Democratic Senator Inouye has died at 88

USA Today:

Democrat Daniel Inouye, the U.S. Senate’s most senior member and a Medal of Honor recipient for his bravery during World War II, has died. He was 88.

He died of respiratory complications, according to the Associated Press.

I’m told the last time this happened, the governor appointed the Senator’s replacement. So that might be how it works this time. The governor is a Democrat.

Senator Inouye


It’s an interesting question as to who will take over the Appropriations committee.  Leahy is next in line on Appropriations, but he’s heading up Judiciary.

The number two Dem on Judiciary is Herb Kohl, but he’s retiring, so Feinstein is next on Judiciary if Leahy moves to Approps.

Harkin is after Leahy on Approps, were Leahy not to choose to leave his current chair, but Harkin currently chairs the Labor Committee. But if Harkin leaves Labor, Mikulski is next up for the Labor chair.

Mikulski is next on Approps, if Leahy and Harkin don’t take it.  She’s the senior woman in the US Senate overall, and she does not chair a committee.

You can see how confusing it gets, these seniority and chair issues.

I love this photo that’s on his Web site home page – he was always a very nice man, unlike a lot of the Senators.


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9 Responses to “Democratic Senator Inouye has died at 88”

  1. ComradeRutherford says:

    OK, that’s some impressive bullet-catching for the war profiteers! (See: General Smedley Butler)

    Give that man a shiny bauble on a string and call it a medal. (See: Napoleon)

    It is sad that, after having fought off the attempt at re-instituting slavery across the globe (Fascism vs Liberalism), in later life he sold off the Democratic Party to the Right and helped bend the world track to a future of slavery anyway. (See: American workers pay has to go down to ‘compete’ with Chinese slave labor)

  2. ComradeRutherford says:

    I’ll never forget the day during the Iran-Contra Congressional hearings when Senator Inyoue led the Congressional Democrats to the steps of the Capitol and vowed before the press that they would never, ever dare to impeach Saint Reagan even if the evidence proved he had single-handedly mastermind the whole thing.

    I have always remembered that feeling of betrayal followed by the thought, “As if the GOP wouldn’t dive at the flimsiest chance of impeaching a Democratic President (and sure enough a decade later the GOP was impeaching Clinton over the word ‘is’).

    What I didn’t quite realize then, but have seen confirmed over and over again since then was that on that day Senator Inyoue and the rest of the Democratic Leadership had signed over control of the Democratic Party to the Republicans.

    Ever since then, the Democrats have been moderate Republicans, feigning as ‘liberals’ but quietly and diligently voting against core Democratic values. And here we are today where even Obama admitted that by the standards of the Reagan era (1980-1992), Obama is a moderate Republican.

    I’ve been saying for a long long time now that Presidents Clinton and Obama, and all the Democratic Leadership, are moderate Republicans. It’s refreshing to hear Obama admit exactly that.

  3. Allison Jackson says:

    Yes! Here’s the recap in case anyone reading doesn’t have a minute to google it: Shot in the stomach. Continues to fight and refuses treatment. Collapses from blood loss. Crawls to machine gunners, lifts his arm to throw a grenade and gets it blown off by a rocket grenade. Tells his men to get away because he thinks the grenade in his severed hand is going to go off. Peels it out of his severed hand and throws it into the bunker. Gets up, with one arm missing and shot in the stomach, and uses his remaining arm to shoot the last German. Then gets shot in the leg and falls off a cliff. Wakes up in the hospital and tells his men to get back to their positions because “nobody called off the war.” Then he gets his arm amputated completely without morphine.
    And that’s just the beginning of his service to America.

  4. RonThompson says:

    Total years in seniority by the four senators from Alaska and Hawaii four years ago: 109
    Total as of January 3, 2013: 14.
    Earliest year in which 2008 total years of seniority might be equaled: 2036

    Inouye and Stevens had a United Front Against the Mainland. Neither would ever support an action in the other’s state which the other opposed. Since they alternated as Chair of Appropriations, that was a very pivotal fact in the development of their states.

  5. RonThompson says:

    My favorite story about Inouye is that shortly after he arrived in the House, Mister Sam Rayburn told him he’d soon be the second most-recognized member of the House, excepting only himself. When Inouye modestly disagreed, Mister Sam explained, “Well, we don’t get many one-armed Japanese Congressmen here.”

  6. His passing is a huge loss to Hawaii and to the nation. What an incredible hero.

  7. monopole says:

    I knew he was 442nd but I hadn’t realized that the Gothic Line was were he lost his arm. Go down to the “go for broke” monument and the vets will still recount what happened there.

  8. A reader in Colorado says:

    Best wishes and condolences to Senator Inouye’s family in this difficult hour.

  9. GoBlue says:

    He was also a very brave man, John. Read the description of how he qualified for his Medal of Honor and try to imagine a chickenhawk like Dick Cheney in the same situation. Deadeye Dick would pee all over himself.

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