13 y.o. launches petition against Easy-Bake Oven for marketing only to girls

Easy-Bake Oven, sexist?  A 13 year old girl says yes, and she’s asking Hasbro to stop.

As someone who loves to cook, does all of the cooking at home, and who has enjoyed cooking since I was a kid, I would say most definitely, yes – the Easy-Bake Oven’s marketing is sexist (see a sampling below).

Just as it’s sexist to dissuade young girls from math, it’s completely sexist to suggest cooking is not for young boys.  And that’s what Easy-Bake Oven’s entire marketing scheme is about – girls, to the exclusion of boys.

Why Are Most Celebrity Chefs Men?

What makes all of this a strange topic is that in the world of “top chefs” in the restaurant business, there’s also a heavy dose of sexism against women. Most of the big name chefs are men, though fortunately there are more women who are getting the respect that they deserve. Even in the context of sexism, cooking is odd since it discourages one sex or another depending on age (it’s okay for men to cook but not boys, and women’s place is in the kitchen unless it’s a really big famous kitchen).

What’s so complicated about being a boy or a girl, a man or a woman and wanting to cook without regard to your gender?

Easy-Bake Oven is Marketed at Girls Exclusively

Google “Easy-Bake Oven” – the description is about girls:

And go to the Easy-Bake Oven Web site – no boys to be found, but this little girl is everywhere:

easy-bake oven

Then I went over to Amazon to check out the Easy-Bake Oven collection of products.  The only gender shown on the packages are girls and women. These are only a handful:
easy-bake oveneasy-bake oveneasy-bake oven

easy-bake oveneasy-bake oven

While women were traditionally the primary cooks at home, that is hardly the case in many households these days. Reinforcing old stereotypes is old school, and we really need these companies to catch up with the modern world.

NOTE FROM JOHN: I used love to love playing with my sisters’ Easy-Bake Oven when I was a kid.  And I still love to cook and bake today (might be making some pumpkin chocolate chip bread later tonight in fact, in my non-sexist GE oven).  Easy-Bake Oven is sexist, and it’s weird that Hasbro is still focusing exclusively on girls in this day and age.

It’s Time for Hasbro to Liberate the Easy-Bake Oven

Whether or not you want to sign the petition or contact Hasbro (the manufacturer) directly, is your choice. Personally I won’t even look on the Change.org site until they stop playing both sides for profit but I appreciate what the young girl is doing to bring about positive change. Good for her!

Speaking of spunky young girls, remember Riley, from last Christmas, who was beside herself that the toys store try to push girls to buy pink toys and boys to buy blue:

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