Poll: GOP voters oppose GOP fiscal cliff cuts

So GOP voters aren’t thrilled about Republican members of Congress proposing cuts to Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid in the so-called fiscal cliff talks with the President.

The trend to be in favor of government spending cuts, so long as the cuts aren’t for anything you want, has been around for a while.  And the public’s split personality on such cuts isn’t surprising.  As John wrote in early 2011, the Republicans have bashed government spending for years, convincing many that any government spending is bad government spending (so long as you don’t get into the details).

Shockingly, these same Republicans failed to show concern for the Bush budget-busting lies. The trillion-dollar tax cuts never saved us a dime, they actually busted the budget, and the unnecessary wars are still costing us billions each month (Iraq alone may end up costing us $5 trillion). That big government spending that they all hated so much? Somehow, that was now fine too.

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More recently, we also heard countless complaints from Republicans about the evils of 47% of the public who eat at the trough of big government spending. It’s just terrible for them to think about, that some people might actually need food stamps, or Medicare or Social Security. Although few publicly agreed with Romney’s 47% remark, privately, many Republicans believed and said the same thing – Romney even said it again after the election, and Bill O’Reilly and others agreed with  him.

The problem for the GOP, though, was that they too were looking for government money.  And many of them   had more money than God, but didn’t want you to have a dime.

Whether it was the moocher 1% types who feed on government money, or the GOP voters, who needed it to survive, they wanted stuff too. Republican-voting states have benefited enormously from federal tax dollars over the years and this year, the bulk of the counties with the fastest-growth in food-stamp aid voted for Romney. Everyone wants stuff, including Republicans.

Now that there are budget discussions to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff, Republicans and some Democrats are proposing cuts to the social system. Besides being unnecessary and unfair, voting for such cuts is even unpopular with GOP voters. It’s seems Republicans still want stuff, according to a new poll.

GOP voters support tax increases on the wealthy, but are also against:

  • Letting the Obama payroll tax expire.
  • Cutting Medicare spending.
  • Raising the Medicare eligibility age.
  • Eliminating the home mortgage tax deduction.
  • Eliminating charitable tax deduction.
  • Cutting spending for Medicaid, the program for the poor.

More from McClatchy:

The only option that voters endorse, by a ratio of 3-to-2, is to raise taxes on the wealthy.

A majority oppose other often-discussed options, including raising taxes on everyone, cutting Medicaid or Medicare spending, raising the age for Medicare, or taking away tax deductions for charitable contributions or home mortgage interest.

Go read the poll.  It’s amazing how much it sides with Democrats and against Republicans.  (Well, some Democrats. The public is NOT in favor of any of the crazy cuts being proposed at the moment.)  If any Democrat blinks and wants to give away anything in light of this information, they might as well leave the party today. There is no need to back down to pay for Bush’s lies.  We have the public on our side.  Let’s, for once, use that to our advantage and do the right thing.

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7 Responses to “Poll: GOP voters oppose GOP fiscal cliff cuts”

  1. Naja pallida says:

    There is no lesser evil in our politics any more, just evil. Do you want evil that is telling you up front that it is it’s evil and wants you to suffer and die, or do you want the evil that is going to donkey punch you when you’re not expecting it?

  2. karmanot says:

    What about ‘Lesser Evil” did folks not understand? Obama is a bastard. These cuts will cost lives as Obama drones American senior citizens.

  3. ezpz says:

    I say give them ALL – Ds & Rs alike – the same health care options that everyone else has, and at the same prices for premiums, with the same deductibles, copays, subject to the same denials. Oh, and charge their families’ health care plans accordingly as well.

    That’s for starters. Then (or maybe first), cut their salaries, and don’t let them get their secret automatic yearly pay raises that they voted for years ago to avoid the embarrassment (if they’re capable of that) of a public vote each year.

    Then, we can tackle their pensions. Let’s make them wait until they are 65 – AT LEAST – before thay can collect their pensions, and cut them by half, minimum.

  4. Naja pallida says:

    A combination of low information voters, masochistic voters who can’t vote anything but Republican no matter how much they continue to be hurt, and narrow issue voters who can only vote for the anti-abortion candidate, or the anti-gay candidate, or the guy who promises to fight Obama’s super secret plans to ban guns. You know, the kind of people who don’t understand that there hasn’t been a real Liberal policy passed in this country in over 30 years, but yet can somehow still find ways to blame Liberals for everything that has gone wrong. Those people who can’t seem to grasp the irony that Obama is barely a hair off of George W. Bush on the political spectrum, but yet seem to think comparisons to Jimmy Carter, or even more absurd things, are somehow valid.

  5. BeccaM says:

    Yes, but the rich plutocratic bastard class in both parties is 100% behind the idea of dismantling the social safety net, beginning with privatization of the proverbial low-hanging fruit. In this case, forcing Americans age 65 and 66 back onto the for-profit health insurance market and by cutting Social Security benefits over time in a manner not unlike a frog in a pot of soon-to-be boiling water. Continued efforts to cut the payroll tax is another of the insidious schemes to undermine both those programs.

    At the risk of sounding like a broken record: What the American people want does not matter. The plutocrats already own our government.

  6. Seriously? says:


    Here’s my grand bargain. Boehner agrees to a return to 39.6% for the top 2%; Obama agrees to raising the Medicare retirement age to 67 – registered Republicans only. A win-win, no?

  7. ninjakiller says:

    Who are these morons who vote R then are shocked when Rs want to gut these “entitlement” programs. Lift the caps on ss & medicare contribution so we can never have these arguments again. then raise the top marginal rate to 50% so we can balance the federal deficit, THE SOLUTIONS TO THESE “PROBLEMS” ARE SIMPLE!

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