Dan Savage denies breaking up Sarah Palin’s son’s marriage

Dan Savage gets married to his boyfriend right before Sarah Palin’s son get divorced from his wife.  Clearly another heterosexual marriage destroyed by the homosexuals, if you ask me. Oh the humanity!

Though Dan is now categorically denying that his “gay” marriage several days ago to his longtime boyfriend-in-America-husband-in-Canada Terry Miller had anything to do with splitting up the Palins (this is really from Dan, he just emailed it to John):

Dan Savage official wedding photo, courtesy of Nate Gawdy (Seattle Gay News). Dan told me I could post it. :)

Homewreckers Dan Savage and Terry Miller, wedding photo by Nate Gowdy (Seattle Gay News). Dan told me I could post it. :)

“Hundreds of other same-sex couples have married in Washington state since Sunday. It’s true, of course, that every time a same-sex couple marries, a straight marriage collapses. But there’s no proof that my marriage caused the collapse of Track Palin’s marriage. It could’ve been some other couple’s marriage, or perhaps it was the collective weight of all the same-sex weddings that have been performed in Washington state since Sunday that doomed the Palins’ marriage. We are not trying to evade responsibility here—being married is all about assuming responsibility—but I feel this effort to blame us is baseless.”

Sounds like a non-denial denial to me…

And such bad news so soon after Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol, famous for being an unwed teenage mom who doesn’t live the father of her child, had her show canceled, followed by the discovery that the show was heavily subsidized by taxpayer money in Alaska.

The California company that made Bristol Palin’s TV show about raising her child has collected a $354,348 subsidy from the state.

Unlike nearly all of the other shows and films subsidized so far under the movie incentive program, the salaries paid to Alaska residents on the Palin show account for a majority of the total  “Alaska expenses” for the TV show.

Palin and the five other Alaska residents who participated as “talent” on the show collected close to a half-million in wages.

They’re a real “pick yourself up by your own bootstraps” kind of family, those Palins.

sarah palin

I can see a train wreck from my kitchen.

Today News reports that Sarah Palin’s son, Track Palin (yet another stellar name), is divorcing his wife of 18 months, and they have a 1-year-old child.

Hmm, married 18 months ago, and a child born only 12 months ago.

Why is it with the Palins the math never seems to add up?

Remember, Sarah Palin’s own child-birth math – with the birth of the very same son “Track,” no less – didn’t seem to add up either, and she refused to comment on it during the campaign in 2008. No less than the NYT noted it.  This from my earlier post on that topic:

  1. Sarah Palin’s first son, Track Palin, was born in April 1989 (we don’t have the exact day). Actually now we do, courtesy of FOX News’ Alan Colmes. He was born on April 20.
  2. Sarah Palin was married on August 29, 1988. She eloped.
  3. 38 weeks is the typical human pregnancy.
  4. 38 weeks before her son’s birthday, April 20, 1989, is July 28, 1988 – i.e., that would be the hypothetical day of conception.
  5. If this data is correct, that would mean that Sarah Palin eloped four weeks after her son’s conception.
  6. Sarah Palin’s son could still be legitimate if he was born four weeks premature, AND if he was conceived on the night his parents eloped.

The Palin family should be treated with the same compassion and respect that they’ve so famously offered to others during these tough times. Including Sarah Palin’s support for an amendment to the US Constitution banning gay marriage, since she apparently thinks gay marriage are somehow a threat to “traditional” marriage.  And her daughter Bristol’s rant against gay parents, in which the unwed mother, who moved thousands of miles away from her child’s father, lectured President Obama, incredibly, about the imperative of children having fathers.

NOTE FROM JOHN: Being from the Chicago area, I didn’t really grow up appreciate the notion of “trash.”  We never really used the word, or the notion.  Thanks to Sarah Palin, I get it now.

An American in Paris, France. BA in History & Political Science from Ohio State. Provided consulting services to US software startups, launching new business overseas that have both IPO’d and sold to well-known global software companies. Currently launching a new cloud-based startup. Full bio here.

