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Last night after taking a nice walk around town (Paris empty and mostly full of out of towners from the countryside, who drive badly) Jojo proposed the idea of seeing a film. She had heard so many great things about Life of Pi and she loved the book so we checked it out.

She enjoyed it but that was mostly two hours of boredom for me. It’s a mystery how or why the film has enjoyed such positive reviews. Others near us were grumbling the same. For most of the film I kept thinking “OK, get on with it” but no, it just dragged on and on. Painful.

Oh well, it’s a sunny day and cousins are coming over for lunch. We have more oysters and hopefully but if not, I will be eating a few dozen Oleron oysters tonight. For the meal, I’m roasting a big old poularde for the event, which is like a capon, but female.

In France, the poularde is considered a large bird but the size is more around what you will find with a normal American chicken. The one that I bought is 4.6 pounds and compared to my French chickens, it looks tiny.

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