paul GA 10 R (202) 225-4101
RS-whip Buerkle Ann Marie NY 25 R (202) 225-3701
RS-whip Burgess Michael TX 26 R (202) 225-7772
RS-whip Burton Dan IN 5 R (202) 225-2276
RS-whip DesJarlais Scott TN 4 R (202) 225-6831
RS-whip Duncan John TN 2 R (202) 225-5435
R Flake Jeff AZ-6 6 R (202) 225-2635
R-PlanB Fleming John LA 4 R (202) 225-2777
R-PlanB* Franks Trent AZ-2 2 R (202) 225-4576
RS-whip Gardner Cory CO 4 R (202) 225-4676
RS-whip Garrett Scott NJ 5 R (202) 225-4465
R Gingrey Phil GA 11 R (202) 225-2931
R-PlanB* Gohmert Louie TX 1 R (202) 225-3035
RS-whip Gowdy Trey SC 4 R (202) 225-6030
RS-whip Graves Sam MO 6 R (202) 225-7041
RS-whip Guinta Frank NH 1 R (202) 225-5456
R-PlanB* Harris Andy MD 1 R (202) 225-5311
R-PlanB* Huelskamp Tim KS 1 R (202) 225-2715
R-PlanB* Jones Walter NC 3 R (202) 225-3415
R-PlanB* Jordan Jim OH 4 R (202) 225-2676
R-PlanB Labrador Raul ID 1 R (202) 225-6611
R-PlanB Lamborn Doug CO 5 R (202) 225-4422
R-PlanB* Landry Jeff LA 3 R (202) 225-4031
R Lummis Cynthia WY AL R (202) 225-2311
R-PlanB* Massie Thomas KY 4 R (202) 225-3465
RS-whip Mulvaney Mick SC 5 R (202) 225-5501
RS-whip Myrick Sue NC 9 R (202) 225-1976
R-PlanB* Paul Ron TX 14 R (202) 225-2831
RS-whip Pearce Steve NM 2 R (202) 225-2365
R Scalise Steve LA 1 R (202) 225-3015
R-PlanB* Schmidt Jean OH 2 R (202) 225-3164
RS-whip Schweikert David AZ-5 5 R (202) 225-2190
RS-whip Scott Tim SC 1 R (202) 225-3176
R Southerland Steve FL 2 R (202) 225-5235
RS-whip Stutzman Marlin IN 3 R (202) 225-4436
R Turner Michael OH 3 R (202) 225-6465
R-PlanB* Walsh Joe IL 8 R (202) 225-3711
R-PlanB West Allen FL 22 R (202) 225-3026
R-PlanB Westmoreland Lynn GA 3 R (202) 225-5901
RS-whip Wilson Joe SC 2 R (202) 225-2452

Go for it. Operators are waiting and want to hear from you. As I said, suggested messaging in this post. Happy phone-banking. (And happy holiday as well!)

(Update: Corrected Todd Akin’s phone number per this comment. Thanks.)


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