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69 Responses to “Dan Savage denies breaking up Sarah Palin’s son’s marriage”

  1. Ferry_Fey says:

    Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson is NOT on the record as having delivered Trig. She has never been willing to make the clear statement that she delivered Trig, and that he came out of Sarah Palin’s womb. Any assumptions that she did deliver him and that Sarah was his birth mother are mere products of misdirection. There has never been any verifiable evidence given that would confirm he is Sarah’s child by birth. None whatsoever.

  2. mike31c says:

    And like a typical stupid repuke, you are a typical behind the times bigoted asshole, who hangs out at gay websites.

  3. Michigander62 says:

    The “alleged ” comment came from a very liberal newspaper whose bona fides are definitely suspect. But leave it to a liberal puke not interested in the truth.

  4. Michigander62 says:

    Mike your such a disingenuous (to be expected liberal) 57% of marriages already have a cookie in the oven. You know what i bet a large percentage of those folks are liberal pukes.

  5. Eric Haulenbeek says:

    Your envy is crippling. As if these people ever had anything to do with your lives, and yet you seem so bothered by their failures and successes. Such a shallow existence you’ve created for yourselves.

  6. They seem to have a hard time keeping their children in line.

  7. HeywoodJa says:

    The first kid comes anytime–it’s only the subsequent ones that take nine months. Actually, even that’s not true anymore, as so many people have eschewed marriage entirely.

  8. lol. Awesome. Do you smoke first and eat after, or vice versa? ;-)

  9. KayInMaine says:

    Sarah wore a fake pregnancy belly and when she got back to Anchorage, she ditched the belly and drove under 2 hours to Wasilla where Bristol was having Trig. She then adopted Trig to make it look like she gave birth to him. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it until I see some birth certificates! :D

  10. Jim Olson says:

    My birthday is 04/20/69.

  11. Jim Olson says:

    Thank you for the lesson, Lettice. But you’re missing the point. “Traditional Family Values” Palin committed fornication with a man she was not married to. She doesn’t get to lecture the rest of us on sexual morality.

  12. Jim Olson says:

    I blame the media, who can’t seem to quit her.

  13. Lucky bastard. Track was born on 420… Coincidence, or Karma? (Yeah, I have no idea what the F*** I’m talking about either…)

  14. GoBlue says:

    “Also, it was Todd who saw to it that they were fed…” I meant the Palin children, of course, not the gossipy neighbors.

  15. GoBlue says:

    I learned only last week that Joe McGinniss, reviled by Sarah and her friends at Faux News for having moved into the house next to hers in Wasilla (the better, allegedly, to stalk her), long ago finished the book and published it.

    Now that I’ve read it, I can give it a thumbs-up. A surprising number of Alaskans allowed McGinniss to quote them by name; it seems that resigning the governorship cost Sarah whatever good will she still had in Alaska. Some people said she’s a terrible mother, and it was Todd who saw to it that they were fed and had clean clothes; when he was working on the North Slope, they had to fend for themselves. Also, he writes, while Sarah and Todd are lovey-dovey in public, they were often heard screaming at each other “Fuck you, I want a divorce,” and each has cheated on the other.

    Most fascinating was his speculation about baby Trig. He acknowledges that he can’t possibly be Bristol’s son, but he hypothesizes that he isn’t Sarah’s either–rather, that she adopted him. Many, many people said she never looked pregnant before his birth, and some have heard rumors that she had a tubal ligation after her fourth child. And her bizarre decision to waste half a day flying back to Alaska after she began having contractions in Texas are almost inexplicable unless she actually wasn’t pregnant. The doctor who is on record as having delivered Trig issued a carefully worded statement denying that he was Bristol’s. But it never explicitly said that Sarah was the biological mother.

    So what could have been her motive for lying? Although adopting a Downs baby would score major points with the religious right, even better is the official story that after the amniocentesis proved she was carrying a Downs child, she considered abortion but rejected it.

