Gun nuts: Sandy Hook Elementary teachers should have been armed

One of the two largest pro-gun groups in the US, the Gun Owners of America, second only to the NRA, just came out and said that had “gun control supporters” permitted teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut to be armed, the armed kindergarten teachers could have stopped this carnage.

Yeah, one problem though.  As kvetchingyenta points out on Twitter, the shooter “also had a bullet proof vest, and would have taken the teacher down before she could find her gun and shoot him.”  Slight wrinkle in the plan there, eh?  Unless we equip all of our armed pre-school teachers with kevlar, like Robocop.

Here’s the head of the Gun Owners of America:

“Gun control supporters have the blood of little children on their hands. Federal and state laws combined to insure that no teacher, no administrator, no adult had a gun at the Newtown school where the children were murdered. This tragedy underscores the urgency of getting rid of gun bans in school zones. The only thing accomplished by gun free zones is to insure that mass murderers can slay more before they are finally confronted by someone with a gun.” –Larry Pratt, head of Gun Owners of America. (Via Igor Volsky @ Think Progress and Joe My God)

Can you imagine. Elementary school teachers packing heat.

Seriously, through, where would a teacher keep her gun, so she could have stopped the kid who burst into her classroom, guns blazing?  She’d have had to have a holster, or have the gun tucked in her waist at the small of her back, the way all the hot LEO women do it on TV.  And I seriously doubt teachers are going to teach small children with guns hanging from their waists.  So where would the gun go? Between her boobs?

If the gun were at her desk, or in her purse, she’d not have been able to grab it in time if someone walked in firing (let’s face it, first person the shooter would likely go for is the adult).  And how exactly would a teacher keep a gun in her desk or her purse and stop kids from getting to it – I mean, this is a class of 5 and 6 year olds?  She couldn’t keep it in her purse – there’s that “kids are nearby” problem. It would have to be in a locked desk.  But, the lock would have stopped her from getting her gun in time if the guy just walked into the room, gun blazing (guns don’t kill people, locks kill people).

And how exactly does a teacher open fire in a room full of five year olds and not hit one of the kids? I suppose we could arm the kids too.

Or are the Gun Owners of America suggesting that teachers from other rooms should have abandoned their kids and hunted the hunter, leaving their six year old students all alone in the middle of a shooting rampage? The parents would have loved that.

I’m just trying to undersand how armed teachers could have helped in this particular scenario.  The only thing I can think of is a teacher sitting there, gun in hand, huddled with the kids, waiting for the shooter to walk in.  Some scared to death teacher, shaking uncontrollably, surrounded by 25 kids, packing heat.  Good luck with that.

Oh, and AP is reporting that another gun nut opened fire in a hospital in Alabama.

If only the neo-natal children had been wearing reactive armor.

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