GOP activist Crowder accused of provoking MI union members, selectively editing video

Ruh roh. Conservative activist Steven Crowder is facing a bit of heat from both the conservative media and the mainstream media, after his supposed “assault” by union members in Michigan.

It seems video of Crowder being punched by a Michigan union member “somehow” left out a key snippet – that was exposed by Fox’s Sean Hannity, of all people (mistakenly, of course – we wouldn’t to accuse Hannity of intentionally practicing journalism) – that shows the union member getting up off the ground and then punching Crowder, suggesting that perhaps something happened to knock the union member to the ground and provoke him to strike back.

This was exposed, as I said, by Hannity, by accident in a segment that was meant to laud Crowder. The NYT has the story, but in a nutshell, Chris Savage of Eclectablog (who I met the other day for the first time at RootsCamp) first noticed that Crowder’s video seemed to be selectively edited.

Crowder fought back against the charges and claimed the full video was released on Hannity’s show, so people could check it and see that he didn’t selectively edit it. Well, the NYT concluded, the Hannity video proved Crowder wrong. A key part was left out. Chris Savage was right.

Yeah, who could have ever imagined a conservative video-gotcha activist would selectively edit a video to make it appear something happened in a way that wasn’t completely true, when that’s what most of the top conservative video-gotcha activists has been doing for years.

Crowder’s credibility took a second blow when a fellow conservative video journalist, who used to work with the Daily Caller, criticized Crowder, seemingly insinuating that he may have helped provoke the violent confrontation.

From Rosie Gray at BuzzFeed:

Video of conservative activist Steven Crowder’s tussle with a union member in Michigan this week, which led to the Fox News contributor being punched, and knocked to the ground, has gone viral in the conservative media — but it’s being panned by other career mischief-makers in the media who believe Crowder fumbled his performance.

Michelle Fields, a former video journalist for The Daily Caller who used to regularly cover Occupy Wall Street, said Crowder appeared to violate one of the first rules of this kind of stunt reporting: Don’t taunt the protesters.

“Going to liberal rallies and confronting people is a delicate situation,” Fields said. “It’s important not to taunt because you’re just putting yourself at risk.”

First, here’s the video that Crowder released, which does not show the union guy picking himself off the ground before hitting Crowder:

Now, here’s the Hannity video where you can see, clearly, that something happened first to the union guy that appears to have provoked his violent reaction:

And here’s Jon Stewart with more the background of what’s going on in Michigan with the “right to work” issue that’s leading to these protests:

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