    McGinniss made me rethink my theory that Sarah hoped Trig would die, if not in utero then during or after birth, so she wouldn’t be burdened with a Downs baby. She had already scored all the points she could with the religious right by “heroically” rejecting abortion. But if he died anyway–well, God works in mysterious ways.

  16. Jess @ Nevada Divorce says:

    Oh Palins always doing their bizness. http://nevadadivorce.org

  17. Kenneth C. Fingeret says:

    Hello Analog Kid,

    Whicht meaning of the word “intercourse”? I can think of at least two.

  18. Kenneth C. Fingeret says:

    Hello Chris in Paris,

    All I can say about the two children born into the Palin group is “inconceivable”! at to their birthdate.

  19. scruffer says:

    Actually the math does add up.
    It’s just not the math everyone is familiar with.
    This is Palin math. VERY different.
    Although also too as well, their math does add quite a bit to their bank accounts, I have to give them that.

    So go figure. True GOP-ers I guess.
    Hypocrisy=Feeding Ignorance and Hate=Faith=Money

    The GOP may ‘despise’ the Palins now, but they are their shining example of what they stand for.

  20. karmanot says:

    More information than I want to imagine. AAAAhhhhhh……

  21. karmanot says:

    Those long winters, and snow and crystals!

  22. karmanot says:

    “Her son is an adult.” Oh, I wouldn’t go that far, but part of him works in that sense.

  23. karmanot says:

    True, aside from her celebrity turn as a Gothic dancing Manatee, she has also been quite verbal in her homophobic opinions.

  24. karmanot says:

    My guess is that John grew up in Oak Park or Glen Ellyn —and that is a good thing. Also, my partner and I would like to take credit for breaking up the Palin marriage and we only ‘thought’ of marriage.

  25. samizdat says:


  26. samizdat says:

    And don’t forget the weed…lot’s and lot’s of weed.

  27. Analog Kid says:

    “christian family values”

    Well, in their defense – there’s not much to do in Alaska besides alcohol and intercourse.

  28. Swami_Binkinanda says:

    pipeline cooties.

  29. KatieAnnieOakley says:

    Here’s that letter; note the 3rd paragraph: http://www.latimes.com/media/acrobat/2008-11/43179602.pdf

  30. test

  31. Tor says:

    Maybe someone could invite them to the next yule-goat-burning in Sweden. There might be a horrible accident. Or something.

  32. Her kids go after us.

  33. Bingo.

  34. I don’t remember there being a letter about that.

  35. BlueberryT says:

    FWIW, the letter released by the McCain-Palin campaign at 11 p.m. on election eve in 2008 said that all Palin’s prior pregnancies were full-term, meaning that by her own admission, her eldest son Track was conceived before she was married. That’s also true of her mother’s first pregnancy and of course her daughter and her son. Even though they preach abstinence, they ALL had pregnancies before they were married.

  36. UncleBucky says:

    BUT WAIT!!!! Savage and Miller got married JUST BEFORE Palin’s son’s marriage went south!

    Wow. That’s cause and effect if I ever saw it! ;O)

  37. mike31c says:

    From the party of ‘family values’, these nutballs have no morals, values or have any idea what the word “family” means.

  38. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    It could happen.

  39. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Bristol? She made herself a public figure. She didn’t do it well, but she tried. However, this post really isn’t about half-governor Palin’s children although they are mentioned. It’s really about dumb things homophobes have said over the years.

  40. herbert says:

    PARENTING SKILLS!! Obama’s family is ideal. Sarah Palin has no parenting skills and has contributed o(zero) effort to teach her kids much of anything except how to get money from reality shows. Republicans are like that, they preach and yell fire and brimstone then get caught with their pants down

  41. mc1964 says:

    As much as I dislike Sarah Palin, I don’t think it’s right to go after her kids as though they themselves
    are public figures. Bad-mouth her all you want, but leave the kids out of it.

