Nothing says “defend traditional marriage” like a winged dude in tight silver spandex

In an apparent effort to show how “hip” and “cool” hate is, French anti-gay bigots held anti-“gay marriage” rallies across the country over the past month with really awful turnout  – one of the main groups brags that it got 4000 people to turn out in Paris.  Here’s the problem: Anything less than a million people at a street protest in Paris is considered a failure.

The rallies were held to counter French President Hollande’s legislative push for marriage equality for French gay couples, as per his promise during the recent presidential campaign.

Now, the French are a people who love to rally in the streets against n’importe quoi (aka anything and everything). So when only 4000 people show up at a rally – in Paris, no less – it means your support is practically non-existent.

Perhaps some of the reason the French anti-gay bigots aren’t turning on, and out, the masses is their odd choice of surreal bird-men in silver tights for their nationwide “flash mobs” against marriage equality.  Here’s an example of one such winged man in the French town of Le Mans:


The men dressed in body-fitting silver spandex, sporting wings reading “mommy” and “daddy.”  This particular bird-man of Le Mans, looking a bit like a space-age Richard Simmons with glasses and tamer hair, “flew” around the protest square between two groups of segregated supporters, old men dressed in green (the dads) on the left, and somewhat younger women dressed in reddish pink (the moms) on the right. And every time bird-man would flail towards one group or the other the assembled crowd would yell “maman!” or “papa!”, apparently to signify that even Japanese anime fetishists need parents, or perhaps just colorful voyeurs.

And here’s the entire video of the street performance.  It’s a doozy.

(H/t This is Andres)

PS I wonder if ABBA actually gave the French bigots the rights to use the song “Mamma Mia” at their rally in Paris. (The beginning of the video via this link shows the Parisian version of the spandex guy.)

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