Politico confirms Obama’s fiscal cliff frame: “Let’s each kill one of our own”

Update: Don’t miss the “back-door privatization” of Medicare discussed below the picture of Caesar and his friends. Folding Medicare (public insurance) into Obamacare (private insurance) is becoming part of the evolving discussion.

A brief follow-up to the last post about the “fiscal cliff” (or the Gunfight at Obama Bluff) — “Obama to Boehner: Let’s each kill one of our own.” Politico discusses the Klein-described deal, and in the process, confirms that this is where the discussion is being had. Politico’s first sentence (my emphasis):

The script for a fiscal cliff deal was always supposed to be simple: Democrats would win on taxes. Republicans would win on entitlements.

It’s that simple. Politico is DC insider-central on this stuff, especially when they offer throw-away assumptions like the one above. The rest of the article details how small a deal Republicans are getting — the knife cut Obama delivers to Medicare may be mainly symbolic. Fair enough. On the taxes side, the compromise tax-cut agreement may also be symbolic, as I noted in my earlier piece.

Again, the skeleton of the Obama-Boehner bargain is a mutually-agreed betrayal — “You kill one of yours, and I’ll kill one of mine.” It’s a mutual “Et tu, brute?” moment.

Notice, by the way, that Politico’s second sentence add to the pressure on Dems to say yes:

But what kind of victory can Republicans really hope to win? They’re going to have to lower their sights — by a lot — from the big ideas they pushed in the presidential campaign.

See — they’re selling this as a good deal for Dems. How nice of them. Did I mention that Politico is “DC insider-central”? This stuff is how you know. They sell DC insider recommendations.

What are you going to do about it? (Click to find options.)

Folding abandoned Medicare seniors into Obamacare is back-door privatization

Obama people are going to tell you that even if he’s “forced” to raise the Medicare eligibility age, the least affluent of those abandoned will be covered by Obamacare. So a reminder — Obamacare is privatized medical care. It forces citizens to buy medical insurance from private insurers — like United Health Care, for example — instead of offering single payer government insurance, or even a public option to compete with private insurers.

Obamacare is privatized medical care. Any move to reduce Medicare coverage and fold it into Obamacare is back-door privatization. Remember that when Obama (and his minions, like Dick Durbin and Steny Hoyer) tell you the “stabbing Medicare” piece of Obama-Boehner is not so bad after all.

Tell them No. You voted against Romney-Ryan — you voted against privatized Medicare.

(And progressives imagined that Obamacare would evolve toward less privatization! Silly us. Obamacare is a Trojan horse, and I’m liking Dennis Kucinich’s plane ride even less than I used to.)

Update: Digby and Joan Walsh agree. Click to read why.


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