  42. 2patricius2 says:

    Dan Savage and Terry Miller’s marriage broke me up. It made me gay. Made me happy. As did the other marriages of lesbian and gay couples in WA.

  43. Alan says:

    I wouldn’t piss on the Palin family if they were all on fire. I’d glady buy a $5 gallon of gas though. That would be money well spent and a damn fine holday gift to the world!

  44. A good inclination is but the first rude draught of
    virtue, but the finishing strokes are from the will, which, if well
    disposed, will by degrees perfect it, as if all disposed will quickly
    deface it.

  45. A reader in Colorado says:

    Oh ye of much sarcasm and little imagination.

    It could happen. Dan’s marriage really could have destroyed Track’s.

    It could be that in order to maintain his love life with his wife, Track engaged in a fantasy about being boinked by Terry, and once Dan’s marriage happened it was just such a letdown that there seemed to be no point in going on.

  46. BillFromPA says:

    These mutants are heroes/heroines to the GOP. They represent the pinnacle of repug de-volution and came within few percentage points of becoming our ‘Second Family’.

  47. yaymccheeks says:

    The Palins are just Alaska’s little joke on the rest of us.

  48. FunMe says:

    What a lovely family. So “real” American. So family values. A model for all of us to follow. ;-)

  49. karmanot says:

    Keeping ‘Track’ of the Palin litters is exhausting.

  50. ComradeRutherford says:

    You can take the trash out of the trailer park, hand them millions of dollars in taxpayer’s money, but they will only ever be white trash.

  51. karmanot says:

    Thanks for that finger wagging. All is clear now.

  52. karmanot says:

    But she can see money from her house!

  53. karmanot says:

    I see them as Alaska’s version of “The Hills Have Eyes.”

  54. caphillprof says:

    So did illegitimate children of miscegeny become legitimate after Living v. Virginia?

  55. CattyNineTails says:

    It’s VERY important to note that the bill which made it possible for the Palins to receive all those Alaska tax dollars … ?

    “… was signed into law by Sarah Palin herself back in 2008, and will expire in 2013 unless it is renewed. This incentive currently allows for film and TV producers to recover 30 percent or more of the money they spent on production back from the state itself.

    “Some questioned Palin back in March on the legitimacy of financially benefiting from an incentive which she herself signed into place as governor in 2008. She responded on her Facebook page, writing that those charges were ‘totally absurd’.”


  56. karmanot says:

    Well done nicho! I can imagine the Dutchess of Kolab is feeling like a pillar of Salt about now.

  57. cambridgemac says:

    Absolutely. We’re not talking about legitimacy here. We’re talking about fornication. It’s no crime of the child’s if the parents are hypocritical fornicators. :)

  58. josephebacon says:

    More like saltpeter of the Earth!

  59. I’m no fan of Sarah Palin, but you have no idea what the term “legitimate” means. It has zero to do with when a baby is conceived and everything to do with when it is born.

  60. BeccaM says:

    Any time there’s a story about her and her loathsome pack of Wasilla chillbillies, I try to do my part to encourage her swift recession into anonymity, irrelevance, and ridicule.

  61. ToonKC says:

    Bunch of bastards. Literally.

  62. Nothing more than grifters, white trash grifters!

  63. samiinh says:

    I wish she’d just go away, but sadly, she keeps popping up.

  64. douglas01 says:

    For a solid christian family values family, the Palin’s certainly have a hard time keeping their pants on.

  65. Dano2 says:

    Grifters. No more e-ink needs to be spilled on the trailer trash Barbie clan.



  66. BeccaM says:

    Sarah who?

  67. UncleBucky says:

    That just shows you the excellent parenting and mentoring that Sarah Palin has bestowed to her family. A wonderful role model.

    Meh. Palin.

  68. nicho says:

    Strike the word “of,” and you’ve got GOP policy in a nutshell.

  69. A_nonymoose says:

    Salt of the earth, them Republicans.

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