(Updated) Congress’ schedule & House GOP vote count for Boehner-Obama fiscal cliff deal

UPDATE: Boehner pulled his Plan B vote late last night for lack of votes. That means the whip count below is still active. It also means that the number of “No on Plan B” Republicans is greater than what’s listed below. My suggestion, work them hard before the Obama-Boehner fiscal cliff deal comes to the floor. It will take Dems and Repubs to sink this thing. (Also, see updated text below.)

UPDATE 2: Many more Republican names added below.

Some information for organizing resistance in the House of Representatives. First, the schedule, so far as we know. Then some names and numbers for lobbying.

The schedule

Here’s the House calendar (pdf) for December 2012, which clearly is going to change:

House calendar Dec 2012

The implication is that this will pass (they hope) in the House before Christmas, then it goes to the Senate for the week after Christmas, but I’m not sure about that. (Update: It can’t pass before Christmas if the House has left town until Dec 27.) As I said, it’s a tight schedule. This is what’s been written about the House schedule for this dirty deal (my emphasis and some reparagraphing everywhere):

In this final week before Christmas, Mr. Obama and Mr. Boehner must come to some accord by Tuesday [December 18] to get some measure through Congress before lawmakers depart, some Republicans say. In the House, Mr. Boehner has a three-day rule requiring that many days before a vote so members can familiarize themselves with legislation. The rule can be waived, but that would require a majority vote from the full House.

If the sides fail to reach an agreement, they would likely have to call lawmakers back to the Capitol in the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day, which could pose additional challenges.

So watch that vote on the House three-day rule; will it be waived? Who will vote against it?

In the Senate, this is what Reid has said about their end-of-year work:

“It appears at this stage – we’ll see if anything changes – but it appears we’re going to be coming back the day after Christmas,” Reid said on the Senate floor Monday afternoon as lawmakers returned to Washington. During his remarks, Reid cited three must-dos to complete before Christmas: A deal to avert the fiscal cliff, the need to extend the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and to pass the$60 billion supplemental spending request to provide federal aid to New York, New Jersey and Connecticut communities ravaged by Hurricane Sandy.

Make of that you will. Three must-dos sounds like more than one, at least to me.

The House Republican whip count and phone numbers

This is just preliminary, but it’s a good start. The House has 435 members by law. A majority is 218. Boehner has  245 in his majority less vacancies. That means, without vacancies, he has 27 votes to spare. But according to Howie Klein, 24 No votes from the R side will kill the bill (scroll down). His candidates for Republican defections, with phone numbers, are these folks:

R Akin Todd MO 2 R (202) 225-2561
R Bachmann Michele MN 6 R (202) 225-2331
R Blackburn Marsha TN 7 R (202) 225-2811
R Flake Jeff AZ 6 R (202) 225-2635
R Franks Trent AZ 2 R (202) 225-4576
R Garrett Scott NJ 5 R (202) 225-4465
R Gingrey Phil GA 11 R (202) 225-2931
R Lummis Cynthia WY AL R (202) 225-2311
R Paul Ron TX 14 R (202) 225-2831
R Scalise Steve LA 1 R (202) 225-3015
R Southerland Steve FL 2 R (202) 225-5235
R Stutzman Marlin IN 3 R (202) 225-4436
R Turner Michael OH 3 R (202) 225-6465
R-PlanB Amash Justin MI 3 R (202) 225-3831
R-PlanB Barton Joe TX 6 R (202) 225-2002
R-PlanB Broun Paul GA 10 R (202) 225-4101
R-PlanB Fleming John LA 4 R (202) 225-2777
R-PlanB Huelskamp Tim KS 1 R (202) 225-2715
R-PlanB Jordan Jim OH 4 R (202) 225-2676
R-PlanB Labrador Raul ID 1 R (202) 225-6611
R-PlanB Lamborn Doug CO 5 R (202) 225-4422
R-PlanB Walsh Joe IL 8 R (202) 225-3711
R-PlanB West Allen FL 22 R (202) 225-3026
R-PlanB Westmoreland Lynn GA 3 R (202) 225-5901

The first group n the table — marked R — are uncommitted right-wingers, according to Klein. The second group — marked R-PlanB — are people opposed to Boehner’s Plan B. The total of these two groups is 24, enough to make Democrats vote Yes.

Update: As I said above, I’m certain the list of No on Plan B is a lot longer than just these names. I’ll update with more as I find them. For now, let’s add David Schweikert (R-AZ) — (202) 225-2190 to the list. He was one of the three Republicans purged from committee chairs by Boehner, along with Amash and Huelskamp, already on the list.

Update 2: From the indispensible Howie Klein, here are more Republican names to add to the call list. First, the vote on the rule to bring Plan B to the floor (a preliminary vote, but telling):

Voting on the rule to permit a vote on Boehner’s cynical Plan B gave some clues to how the real vote would come down. It passed 219-197, every Democrat voting NO and 13 Republicans joining them: Justin Amash (MI), Paul Broun (GA), Trent Franks (AZ), Louie Gohmert (TX), Andy Harris (MD), Tim Huelskamp (KS), Walter Jones (NC), Jim Jordan (OH), Jeff Landry (LA), Thomas Massie (KY), Ron Paul (TX), Mean Jean Schmidt (OH) and Joe Walsh (IL).

Bolded names are not listed in the table above. House phone numbers here. About the Plan B vote itself, which didn’t happen, here’s Howie again:

Going into the vote, the far right website, RedState had NO votes (or leaning NO) at 34, enough to doom it– and that’s not counting another dozen “on the fence.” Their whip count against Plan B:

Garrett (NJ), Amash (MI), Jordan (OH), Scalise (LA), Gohmert (TX), Stutzman (IN), Gardner (CO), Pearce (NM), Burgess (TX), Mulvaney (SC), Huelskamp (KS), Barton (TX), Broun (GA), Fleming (LA), Labrador (ID), Lamborn (CO), Walsh (IL), Westmoreland (GA), Southerland (FL), Massie (KY), Duncan (TN), Graves (MO), Schweikert (AZ), Blackburn (TN), Landry (LA), Buerkle (NY), Tim Scott (SC), Gowdy (SC), Joe Wilson (SC), Guinta (NH), Harris (MD), Myrick (NC), Burton (IN), DesJarlais (TN).

The bolded names are not on the table, and some (not all) are also in the No-on-the-rule vote. I haven’t collated these lists — trying to get this published — but there’s much to work with here. Some of the new names are on both lists, and some are not. All are candidates. Again, House phone numbers here.

What to do

Are you up for it? Work the phones. Your message is a straight Tea Party appeal:

How do you dare raise taxes in a recession? Don’t you want to save jobs?


If you vote for this deal, you’ll get a primary. Club for Growth and others like them are scoring this vote.

No irony — say it like you mean it. I’ll write about the Democratic side of this later, after I have more information.


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