Sam Seder on the ‘War on Christmas’ (vintage video, funny as hell)

This is vintage video, from 2005, with Sam Seder debating one of the scions of bigotry from the religious right about the supposed “war on Christmas.”

Sam does a wonderful job. He’s funny as hell, and also gets some hard-hitting serious points across as well. ┬áMy favorite part is when he’s discussing the operational ties between Santa and Al Qaeda.

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10 Responses to “Sam Seder on the ‘War on Christmas’ (vintage video, funny as hell)”

  1. benb says:

    My hunch is that Bob Knight is gay. He left the LA Times in the mid to late 1980s and doesn’t talk about that period in his life and, I believe, de-evolved into a self-loathing closeted conservative. Probably saw his friends —and perhaps his lover–die from HIV and that scared that crap out of him. Seems plausible that he makes a deal with his guilty conscience, moves away from temptation and pops up at the Concerned Women of America working out his conflicts by externalizing his self-hatred trying to persecute gay men and women. Now he’s trapped in career and a marriage to a woman who spawned his two kids having to relentlessly work on trying to be heterosexual. That is Hell.

  2. SharksBreath says:

    The entire Republican movement is a fundraising scam. Every issue is used to bilk their supporters.

    Nothing more. Nothing less.

  3. BeccaM says:

    And December 25th is the birthday of Mithras, a warrior god.

  4. Hue-Man says:

    Make that 2 months; Canadians complained when retailers started promoting Christmas on November 1st, following a month of Halloween overload. Retailers relented – and started up again on November 12th, the day after Remembrance Day. While retailers try to get consumers to spend more, the government frets about household debt: Statistics Canada’s “… report shows household debt to annual disposable income reached a new high at 164.6%, from 163.3% the previous quarter.”

  5. Forget Kwanzaa, try Mohammad :)

  6. leathersmith says:

    its Saturnalia, really.

  7. BeccaM says:

    This ‘War on Christmas’ is nothing but BS. Preachers like Bob Knight use it to fundraise. Idiot pundits use it to sell books. Faux News use it for a slow-news season ratings bump. And Christianist Moron Americans get all offended because they’ve been reminded that not everybody in America is Christian. “Gee, why should Jewish and Hindu parents get all bent out of shape because their kids in public school are being made to sing songs praising Baby Jesus?”

    Can you imagine the uproar if their Christian kids were made to sing songs praising Vishnu or celebrating Kwanzaa? Oh, right — they do that, too.

    I find it hilarious that despite having a Constitution-violating national holiday specifically set aside for one religion, they still went ahead and commercialized it to hell and back again — and their complaint is that other people have de-sanctified their high holy holiday season, which has expanded to the point where it’s wall-to-wall for nearly a month out of every year.

  8. Naja pallida says:

    Yay, Christmas day political rant! Since I basically canceled Christmas here this year because I can’t afford it, I told you I’d be here. :)

    You know what, if someone wishes you well on the holiday season, no matter what words they choose to use, just accept it with grace and enjoy your own holiday the way you want to. Getting your panties in a wad because you feel someone isn’t giving proper acknowledgment to your religious preference is just a waste of time and energy, when there are actual important things to think about. Why can’t Fox Noise take that energy and effort and point out that this Christmas morning, there are over 800,000 Americans who are homeless. We have 50 million people in this country who don’t get enough food on a daily basis – which, strangely enough, coincides with the number of people living in poverty. Those are the things that good Christians should find offensive, not that someone wished them a Happy Holidays.

  9. FLL says:

    Saying “Merry Christmas” doesn’t mean that you’re a believing Christian. It just acknowledges the fact that Christmas is a national holiday in the United States. And yet, fundamentalist Xtians insist on using every reference to Christmas as some sort of “victory” and an acknowledgement that the person saying it is a Christian. I never had any problem with Christmas as a national holiday, but if these asswipe evangelical Xtians can’t manage to keep their collective mouths shut, I would be in favor of moving the national holiday to the Winter Solstice, which is December 21. It’s the minority of fundamentalist Christians that are making this a contentious issue, not the rest of the country. Do these Christianists understand that they are becoming an increasingly unpopular with their fellow Americans? After all, many Americans are concerned with endangered species, such as lions in Africa. (Not enough lions, too many Christians.)

  10. citizen_spot says:

    Sam definitely nailed Bob about the whole war on x-mas/poor Christian “victims” as a tool for fund raising. Spot on, as they say.

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